In Only 7 Days You’ll Develop The
Skills And Confidence To Meet And

Date The Women You ACTUALLY Want



Hey man,

Let me ask you a question:

What if there was a way you could attract and date the most beautiful women around…

Without lying, pretending to be someone you’re not, or using any weird and manipulative tricks…

Would you want to know how?

And if I could show you how to remove any anxiety, doubt or hesitation you felt around women…

And replace those feelings with confidence, certainty and excitement…

Would you be interested?

If so, make sure you read the rest of this letter… because I’ll prove to you how men all over the world just like you have already experienced this transformation.

Get Years of Real World Dating Experience Condensed Into Only 7 Days

Here’s what this is all about.

The most life-changing dating boot camp in existence where a small group of men will be totally transformed by an elite team of dating coaches.


  • We take you to every kind of place you can meet women — shops, cafes, pool parties, bars, clubs, the street — and demonstrate exactly what to do and say to approach and attract the most beautiful women
  • We stay by your side and act as your personal mentor to ensure you master every step from open to close
  • You’ll be given feedback on your interactions with women, so we can sit down with you later and show you any sticking points you have… and exactly how to correct them
  • Every morning we’ll take you through a deep inner confidence session that instills you with confidence, positivity and charisma
  • We give you a series of drills to bust your comfort zone wide open, so you boldly take action with any woman you want
  • We break down the process in extreme step-by-step detail… leaving nothing to chance.

There are prerequisites for joining a 7-Day Workshop.
Apply for details.

In these 7 days you’ll meet more women than you probably have in your entire life…

You’ll receive so much in-depth training and feedback you’ll become a master at approaching and attracting women in ANY situation or environment

The fact that we’re right there with you, giving you personal hands-on training, means it’s basically impossible for you not to get good at this.

However, it goes way beyond that…

Because let’s face it. While meeting girls and getting numbers is great, what you really want is the ability to go on dates and have total choice over who you start a relationship with.

That’s why on this boot camp, you’ll learn exactly how to get dates predictably and consistently… even if you’ve only just met her or you’re a complete beginner.

Take a look at some of the action from our previous event, plus what a few of the students had to say:


  • Completely change how you view rejection and make approaching women infinitely easier
  • Blow your comfort zone wide open and experience new levels of confidence and self-belief
  • Approach any woman and have her investing in you just minutes later. (Throw out all the complicated pickup tactics and use this simple 3-step formula instead)
  • How to flip the script and make women start proving themselves to you, women love this and it makes them start chasing you.
  • Naturally display a masculine leadership that triggers strong romantic tension in women (when you get this down, don’t be surprised when she starts escalating on you)
  • Know exactly what to do after you get a woman’s number to make sure you see her again (and go on a date quickly)
  • Become comfortable touching women in a way that makes them feel comfortable with you… without ever being labeled as creepy
  • Easily create romantic tension with any woman (even in broad daylight or if you’ve only just met)
  • The secrets to building a circle of beautiful women, so you don’t always need to cold approach
  • Feel immune to social pressure so you’re completely unshakeable in any situation (no matter how many women you’re talking to or how beautiful they are)
  • Plus much, much more

There are prerequisites for joining a 7-Day Workshop.
Apply for details.


You may be wondering how I can guarantee these results…

Or what makes this boot camp so much better than anything else on the market.

If you are, that’s understandable.

The truth is, there are some dating companies out there that simply can’t back up their claims. Their instructors might be good at meeting women themselves, but can’t get results for their students.

Or they can talk a bunch of theory until they are blue in the face, but can’t demonstrate it in the real world if their life depended on it.

This is where The Attractive Man is different. Our trainers are not only world class in dating and attracting women… but teaching you their skills, so you get the same results.

Our boot camps have been running since 2009 and have even been featured on ABC News. I and other instructors have appeared on CNN, Fox and MTV.

We’ve changed the lives of thousands of men. Even guys who felt their situation was hopeless are now living their dream lives with women.

And there’s one huge reason our programs deliver these transformations:

Our coaches genuinely care about you and your success.

This isn’t just a job to them… it’s a calling. Their life mission.

That’s why their ONLY goal throughout the boot camp is to do everything humanly possible, so you walk away with the skills to attract and date the women you want.

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Make Women Romantically Attracted To You… Without The Use Of Manipulative Tricks Or Being Someone You’re Not

If you’ve ever heard you need to act like a jerk or an asshole to get women, you’re not alone. So many guys believe this myth and think it’s the only way to go.

But that’s not what we teach on our boot camps.

First of all, you can get even better results by being a good guy.

More importantly, pretending to be someone you’re not to attract women will end up making you miserable. After all, if a woman doesn’t like you for you… then what’s the point?

It’s way more rewarding to know that a woman wants you for the man you really are… your unique character that nobody else can copy… instead of some fake personality you were told to adopt.

That’s why our method is different.

We show you how to meet women and quickly create intense attraction and romantic chemistry… simply with your own natural personality.

It’s actually not that difficult… when you follow our simple structure. In fact, many of our students are surprised at first at how straightforward it is, and how well women respond to it.

And it means you don’t have to learn any weird tricks or complicated tactics that get you called out as a ‘pick-up artist’. You don’t have to do anything unethical or manipulative to make women like you.

You’ll simply have the power to attract and turn on women whenever you choose, by being genuine and honest.

If that sounds too good to be true, watch our instructors prove it over and over again with…

Live Demonstrations Right In Front Of Your Eyes On How To Approach Any Woman And Create Romantic Tension

It’s all well and good to teach you a system for meeting and attracting women…

But when you see it done live, over and over again, that’s where the magic happens. The exact steps to take that get you the results you want become imprinted on your subconscious.

And this is one of the reasons students prefer our boot camps to others.

Our instructors aren’t afraid to step up and put their balls on the line in the real world.

They’ll repeatedly approach women in every situation imaginable so you can see how it’s done.

You’ll see how to get a woman to stop and give you her complete attention…

Hear the words used to create magnetic attraction and a strong connection…

See how to flip the script to make women chase you in a matter of minutes…

And how to take her on a date right there on the spot, or exchange numbers with a plan to meet up later.

You’ll see it all, and have it drilled into you so deeply, you’ll never forget it.

Put This Method Into Action Yourself… And Get Instant Expert Feedback

Once you’ve seen the instructors demonstrate the method in action, it’s time to try it out yourself.

For many of our boot camp students, this is their first time ever approaching women in such a powerful and effective way.

That means it’s completely natural to feel a mixture of nerves and excitement.

But no matter what you feel or your experience level, this is where your life with women changes forever.

It’s not uncommon to notice great reactions from women straight away. That’s because they’re not used to being approached in such a confident and masculine way.

But no matter how well it goes, our instructors will be watching to see what you can do to improve. They’re trained to notice ‘blind spots’ you’d never even think of, which hold you back from even greater success.

This detailed and instant feedback can save you years of frustration.


Because most guys continue to make the same mistakes, over and over. And until it’s pointed out to them, they don’t even realize it!

It could be one or two minor things you’d never even think of, but can have a huge impact on how women feel about you.

And by taking care of any issues like this right away, you won’t develop bad habits that can sabotage you in the long term.


One of the biggest complaints we hear about other dating boot camps is they’re 99% focused on bars and clubs.

We understand that simply isn’t what you want. You’re a guy with a career and a busy life who doesn’t want to be in clubs every night of the week.

That’s why we focus on making sure you develop the skills to meet and attract women anywhere you want – not just on this 7-day boot camp, but for life.

Having the ability to meet women in everyday situations while simply going about your day is life-changing.

The Attractive Man is known for being day time attraction specialists. We’ll show you how to talk to women on the street, in malls, stores, coffee shops, and anywhere else you can think of.

You’ll enjoy complete abundance and choice with women when you realize you have the power to meet new ones whenever you feel like it.

Our mission is to give you every possible advantage in becoming unstoppable with women.

That’s why we have a few special features on this boot camp you won’t find elsewhere.

Firstly, we have very attractive female assistants helping out. This is so you can practice everything we teach you on real women in a controlled setting.

It means we can correct any mistakes before you approach women for real… plus it helps you get over any fear of talking to the most beautiful women.

Something else that’s really cool is we’ll film you talking to women.

You’ll sit down later and watch it back in a debriefing session with even more feedback. This will be an eye-opening experience, and most students learn a ton from seeing and hearing themselves in action.

On top of this, well-known dating experts and coaches usually pop in and give guest presentations.

There are no guarantees on who the special guests might be for this boot camp (due to scheduling difficulties)… but past guests have included Johnny Soporno, Brian Begin and TJ Guttormsen.



As you can see, there’s a lot packed into this boot camp. You’ll get a ton of specific ‘how-to’ advice that is proven to work like crazy.

However, to truly achieve lasting transformation, it’s important to work on your ‘inner confidence’ as well.

This is an area where our coaches really excel.

We have a specific process to create deep, lasting change in people. It elevates your confidence and self-belief to new levels, putting you in the perfect mindset to effortlessly attract women.

Every morning we will start the day by leading you through an “inner-confidence change” session that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Even if you’re not into inner-confidence, this one thing alone consistently leads to drastic improvements in our students.

If you want the most beautiful women, it’s crucial you believe you are worthy of them and have just as much to offer. If not, they’ll dismiss you and search for a guy who knows he deserves her.

Having rock-solid inner confidence is also what separates the guys who can keep women around for the long haul versus those who can’t…

So if you want an amazing girlfriend (either right now or in the future), this training will change your life.

There are prerequisites for joining a 7-Day Workshop.
Apply for details.

Put This Method Into Action Yourself… And Get Instant Expert Feedback

What if anytime you saw a gorgeous woman, you were flooded with excitement and had zero hesitation in approaching her?

Can you imagine how many more women you’d meet if the process was fun and enjoyable… instead of something you had to force yourself to do?

Well, with the combination of the inner confidence work… plus the simple method we give you for approaching women… that’s exactly what happens for most students.

They discover that meeting and flirting with women is incredibly fun. For the first time in their lives, they no longer feel fear or anxiety around approaching women.

Now, is this the case for 100% of boot camp students?

Well since every person is different, no. There are a few exceptions where guys have extreme social anxiety, and it takes more work to eliminate that altogether.

However, we’ve had multiple guys who were so shy at the start of the program they could barely say hello to the instructor or other students. Yet, by the end of the week, they were walking up to beautiful women and starting conversations with them with ease.

So if approach anxiety or any kind of fear is something you struggle with, expect to see a serious improvement in a matter of days.

Why You Don’t Need To Be Tall, Good Looking Or Rich To Get The Most Beautiful Women

One of the biggest concerns guys confess is feeling like they aren’t good looking or rich enough to get beautiful women.

It’s understandable. These myths are spread through society and the media so much that most people believe them.

But the truth is you don’t need these things to attract women.

All of our instructors are just average looking guys. None of them relies on looks or money to attract women. Same as most of the students who get incredible results.

And we’ll show you how to make the most beautiful women obsess over you, no matter what you look like.

Here’s why:

We’ll reveal what women want more than money, good looks, or status. This is the main factor in choosing a guy she sleeps with, and once you know this and apply it, you’ll notice women are attracted to you almost instantly.

Plus, the way we teach you to approach women, it conveys a lot of confidence and is very genuine. You immediately trigger a strong emotional response inside of her.

From the moment she meets you, she’ll realize you’re a ‘real man’… the type of guy most women are desperately hoping to find.

How you look or how much money you have doesn’t factor into that.

Instead, it’s your masculine presence, vibe and confidence that makes her want to know you better.

And that’s exactly what we’ll make sure you master on this boot camp.


10:00am – 11pm:
Inner Confidence Mastery

Developing the proper mentality to create romantic tension with a beautiful woman in minutes.

11am – 1pm:
Day Confidence Mastery

Drills and Role-Playing, Image and Style Makeover, Number Closing, Instant-Dates.

1pm – 3pm:
Lunch Break

3pm – 6pm:
Infield Training

Recorded approaches, instant feedback, demo session.

6pm – 8pm:

8pm – 10pm:
Night Time Attraction

Drills and Role-Playing, Creating Romantic Tension With A Woman, Successful Dates, Online Dating, Phone and Text Skills.

10pm – 2am:
Infield Training

Let’s be clear about something.

This week will be intense. There are A LOT of skills you’ll be learning and practicing. If you’re looking for a chill vacation where you just hang out by the pool all day, this isn’t for you.

Instant feedback, demos, expert winging.

You’ll have some free time each day to grab some food and recharge your batteries.

But your day will mostly be PACKED with high-quality content and training…

And you’ll be talking to a ton of girls each and every day.

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity, and our trainers do everything humanly possible to ensure you get the most out of every single minute.

By the time the program is finished, you won’t even believe how far you’ve come.

There are prerequisites for joining a 7-Day Workshop.
Apply for details.


Let me fill you in on a dirty little secret about some OTHER dating boot camps. They’re only focused on pumping you up so you feel good and think you’re making progress on the boot camp.

But once you get home and that high wears off, you’re right back where you started. Confused, frustrated and wondering what the hell happened.

How do we know this?

Because a lot of those students tell us when they come to join one of our boot camps.

They confess that once they got back home, the training didn’t stick. They fell back into their old ways and either couldn’t approach women or couldn’t get anywhere with them.

I’m sure you’d agree that would completely suck, right?

Because as much fun as you’re going to have talking to and dating beautiful women all week, you want long-term results too.

That’s why we focus on drilling our concepts and skills so deep inside of you that they stick for good. Just like riding a bike, once you’ve mastered it you’ve got it down pat for life.

So whether you want to be talking to the most beautiful women for the next few decades – or find the perfect woman to spend your life with – that’s the end result you’ll leave with at the end of this program.

Take A Look At What Past Students Have To Say

“I feel very confident. I feel like a whole different person essentially… which I am. This is the experience in my life that has created that shift so fast.”

– Suraj, Agent

“You showed me exactly what I got to do. I feel great. I feel amazing. I feel this is exactly what I was looking for!”

– Matt, Business Owner

“I was able to connect with a woman that I thought were totally out of my league, I was speechless!”

– Nic, Doctor

“I feel like a superman right now and I’ve gained a superpower.”

– Kave, IT Engineer

“I’ve never felt this good about socializing, talking to women. I have 3 dates this weekend. I’ve never had more than 1 date a week, so this is a huge jump.”

– Damian, Grad Student

“This is better than anything I could’ve read about. I approached more girls in one day than a whole damn year.”

– Mike, Business Owner

“Last night we approached a group of girls at the bar, I made out with one with them. I’ve never experienced something like that, it was awesome!”

– Roman, Photographer

“This gives you a ‘don’t give a sh*t’ attitude, you feel invincible, you can do anything you want!”

– Hamid

“It’s not about any game or any tricks, and you’re being honest and being genuine.”

– Deepak, Engineer

“It’s like hanging with Yoda and his crew. They genuinely care about your growth. It’s not pickup stuff, it’s really male self-development.”

– Rami, Doctor

“Now I realized this is me trying to show who I really am. Now I feel more bold, and I’m facing my fear of rejection.”

– Anoop, Computer Engineer

“I learned I am worthy, I now expect women to give me their numbers, and I don’t have to trick them or anything.”

– Troy

“I’ve never had a connection on an emotional level, heart to heart with anyone in my entire life. And now I have. That was a whole new experience for me!”

– Donovan, 64 Retired

“The honest ethical genuine way you should communicate with women, and not in a way that’s deceptive or lying or tricking or manipulative. That’s what I really enjoyed about it”

– Arlus

There are prerequisites for joining a 7-Day Workshop.
Apply for details.


Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority at The Attractive Man.

We believe that if we don’t deliver on our promises to you, then we don’t deserve your money.

Our coaches have such a proven track-record of taking any man and transforming his life with women that we guarantee it.

If for any reason you’re not blown away with your boot camp, we’re happy to offer you a 100% refund.

Simply let your coach know that you don’t think it’s for you and he’ll help you get the refund handled. You can check out the full details of our refund policy by clicking here.

You have absolutely nothing to lose here, as we are placing all the risk on our shoulders to deliver.

The only way you can lose out is by not grabbing hold of this opportunity while it’s right in front of you.

Because the risk in that is very real. You risk your future success and happiness with women, by never getting this part of your life mastered.

You risk wasting further years of your life going at this alone, rather than having proven experts guide you by the hand to create the life you want and deserve.

Now is the time to make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to take control of your dating life once and for all.

Go ahead now and schedule your free call with our program director. Simply click the button below and fill in a few details to lock it in.

Once we determine you’re a good fit for the boot camp… and if you wish to go ahead and secure your seat… we’ll look forward to seeing you at the 7-Day Boot Camp!

There are prerequisites for joining a 7-Day Workshop.
Apply for details.


Are there payment plans available?

Yes, schedule a call and we can discuss payment options. However, you must be paid in full by the start of training.

What is the exact location of the boot camp?

Your instructor will email you all of the details including location and times approximately one week prior to the boot camp. If you require advance notice, please email us at [email protected]

Will these techniques work even if I am overweight, short, broke, ugly etc.?

Yes, because we teach you how to attract women on an instinctual subconscious level, which has little to do with looks, height or income.

What if I can’t make this boot camp?

Check the training schedule to find a boot camp in another city near you. If that is not an option, then fill out this form and tell us which city you would like to see a boot camp. If we get enough requests in your city, then we will schedule a boot camp there. Also, you can receive private coaching in your city.

There are prerequisites for joining a 7-Day Workshop.
Apply for details.