how to stop watching porn

How to Stop Watching Porn for Good (7 Easy Steps)

Do you find it hard to quit? Know how to stop watching porn for good by following these easy 7 steps. Learn how to control the urge to watch pornography so you can avoid all the harmful effects of getting addicted to it! Like and Subscribe for more of our weekly content! CLICK HERE TO […]

how to deal with stress

How to Deal with Stress During Isolation

Do you know how to deal with Stress? Especially now? Maybe you’re sitting at home in isolation or on lockdown. You haven’t been out recently. You haven’t seen your friends or family. Or maybe you even lost your job or business or investments.. Its very easy to get stressed especially with whats going on today. […]

how to call a girl

How to Call a Girl this 2020 | Calling and Messaging Advice

Do you know how to call a girl this 2020? Or maybe the big question from you is should you call girls on the phone nowadays when it seems like all anyone wants to do it text? What about video calls and voice messages? Well You probably feel like you don’t know what to say […]

what to do during quarantine

What to Do During Quarantine | 5 Things You Should DO!

Do you know what to do during quarantine? Do you sit around doing nothing? Or will you finally start working on becoming the best version of yourself? Here are 5 things YOU should DO to make sure you come out of this an amazing man! Like and Subscribe! We’ve got more videos coming out! CLICK […]

does height matter

Does Height Matter? Dating Advice for Short Guys

Does height matter? Not to Ike and Bryan. They’ve had to deal with the fact that they were shorter than most men, but that didn’t stop them from dating tall, beautiful women. Whether or not you’re a short guy, this video is a MUST WATCH for you: Like and Subscribe to get weekly videos! CLICK […]

does size matter

Does Size Matter?! What Pornstars Say About Penis Size, Getting Approached, & More

Does size matter? Coach Josiah Prise visits the AVN Awards and asks Pornstars all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask! Make sure to like and subscribe! We’ve got weekly videos coming out and we don’t want you to miss them! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR COACHING PROGRAMS! DOES SIZE MATTER?!What Pornstars […]

online dating

Online Dating (Dating during the Corona virus PANDEMIC)

Online dating? If you’re wondering what to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, look no further… In this video, I will show you how to continue improving your dating life (while also being safe and social distancing) with online dating during this uncertain time! Please Like and Subscribe! You’ll be notified each time we update our […]