7 Texts That Always get a Reply when Ghosted

Got ghosted by a girl you really like? Here are 7 Texts that always get a reply when ghosted:

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It’s so annoying when a girl ghosts you. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been texting this girl consistently for a while, and you’re really starting to like her; the conversations have been smooth and interesting, and your vibes and interests seem to be matching. You may even be about to ask her out or even thinking of taking things to the next level.

And then suddenly she stops texting, with no prior explanation or clue to justify the sudden lack of contact. It can really freak you out—you start thinking if you did something wrong or offended her in any way. And if it goes on for long enough, you start to worry if you’ve lost her.

If you’ve gone through this sort of thing and your efforts to get her back only made things go from bad to worse, then this video is for you, because in this video I’m going to reveal 7 texts that are almost guaranteed to get a reply from her, plus a bonus tip to make sure the disappearing act doesn’t repeat itself.

without much more ado, let’s get right into it.



Understanding this bit will help make sure you don’t get too upset about the ghosting, start over-thinking or, worst-case scenario, totally freak out in her DMs because, in reality, often when women ghost, they have genuine reasons why. They may have a lot on their plate at that time and are busy trying to clear that up before they text you.

Or, they may have meant to text you back and simply gotten carried away with other activities of the day and totally forgot. You don’t want to lose your cool and go off on someone who was just handling their business, do you?

On the other hand, sometimes women ghost men as a test. They want to be sure that you’re actually as cool as you have been portraying yourself to be, and you won’t totally freak out or just give up when something as minor as an unanswered text comes between you two. In such a case, you really don’t want to lose your cool there, because you’ll just be proving her right and will most likely have just lost out on someone amazing.

But when one morning of no contact turns into a full day, and then two days, and then 3, are you just going to sit on your hands and wait for her till God knows when to get a text back? Not necessarily, and that’s where these texts that I’ll be sharing with you come in. It will show her that while you’re concerned that you haven’t heard back from her, you’re not one to lose your cool and you can totally understand whatever it was that took up her attention.


For example, you send her something like, “Hey, I’m bored. Want to rob a bank?”

When she gets the notification and sees the text, she’ll get so puzzled and amused that she’ll just have to text back either to ask for clarification or even better, go along with the roleplay.
This shows her that you are a fun guy who doesn’t take himself seriously and that you weren’t effected by her not replying back. In fact you didn’t even notice.

#6 “BAIT”

This almost guaranteed to get you a response because it uses a technique called a “bait” that baits her to reply. Text her something like, “I think you have a confession to make…”

She’ll see that text and will be practically obligated to reply almost immediately with something like, “I don’t have a confession to make,” or “What are you talking about?” or “What is it?” With that response, you can just pick up from where you left off or reply with something like, “You are really into me but not sure how to tell me” This will either make her laugh, which is great, or it will get her to tell you the truth like she has been busy or that she has a boyfriend.


Next on our list is a text that triggers something that every girl has—whether she likes to admit it or not—what we call competition anxiety. If you send her a text that says, “I just met your twin.”

When she sees it, she unconsciously becomes worried that you’ve met someone that can take her place, and immediately she goes into damage control, establishing herself as unique and irreplaceable. It sounds ridiculous, but every woman does it one way or the other. Don’t believe me? Send the text and watch what happens.


Send this text to a woman who has ghosted on you and to get you a response, it’s simply, “Want to hear a secret?” I mean, come on; everyone wants to hear a secret. No one gets a text that offers the promise of some juicy information and willfully ignores it.

She’ll be back in your DMs all hyped and ready to hear some gossip. But be careful with this one, because you have to make sure you have something interesting – or at the very least a witty joke – to share, so you don’t totally disappoint her.

If you do that, she’s not going to get excited about talking to you again, and you’ll probably be ghosted on again pretty soon. I usually reply with something like, “you are madly in love with me and are hoping our love child will resemble John Stamos” or “I kind of have a crush on this girl named X but she’s playing hard to get….shhh don’t tell her okay”


Now at this point, I think it’s imperative that I make one thing clear before we continue with our list of texts. If you want to use these tricks, you have to make sure you have left a good enough time between when she last spoke to you and when you send any of these texts so that you don’t risk double texting.

Texting a girl again right after she “ignored” your initial text – double texting – is a telltale sign of a man on a path to a freak-out, and it doesn’t present your most confident self. While I’m sure some girls don’t mind when a guy double texts, it just doesn’t portray you as confident as a man of value should be. And if you’re not a man of value, why would you expect any girl to even waste their time on you? (Mom story) It’s just something to think about. Let’s jump right back to the next text on our list.


You’ve probably heard that everyone’s favorite topic is themselves right? Well you know what people love even more than talking about themselves? It’s hearing about themselves.

Knowing what others think about them. And this is a question that most everyone wants to know the answer to; “I just realized who you remind me of…”

And, of course, when you send this, you better have a good enough answer for her when she asks, “who?”. I usually send a picture of a cute dog or cute cat which typically makes her laugh or go awwww and always gets a reply back.


We’re nearing the end, gentlemen. Stay with me! Another text that is sure to get you a reply back from a woman who has ghosted you is, “Are you still alive?”

Now this one is sort of playful because you definitely don’t expect that she suddenly died, but it subtly sends a very important message as well, and here’s what I mean. When you send a text like that, you’re taking back control of the situation because you’re telling her that you think that the only reason that a woman wouldn’t text you back is if they were dead.

You’re saying you’re too interesting and awesome to be ignored, and you’re saying it with just enough humor that it doesn’t seem brazen.


And last but not least, send her a text, “I didn’t take you for the flaky type,” and you’ll surely get a response as soon as she sees it.

When you call her out like that, she’d feel the need to defend herself and her actions. This particular text, when sent at the appropriate time, places the control firmly in your grasp. You’re showing her that you’re confident enough to not expect such behavior, calm enough to not freak out, and interested in her enough to call her out.

But you have to be careful with this one because if you don’t steer the conversation correctly, you risk sounding whiny, and there are a few things that are more unattractive than a man who is a cry baby.


This brings me to the bonus tip that I wanted to share with you.. They key is to remain calm and unaffected. You are a cool confident guy on your purpose so it shouldn’t bother you if she doesn’t write back once or twice. Don’t make it a big deal. Keep the texting fun and flirty and remember the whole point of texting is to see her again, that’s it!

But, if her flaking and ghosting is consistent, then call it out, listen for an explanation, and communicate to her how you don’t like games and it’s not cool to be ghosted on like that. And trust me, after you’ve done this, she’ll pay more attention to answering when you text her. If she was testing you, congratulations, you’ve passed the test. But if she was genuinely caught up, she’s definitely going to take more care to not ghost on you anymore.

What will keep her from ghosting you in the first place is making an amazing first impression when you meet her. That’s why you should grab a copy of my book right now so you know what to say and how to say it and so you spark that instant attraction and connection right away. If you do that her interest will be so high that she’ll never dream of ghosting you. So just click the link in the description or to the right of this screen to grab your copy now.

And that’s it, guys. These are the 7 texts that are sure to get you a response when a girl ghosts you. If you have a girl that you really like but she hasn’t replied to you in a minute, take your pick from these seven texts and restart the conversation with a bomb.


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