Signs You Should Approach a Woman NOW

These are the top 6 signs that you should approach a woman now:

6 Signs You Should Approach Women Now

One of the things I’ve seen a lot of times in my life that still bums me out so hard every single time I see it happen is guys not knowing when to approach a woman. It’s especially more disappointing to see when the girl clearly wants him to walk up to her and he’s just standing there drooling over her in silence.

Sometimes I just want to scream, “Come on, man! What the hell are you waiting for?” There’s a freaking neon sign above her that says, “You can come on over now.”

I’ve been coaching men since 2008 so I can safely say that you are probably missing many chances with very attractive women who could evidently find you interesting and want to talk to you.

You might be asking “When is the best time to approach to get a positive reactio?”

So to keep the big blue vein right here on my temple from popping, I’ll be sharing with you six foolproof signs that the girl that you’ve been checking out wants you to approach her, as well as how to spot them so you can make your move. I’ll evenn give you a bonus tip that will allow you to approach nearly any woman at any time even if you don’t see all of the signs.

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And first I want you to see that approaching women is often a lot more effective than online dating for getting dates with attractive women for 5 main reasons: 

  1. You stand out from all the other guys (night and day) 
  2. You know what she really looks like and her vibe and energy
  3. She’s more comfortable with you for the same reason
  4. You showed massive courage (online dating needs little to no courage at all)
  5. You can usually date women much hotter than you could online (because approaching isn’t only about looks its about how you make her feel)

Plus it’s just way more fun to approach women instead of sitting on your couch swiping. So don’t be that guy who sees a woman he want’s to meet and thinks “Man I hope we match on bumble!”

Now without much more ado, let’s jump straight into it with sign number 6 that she wants you to approach her:

She Makes Eye Contact More Than 2 Seconds

 Do you know what a woman does when she catches the eye of someone she’s not interested in? She quickly looks away and makes sure to avoid looking in that general direction for the rest of the night.

So if she’s keeping eye contact with you for longer than two seconds, then she definitely finds you interesting and wants to know more about you.

Usually, that alone is enough of an assurance for you to go on ahead and walk up to her. But if you’re looking to get some more assurance, then look out for a smile. If she smiles when she’s looking at you, or if she gives you what I call the three-part glance – which is when she looks at you, looks away, and then looks back at you with a smile on her face – then that’s a definite sign that she wants you to come over.

Any further hesitation on your part at this point will just make you look like a scared little boy, and she’ll very quickly lose interest.

Her Body Language

Ten times out of ten, when a woman wants you to come over and talk to her, she’ll make it clear with her body language. Her body will be very open to you; that means she’ll most likely be leaning towards your direction, or even turn completely towards you.

One of the clearest body language cues that she wants you to approach her is when she starts preening when you come close to her or when you look towards her. This looks kind of like when a bird fluffs or arranges its feathers when it’s trying to attract a male to mate with.

When you notice that she often seems to be fixing her hair, or adjusting her earrings, or reapplying her lipstick, then she’s evidently expecting you to come over and she’s trying to get pretty.

This next sign is not one that you’ll commonly spot because not all women are assertive or bold enough to do this, but it is one that you should never miss – it’s the female equivalent of a big neon sign above her head–

This is one of the best signs she likes you, man!

She’s Checking You Out

This one is gold, guys. Sure, it sounds kind of self-explanatory, too. But most men clearly don’t go for it.

If you notice that she’s clearly looking you over from head to toe, this is not the time to get flustered and hide. No, no, no. That is the time to grow your big man balls and walk up to her with confidence.

Any hesitation at this point will most probably make her feel mortified at what she just did, and because women hate rejection twice as much as men do, she will avoid your eyes like you were Medusa for the rest of the night. This is one huge oppurtunnity you should never miss.

She Keeps Coming Closer to You.

Maybe you both spotted each other when you were at the bar and she was at a table with her friends in the middle of the restaurant, then you turned around to order a drink and when you turn back she’s standing by the jukebox miles away from her friends and closer to you..

..or maybe she allowed the two other people that stood between the both of you on the queue go on ahead before her..

The point is, as soon as you notice that she’s sort of trying to create proximity between the two of you, this is usually a clear enough sign that she wants you to approach her.

There’s definitely no other reason she would be trying extra hard to get closer to you or your location. And yeah, if men did this it would definitely seem creepy – women don’t react too well to indirect ways of getting their attention (which is why its better for you to actually go there and approach her directly rather than slowly creep closer to her.)

But when women do it, they want to do it indiscreetly. While they appreciate men being direct with them, when it comes to their turn to flirt – usually they do it indirectly; by slowly trying to catch your attention by being closer and closer to your plain view.

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She Says Things Just to You or Somehow Seems Directed at You.

Here’s what I mean; maybe you’re in a crowded bar and you’re watching a game on TV and she throws an open question to the whole room, something like; “Oh great, who’s playing tonight?” or your walking down the street and she asks you the time or for directions.

What has just happened is she has just started up a conversation between the two of you. That’s basically an opening for you to make your move.

And this is something women do a lot. Because she wasn’t direct in her intent or interest in you, it won’t sting her so badly if she feels that you rejected her. She could even get her answer from someone else, and no one would be the wiser that she was trying to get you to talk to her. But, do not to miss out on these sorts of signals because women rarely approach men so if she did, even to ask a simple question, take it as a hint.

I see so many guys say, “Oh she was just asking for directions”, which could be true, but it could also be true that she used that as an excuse to talk to you and she was hoping you would take the hint and take it further. Remember, the masculine is more direct in communication style and the feminine is more indirect. So she won’t just come up and say, “Hi what’s your name? I wanted to meet you.” 

She Sets Up a Situation Where You Might Run Into Each Other

And we’ve finally gotten to sign number one, gentlemen! The last, but definitely not the least, signal that she wants you to come over and have some small chit-chat is when she sets up a situation where you might run into each other.

Now, guys, this is one sign that you don’t want to let slip past you because it will create what they like to call in Hollywood a “meet-cute” that will make an awesome story for you guys to tell others if it ends up working out between you both. Basically a meet cute is a romantic comedy movie scene where the two people meet for the first time under unusual, humorous, or cute circumstances.

So if you find yourself bumping into each other in the grocery store aisle, or full-on running into each other with arms full of books in the library, as long as she’s not preoccupied with someone else or giving you the stink eye, then that’s a pretty clear sign that she wants you to at least introduce yourself.

Believe it or not there are actually dating coach companies out there that take women out in public and try to teach them how to construct these meet-cutes. 


Fortune favors the bold.

Now that’s it for my list, but before I go I want to quickly address something. Some people say that it’s probably best to wait to see two or three of these signs to be sure that she really wants you to approach her before you do; I don’t think that that’s a good idea. In fact, I say “f*ck all of these signs” and here’s why.

By the time you’re waiting to see her do two or four of these things I mentioned, you’ll most likely get in your head about the whole thing and end up not even approaching her at the end of the day. And let’s be honest guys, what woman will wait for a guy to wait for two or three different signs that he’s clear to make a move before feeling rejected and losing interest? That’s very unlikely.

Like I said earlier, women hate feeling rejected twice as much as men do. So as long as she satisfies all 3 of the following requirements then I say approach her whether or not you see any of these signs:

1. She’s not in the middle of something important,
2. She’s not with a man, and
3. You find her attractive;

I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to walk up to her like the calm and confident man that I’ve taught you to be, give her a charming compliment, ask her a few questions to see if you like her besides just her looks and then ask her out for ice cream. 

Don’t hesitate to make your move, as long as you approach her in a bold, honest, and open way that makes her day, she’ll absolutely love it. 

And if it seems scary because you don’t see any of these 6 signs, then just walk up to her and ask her for directions and then just notice her reaction, notice if you get any of the signs that I mentioned, and even if she rejects you; Hey, it’s fine! Not every day is Christmas; you’ll get another shot with someone just as attractive tomorrow.

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