Signs a Girl Wants to Kiss You

Watch out for these signs a girl wants to kiss you – when you see them, don’t miss out on the chance to make your move:



Now the very first thing you want to look out for is if she’s maintaining strong eye contact. One of the most powerful signs a girl wants to kiss you..

It’s natural for her to be looking right at you while you both are talking, but it doesn’t always mean that she’s thinking about kissing you.

But, if you do notice that she keeps staring at you when there’s like a lull in the conversation, especially if she seems to be alternating between staring at your lips and then at your eyes, then she definitely wants to kiss you.

Some women even know how to communicate this desire with a look that can raise the sexual tension from ten to about a hundred. It’s uncanny.

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Beyond just eyes, the second thing you should pay attention to if you want to know whether she wants you to kiss her is her body language. Usually, when a girl is thinking about making out with you, she begins to unconsciously start getting closer to your face.

She may not even realize that she’s doing it, but if you do notice that during the date she keeps scooting closer or leaning towards you; those are usually pretty clear signs that she wants you to escalate and kiss her.

Signs a girl wants to kiss you
Eyes, Lips, Shoulders, and Hips. Her movement, the tone of her voice. Take note of subtle hints and you’d be surprised how much she was waiting on you to make your move!


Number three on our list of signs to notice is if she finds reasons to touch you. Now, this doesn’t mean she gropes you, that’s not something you should expect from a woman.

But if she seems to always have some reason to touch your arm, your legs, or maybe even your face every now and then, it’s usually a clear sign that she wants you to lean in and kiss her.


With this one, you’re not so much watching out for what she’s doing as you are watching out for how she reacts to what you’re doing.

So if you notice that when you touch her face or her neck or her arms she doesn’t flinch – instead she sort of leans into your touch a little – then you can be sure that she wants you to take it up a notch and lean in for a kiss.

Or maybe you go in to tuck her hair behind her ears and she doesn’t move away from you or pull away for invading her personal space – and instead, she just looks down at her hands with a shy smile on her face or she keeps eye contact with you throughout the time; then this is the time to drop whatever you were doing before and lean in for a kiss because that’s what she wants you to do.

Women often are indirect in their intentions. Which is why most men fail to pick up on positive signs to make their move.


This next sign a girl wants to kiss you is one that you shouldn’t miss for any reason; and that is if she does things that draw your attention to her lips. This is one that a lot of women don’t even know that they’re doing when they’re doing it, but it communicates loud and clear what she’s thinking. So

if you notice that she’s constantly moistening her lips with her tongue, biting her lips, lightly touching her lips, or anything else that makes you look down at her lips, then you can be sure that she’s probably not even listening to one word of what you’re saying because she’s busy envisioning your lips on hers. And of course, it’s not a bad idea for you to go on ahead and make her dreams come true.

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This next one is not one you’ll see a lot of women do, especially not the shy ones, but it is one that communicates just as clearly as the others on our list that she wants you to kiss her and that is when she compliments you a lot.

Now with this one, you’re definitely not expecting that she’ll be droning on and on about how much your bottom lip reminds her of pomegranate seeds or how you look great with that stubble.

But if she is telling you how good you smell, how that shirt color suits you nicely, or maybe even how she thinks you have nice arms; that’s usually a great indication that she would very much like for you to kiss her.


Yet another sign that a girl wants to kiss you is if she lingers. And this is one that applies to the typically shy women as much as it applies to the bolder ones.

Chances are she may have even given you some of the other signs that she’s interested in you, but you’ve missed it, and you want to know if she wants you to kiss her to end the date on a high note – watch how she behaves after you’ve said your goodbyes.

If she jets into her house or her building like she can’t leave you fast enough, that usually means that she either has a bowel emergency or wants nothing to do with you..

But if she lingers for a while or keeps looking back at you as she walks away, that clearly means that she wants you to kiss her before she closes her front door and officially ends the date. This sign is one you obviously shouldn’t miss because missing it is as good as blowing your chances with her off completely.


For this sign, she definitely wants you to get off your butt and kiss her. That is if she tries to get you alone.

So if she’s inviting you over to her place, coming over to yours, or getting you away from your friends so it’s just the two of you together, then you can be sure that she wants you to kiss her.

Because what she’s essentially doing with all that is she’s giving you the privacy that she feels you’ll need, so you’ll be comfortable enough to come to kiss her without the intrusion of your friends or a crowd around you making you shy.

So instead of getting all clammy and uncomfortable that you both are alone, just go for it and kiss her.


Last but not the least, signs a girl wants to kiss you; IF you are thinking about kissing her.

Nine times out of ten, when you’re thinking about kissing the girl that you’re with, she’s probably thinking about kissing you as well.

So instead of getting freaked out that you’re getting ahead of yourself, just go on ahead and begin to subtly lean in for the kiss. If she is, she’ll lean in too, and let it happen.

But what if she isn’t?

No problem. It doesn’t hurt your chances with her in any way. If anything, if anything it even helps them because you’ve clearly shown that you’re into her and you want to take the interaction to the next step.

You may even find yourself kissing her that same night.

Did you know? If a woman was waiting for you to kiss her on that date, and you didn’t go for it – she’s more likely to get so turned off that she’ll lose all attraction afterward.


This leads me to the bonus tip I talked about earlier; if you want to make your first kiss much more special for the two of you, then you should make sure to do these three things:

First off, create some privacy for the two of you.

So if you’re in a crowded mall, take her to a secluded corner where it’s just the two of you, or there are at least a lot fewer people than before. Privacy will make the moment more intimate for her and more enjoyable for you.

Second, never, ever ask for permission. (Hear me out..)

You might think it makes you look sweet and considerate, but what it really does is make you look like you lack confidence – and no woman likes a sissy. Instead, slow things down when you lean in and get the consent you need by staring deep into her eyes. You’ll make the moment that much more intimate that way.

And last but not least, create multiple points of contact when you are kissing.

Run your hands through her hair, lightly touch her face, put your arm around her back or run your hands down her arms. You want to make sure that it’s more than just your lips creating contact between the two of you to make the moment so much more meaningful.

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