How a Virgin went on 175 dates in 4 months

Check out our latest video (above) where we sit down for a chat with Dylan, who went from being a Virgin before joining Attractive Man Coaching, to getting 175 dates in only 4 months, let’s see what he had to say:

What’s the most dates you went on in one month?

45 dates in a whole month’s time. I am 24. I’m a pilot, commercial airline pilot.

Before you joined the program, you were a virgin. What was life like? What were some of your challenges?

I grew up with Asperger’s and Tourette’s.

So my childhood was a lot of altercations, a lot of physicality, and just fighting, and just a very traumatic childhood.

You know, my parents trying to raise me and just somebody with Asperger’s and Tourette’s growing up is a very challenging time.

And so they didn’t really know how to raise me.

You know, I was the first one born, so it’s like a surprise for them.

We had a lot of fighting, just a lot of… arguing in just a very dark time.

Growing up, I was always the guy in the back of the classroom who would never raise his hand, couldn’t even make eye contact, look at a girl, and I would never wanna participate in any activities because I always had to tend to myself.

Was very independent as a person and I could never do anything social.

So did you have any relationships before getting into this?

I had a blind date.

set up for me by a neighbor when I was 16.

And that lasted like six months.

I had ended it because she was doing things that I wasn’t into and stuff like that.

And it was a good learning lesson, you know, but I wouldn’t count that as like an official relationship.

Until that point, I had no social life.

No friends would hardly even look at people.

I was head down.

mission accomplished, like I was just focused on going from point A to point B.

Studying, very career oriented and just head in the books, you know, I would be that guy who studied on a Friday night.

You know, all my classmates and everybody I knew were out partying.

You know, I didn’t realize this until I was like a late teen the effect that this has had on me.

And it’s kind of caught up.

Being a senior in high school, believe it or not, I had multiple friends at that point who got married their senior year, having kids and all that, and having one night stands with girls.

It just made me realize where I was, and I was comparing myself to them.

And it just, I felt bad about it.

I’m like, this is not where I wanna be.

So it just made me take a step back and really kinda look at things overall.

So how did it feel in your early 20s not being able to socialize? It sounds like you didn’t have any dates except that blind date until you were 24, and started working with us…

100%. Before I started with TAM, I had tried to cold approach and I would look at YouTube videos.

There was a point in my early 20s where I just wanted to get social with girls.

And I tried to figure it out and just kind of did all I could on my own, but had no success.

And I was just in a, in a black hole, very anxious around girls, even just making eye contact.

Actually when I moved to DC, I just woke up one morning and I just had a moment where it all caught up to me.

And I said, I really don’t want to live like this anymore.

Like this is painful.

So then I found Matt here.

looked at some of his videos and I just really saw his technique.

It wasn’t pick-up-y, it wasn’t formulated, but he actually had a genuine perspective on it.

Your approach was just so natural and I didn’t want to change the way that I went about it because then you’re in your head and I’m just like, I want to be myself and I want to attract the women that I want to.

I thought I’d give it a shot and that’s when I’m just going head first due to that moment and it has been life changing.

I have never felt this good in my whole life.

Like each day that I wake up, I am better and better.

Does your family see a difference?

You know, my family does.

They see that I’m accepting myself more for who I am and just really seeing the value of myself.

And they’ve, in fact, I just recently saw them like a month ago and they looked at me and said, you carry yourself differently.

Like what did you do?

They were happy about it.

Really powerful for me to see that other people are recognizing it, especially in my own.

And the program, it’s not just about approaching women, you know, with that, but it’s really transforming you into the man that you want to become.

How did that feel being a virgin at 24?

Growing up in high school and just being around a lot of friends who had lost their virginity early and the types of people that I was around, you know, that’s all they talked about.

This is amazing.

It’s a great experience.

And I’m over here being the social not butterfly, just sitting in the corner.

And it made me realize and think that I’m just so behind.

And all my friends are getting laid and losing their virginity in their early 20s.

And as the years go by, I’m like, this is taking forever.

Leading up to that point, using your awesome method, I actually lost my virginity from a cold approach.

And It made the girl’s day and she ended up driving up four hours to go play mini-golf.

And we went to play mini-golf, then we went bowling, and then after bowling we had gone home, had like some wine and just watched a movie, and we just got physical and intimate and right, hot and heavy.

And she had randomly asked me, and she said, what is the one thing I should know about you that nobody else knows?

And I’m thinking like, oh shit, do I tell her I’m a virgin?

Do I hide that?

Do I try to get past it?

And I’m like, no, your method is all about radical honesty.

You know, first thought, best thought.

That really turns them on.

Because when I told her that I was a virgin, she just lit up.

And this is on the first date.

And she had to lead at that point.

She started unbuttoning.

And before you know it, I said, follow me.

And I led her into the bedroom.

and it was fantastic.

She taught me a lot, and really just telling her that I was a virgin took off a lot of pressure.

Had a fantastic night.

Like the feeling I woke up that next morning, I was like, did this really happen?

I was just a new man.

And I walked around just with this air of confidence and just I’m like, I can do this.

Where you are in your past, whatever you struggled with, it doesn’t mean you have to be like that.

Just the impact and with how important this is to me to want to transform into the man that I want to become and the life that I want with women.

reading your [Matt’s] story on where you were when you were at 25 is like a similar comparison in a way.

And it’s just crazy like when you put in the work it’s amazing where you can get and you make it look so effortless.

approaching and stuff and it can’t be that hard. It just becomes who you are.

It’s just part of your identity now.

You see a cute girl and you just, ah I’m going to go talk to her.

It’s not like, oh I’ve got to approach and it’s like this big deal anymore.

It’s just like, yeah of course I’m going to go talk to her.

She’s cute. It’s a good opportunity.

You know?

You just go.

You just go for it and there’s no hesitation.

So anything that I do, it’s either go big or go home.

Like I’m gonna give it 100% or I’m not gonna even step foot in the water.

How many of those dates were from approaching them versus online dating?

Most of them are from cold approaching.

15-20% were from online.

but all the other is cold approach.

You know, you have these small wins from approaching and dating and those small wins keep you going.

Tell us, were there any like specific insecurities or limiting beliefs or baggage or anything like that you had to let go of to get these kinds of results?

I felt like given my past, that I was incapable of doing it.

I’m not like the most muscular guy, you know, I’m not Mike Tyson by any means.

So I must not be able to get women.

And just the social experience with women, I didn’t have either.

I’m like, I don’t know how to talk to them.

You know, I don’t know how to do any of this.

So I must not be able to get them.

Through your method and just being able to go through it, you can conquer that 100%.

And it shattered my limiting beliefs because I’ve done it.

Never let anything about you or your personality or looks or whatever.

just aspects of you, never let that define anything that you wanna do.

It’s not so much those things that you’re insecure about that are holding you back, it’s the insecurity about those things that you have that’s holding you back.

How many women are you dating now?

five at one time.

I’m trying to always better myself and always trying to be better on dates and just.

trying to always escalate things.

And for me, with this last week, I uncovered that I had a huge need.

I realized that I was using women as like a source of, you know, temporary happiness.

They can’t become your purpose.

You still have to be on your purpose, on your path, and then women just compliment that.

They make your life better. They support that purpose, that path, ideally if you find a good woman.

then they’re gonna help you with your goal.

I read this quote one time, actually recently.

It said, provide the garden of flowers and the butterflies will come to it.

Don’t go chase the butterflies. So like, flowers in the garden is your life and they’ll come to you.

If you want to live the life that you could ever dream of, come join Matt’s program here.

He is the

His method is one that is unlike any other out there.

He is allowing you to be yourself, and you don’t change yourself for somebody else.

It’s not pick up, it’s not game. You’re ultimately, with this program, you’re gonna get better with women, no matter what.

But the overarching goal is you’re gonna become the man that you wanna be.

And that’s the main goal, is to just be the man that you have always wanted to be.

My name’s Matt Artisan from the Attractive Man coaching team.

Make sure to check out our entire coaching schedule around the world.

And I hope to see you at a workshop soon.

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