The Best Way to Get a Girl to Like You in 24 Hours

Don’t wait days, weeks even months – this is the best way to get a girl to like you in 24 Hours (or less!) This is what you do:

The BEST Way to Get a Girl to Like You in 24 Hours (Or less!)

So you’ve been talking to this girl for quite a while now, and you’re really beginning to like her, but you can’t really tell if she likes you back. Or maybe, you know she likes you, but you’re not sure she likes you as much as you like her. Instead of wasting time worrying and wondering, do what I’m about to tell you and just get her to like you more.

And I’m going to be showing you exactly how to do that. Matt Artisan here from the Attractive Man coaching team and I want you to pay attention, gentlemen, because you don’t want to miss and the tip I’m going to share with you to raise her attraction for you is super simple to implement.

Before we begin, I want to paint you a word picture. Imagine you’re hanging a toy in front of a cat; if you hold the toy right in front of the cat, they won’t go after it – in fact, if you lay it on the ground, they won’t even look at it twice. But, if you dangle it and pull it right back when they begin to swat at it, the cat will go crazy and want it even more.

Now I’m not saying she’s a cat, and you’re most definitely not a toy, although she might see you as a boy toy which isn’t always a bad thing, but the psychology behind getting the cat to want the toy works exactly the same with women. When something – or in your case, someone – that they’re supposed to desire is placed in front of them, clearly available, 9 times out of 10, she won’t be so interested. But pull away that thing, and she’ll want it—you—even more. And that’s exactly how you’ll get her to like you, with the pull-away method. Not to be confused with the pull out method. Totally different. 

Basically, it goes like this. Say you’ve been talking to her for a week now; at this point, she’s somewhat attracted to you—or at the very least, she doesn’t hate you. Now, if you want that possibly teeny bit of attraction she has towards you to increase, you simply pull away from her. Don’t text her back for like a day or two. And after that time is ended, you simply reappear and continue the conversation. Just like that.

Now you’re probably thinking, “How in the world does that even help me?”

First of all, this adds some unpredictability to your life. Unlike the toy in our analogy that was kept in front of the cat, she begins to realize that you’re not just some overly nice guy who’s available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Second, it shows her that you’re not some idle loser. You have other things to do, other people to talk to, and you have an actual life, so you can not always be available to text her back at her convenience.

Next, it makes her see you as intriguing. Because now she’s thinking, maybe you’re not as into her as she thought you were. She’s seeing you as different from most of the other guys she comes across who fawn over her and practically worship her every step. Now she sees you as worthy of attention. And lastly, it makes her think about you more. She’ll be wondering where you are, what you’re doing, why you aren’t replying to her, whether she said or did something wrong, or whether or not you even like her in the first place.

She’s basically forced to think about you more than she used to before. And the more she thinks about you in this light, wondering what you are doing and why you aren’t texting back, the more interested in you she gets. 

It seems unreal, right? Think about whether you were on the receiving end of this. You don’t even have to think too hard, because if you’re like most guys who have a decent amount of girls to text, this probably happens to you all the time. You’ve been talking to this girl for a little while, and you like her, and you pretty much get the sense that she’s into you as well. And then suddenly, she disappears. And for the day or two that she’s gone, you’re left to wonder what might be going on, or whether you said something to offend her in your last text. And then she just as suddenly re-appears, or maybe you had to reinitiate, and she’s texting you normally as she used to before.

Now you find that you’re more into her than you were before! See how that works. 

I know that if I’m texting two girls who I like equally and one is always available and one is not that available, I’ll usually go for the not that available one first. It’s just human nature to value what’s not readily available. That’s why we value things like diamonds and gold a lot more than water, eventhough water is way more important. It’s just super easy to get. 

Now here’s the thing, the pull-away method is a very simple process, but if you do it wrong, it can make you lose the girl entirely. What do I mean? For example, you’ve only just matched with her on Tinder. Maybe you’ve had one or two decent conversations, but nothing concrete enough to build initial interest and attraction. If you pull away from her for a day after that, she most likely won’t notice your absence; and when you reappear, things will just go back to normal, but you won’t have built the increased attraction that you want.

In another case, if this is a girl you talk to every single day and you’re really into her but she’s not as into you as you want her to be, so you decide to try the pull-away method after seeing this video. But you pull away from her for a whole week. In that time, she would have concluded that you weren’t interested in her in the first place, given up her own attraction to you so much that when you reappear the next week, you would have done the very opposite of getting her to like you even more because now she’ll have pretty much given up on you and won’t care about you anymore.

So when you want to try the pull-away, you have to first be sure that the initial interest in you exists, and then you have to be sure you don’t pull away for too long. As a general rule, if you talk to her every day, then your pull away should be for a day. But if you talk to her like 3 to 4 times a week, then you can pull away from her for 2 to 3 days — long enough for her to feel your absence, but not too long so she doesn’t give up on you.

Now, when you come back from your mini-disappearing act, and she asks where you were or what happened to you; make sure to reply with something truthful like “I was busy with work,” or “Something came up and I couldn’t check my phone,” anything that communicates to her that you were busy with the very interesting life that you lead and you’re not one to be constantly available. See this works 10x better when you genuinely have something to do.

Go to a concert. Get a book. Take a trip. These will make great starters for new conversations when you come back to her DMs and will help you nurture that interest that you’ve just built in her.

See I don’t actually use this technique or teach it to our mentorship clients because the truth is, it’s really for newbies who need to manage their neediness. I prefer to go deeper and actually cultivate an interesting life so you don’t have to do some technique, you are just naturally busy and you can’t always reply back.

Then it’s no longer a method it’s just who you are as a fucking man. So keep building your life and stay focused on your purpose, or figure out what that purpose is, and you’ll just naturally be busy. And, with the right balance of being unavailable but still giving some attention, you’ll have more women than you can handle. 

Because the biggest girl repellent ever is neediness. So don’t just pretend you busy, aka pretend to be non-needy, actually become a high value, non-needy man. Become the highest most attractive version of yourself and then you don’t need to rely on tricks, because women can almost always see through your act, and see your true self usually a lot sooner than you think.

So acting won’t get you too far, instead focus on being great and you will attract great women.


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