The Best First Text to Send a Girl

What IS the BEST first text to send a girl that you’re interested in? Use The Inception Text:


Hey man, not only will I share with you my favorite first text that guarantees a reply back, I’ll show you exactly how and when to send it so you’ll get exactly how it works.

Now, here’s why I think this is the best text of all time – because it makes her crack up, she’ll have no resistance to giving her number at all, and it subconsciously makes her think you are a sexy beast, thus getting her more attracted to you without her even realizing it, which is why I call it this best text of all time, the inception text.

And if you’re thinking “Well I’ll just send this text right away so she’ll fall for me”, nope. It won’t work that way, because you need to understand the 3 key texting principles of when to send the text, how to use both SMS and Social Media to your advantage, and how to use a “Yes ladder” to get her number.

Because if you don’t do these things properly the text won’t make any sense. 

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Stop the overthinking and I’d get straight to it — Within 24 hours.

That’s right, No more waiting for days to pique interest or playing hard to get. 24 hours is your magic time to send your text. Normally within 4 hours if during the day and the next day afternoon if met at night. Just remember to not text her right away first thing in the morning because that shows too much neediness (as if you were thinking about her all the time last night and she’s the first thing you thought about in the morning).

Timing is also crucial when it comes to when you send the text. Send it too soon, she’ll think you’re needy. Send it too late, she’ll lose interest.


The Inception Text works at night or day, but not online. Women get tons of DM’s from guys so your message will probably get buried along with all the other messages that guys send her on social media. Texts are way more personal because you only share your phone number with people you know or who are close to you.

BUT That doesn’t mean you’re not using social media to your advantage.

In a previous video and blog, I shared how you should use both texting and your online presence to both get her interest and stay on her radar. This is why text messages and social media like Instagram should be used together when deploying your inception text.

Social Media posting (with the intent of sharing your awesome life and NOT the intent of sharing things only to impress others) gets her thinking “Hey, he’s having such an awesome time I’d love to be part of it someday”.

I’ve shared this story a dozen times to my students about how I got someone who I haven’t messaged for 4 years (since I had a girlfriend at that time) to message me, and she was totally updated with everything going on in my travels and social media. So her interest was already high when we got in touch.

Just goes to show how effective being on her radar is to gain her interest.


So what is a “YES” ladder? It’s actually quite simple and you’d be surprised at how such a simple thing can be so effective.

It’s basically when you warm someone up into saying yes to all your questions. The opposite situation would be when you’re asking deeper questions that usually get rejected and have her say “no” at the beginning, so she’ll be primed to say “no” when you finally go for her number or social media.

Imagine you asking from the start “Hey let’s hang out sometime” or “So do you want to go out of here and find another place to have fun in?” or “Are you gonna go somewhere else after here?” – those semi-creepy first questions definitely will end up with a high percentage of her going to say “NO”. And when she’s already started saying “No” your next step in going for the number will also end up with a “No.”

Instead, you want the opposite of that. You want her to say yes. Start small and work your way up. Start with “Do you have-” then insert any social media that women always probably have, like Instagram or Facebook. That will be the initial “yes”. Next, I say “Follow me, and I’ll follow you back” (the good thing about this is there’s going to be very little resistance since she can always have the option to unfollow, but she likely won’t)

Then.. follow up with “Do you have WhatsApp” or “Here put in your number too” – you got another yes primed to come! And guess what I do at this point when we’re on fire with the Yes ladder? Of course, I’ll ask her out. “Want to go grab a drink/coffee?”

You can guess what the answer usually is to that now.


The Inception Text works this way: YOU text her from HER PHONE. That’s why it’s called the inception text and here’s how I do it.

After you get her to pull out her phone and get her to follow you I say “Here I’ll give you my number, too.” then when you have her phone, you send yourself a text.

The text is just something like: “You are so hot – her name

It looks like it’s coming from her but it’s actually you sending the message to yourself. Then reply back on your phone with something like “Gee thanks, you’re not too bad yourself.”

It’s called the inception text because every time she sees your SMS thread she’s going to see in her subconscious that message “you are so hot/sexy”. Even when logically she knows she did not send that text but seeing it over and over and even just laughing at how funny that situation is will cement a good memory into her that most guys fail to do.


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