How to be a High-Value Man in 2023

Here’s how to be a high-value man in 2023, and it’s NOT about looks, money, or fame:

A man of high value is a term you must have heard many times, but may not know what it refers to exactly. And that’s fair; it has gotten so many definitions over the years. But essentially, being a man of high value means being that version of yourself that you’ve always strived to be.

 And being a high-value man is basically the only way to attract a high-value gorgeous woman. However, this high-value version of yourself doesn’t come easily; it’s something you consciously work towards. The good news is, it’s never too late to start on your journey to becoming this man.

I’m going to be sharing with you the core traits and characteristics that all men of high value have—as well as how you can cultivate them. If you want to be a high-value man this year, then you should pay attention to every bit of this video because none of these pointers should be missed or glossed over. That said, let’s begin the video with trait number one:

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How to be a High-Value Man #1: SELF-RESPECT

Self-respect is often an overlooked idea when one seeks to be an attractive man, but that doesn’t undermine its importance. A high-value man is a man who values and respects himself in a positive way. And this goes beyond just saying that you respect yourself and your ideas.

It is knowing that you are worthy and then treating yourself accordingly. The very first and most important step to take in your journey of building self-respect is building and staying true to your values.

Ask yourself, “What do I value the most in life?” “Are my actions every day taking me closer to or further away from these things I value the most?” Your honest answers to this question will help you define your belief system and condition your actions and reactions to fit with these beliefs.

Respecting yourself also includes taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. Start paying attention to the state of your body and your mind. Exercise an hour or two a day, eat and sleep well, spend time doing things that you enjoy and are passionate about, prioritize your needs, and check in on yourself on a daily basis.

Most men, especially classical nice guys, are more oriented toward making others happy and neglect themselves, but you’ll find that when you take care of the needs that are essential to your own personal well-being, you’ll even be in much better shape to take care of others.

How to be a High-Value Man #2: RESPONSIBILITY

A man of high value is a man who takes ownership of the things that happen in his life. He doesn’t blame other people or his environment for his inadequacies. He knows that he has the power to make things happen, and he does whatever it takes to get the job done.

He is not afraid to take on challenging tasks because he knows that, ultimately, he is in control. A responsible man has control over his emotions and knows how to communicate them in the clearest and most mature way. He’s concerned with working on his character flaws and being the best possible version of himself.

He sets goals for himself and makes a solid plan of action to achieve them. Responsibility is important because it shows maturity, strength of character, and leadership ability and these are two qualities that women look out for when they’re making a decision on who to date.

However, it’s not something that just jumps on a man because he so desperately wants it. It’s something you build over time. So keep these hallmarks of a responsible man in mind and make sure to practice them every time there is a need for them. No excuses! 

How to be a High-Value Man #3: PURPOSE

Purpose is an intention or an end to be attained. Put simply, purpose gives a man a WHY to wake up and grind every single day.

A man of high value knows what he wants from life, and this desire or goal is what he now works towards every day. A man without a purpose has no reason to work and plan to move ahead in life. He can afford to just loaf around watching sports and drinking beers all day. But this man cannot hope to achieve any success in life. When a man knows his WHY, he moves through life with a sense of direction and more confidence.

The good part is that, when you have defined your values and you know what you like as well as what you’re good at, it only takes a minimum amount of drive to develop a clear purpose for yourself.


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How to be a High-Value Man #4: DISCIPLINE

Discipline is what makes you able to behave and work in a controlled way for an extended period of time, which ensures you achieve your preset goals. Discipline usually goes hand in hand with consistency. This is not an easy trait to build because it requires focus and commitment.

But it’s not impossible, it simply takes a considerable amount of practice. The first step to being disciplined is, of course, to have a purpose. Set and write down your clear goals, then picture yourself achieving them. This will give you the drive to get started on the work

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do everything at once, of course. Start small, but make sure to do it every day. And even if you fail, don’t get disheartened. Keep showing up without giving excuses. But don’t forget to celebrate your small wins along the way. It will motivate you to keep going.

How to be a High-Value Man #5: CONFIDENCE

This trait comes naturally when you’ve worked on developing the three others we’ve talked about. High-value men are confident in themselves, their opinions, values, and abilities so much that it’s almost intimidating.

But of course, much like the others, it’s not a level you get to in just one day. Building your confidence is not hard, it just takes appreciating your efforts and celebrating your success. When you have all these memories of you achieving success in several tasks – however small – it won’t be difficult to build the confidence you need to take on another, much harder challenge. And confidence is so important because it immediately affects the way you carry yourself and how you present yourself to others. Confident men are 400% more attractive to women than men who don’t think they have anything valuable to offer.

How to be a High-Value Man #6: SELF-AWARENESS

This trait is just a fancy way of saying it’s important to know yourself. Self-awareness is all about your ability to perceive, evaluate, and control your emotions.

Simply put, you can recognize that you’re feeling some type of way when you are, you know why you feel the way you do, and you can control how you choose to express these emotions. Self-awareness displays a high level of emotional intelligence and allows you to have an equal level of empathy toward others, which not only makes you a great leader but also makes you a very attractive boyfriend as well. 

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How to be a High-Value Man #7: GROWTH MINDSET.

This trait right here is what helps you reach that level of success that you’ve always dreamed of. A growth mindset empowers you to believe that you can develop yourself.

It inspires in you a passion for learning and upskilling yourself, as well as resilience that’s absolutely essential for achievement in any walk of life. A man with a growth mindset doesn’t settle for less than the best, he doesn’t take no for an answer, and he doesn’t just take whatever job comes his way.

He pushes through whatever adversity is necessary to achieve his goals. With hard work, good strategies, and positive feedback or reinforcement, he develops his talent and ultimately achieves his purpose.

How to be a High-Value Man #8: RATIONAL OPTIMISM

A man of high value doesn’t have an unrealistic belief in himself. He can take a realistic assessment of the present situation and still believe in his capabilities to get things done. Unlike the perpetual optimist that assumes that there’s nothing to worry about even when he’s heard something big rustling through the bushes, or the pessimist, on the other hand, who runs for the hills at the sound of the wind against the trees;

as a rational optimist, you have a perfect balance of both extremes. Rational optimists analyze the downside and assess whether they can avoid ruin if it all goes to bits. So, a rational optimist will not put all his savings on a gamble and risk bankruptcy. He won’t shy away from all investments either, because he’s assuming the worst.

The goal is to seek opportunities where you’ll survive even if it doesn’t work out, but you could win big if the opportunity does pay off. A rational optimist makes bets with big upsides.

How to be a High-Value Man #9: ASSERTIVENESS

A man of high value is one who knows how to take what he wants.

To do this, standing up for yourself is crucial. And being able to stand up for yourself in a calm, respectful yet firm manner is a key characteristic of a high-value man. Assertiveness is the ability to get your point across without being aggressive or causing arguments. It’s the perfect balance between passiveness and aggression.

Being assertive can increase your self-esteem while earning you the respect of others. Basically, build your confidence, and quit being a pushover. No one respects a man who can’t fight for the things he cares about.

That’s it, gentlemen! These are the nine key traits you must develop this year to be a man of high value. You might have more work to do in some than in others, and that’s totally normal. But they are all important and must be equally considered. Practice building these habits a little bit at a time, and after a while, they will all compound and make you the man you want to be.

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