How To Turn Her On and Create Desire (Ethically)

In this post, Matt Artisan reveals how to turn on a girl and create attraction and desire – you’ll learn 5 essential things a girl needs in order to be intimite with you, and one thing you must NEVER forget to do. Here’s how to make her want to be intimite with you.

First of all let’s make one thing clear, it’s not about GETTING her to have sex with you. It’s about creating an environment and opportunity for her to want to be more intimate with you. It’s not about getting anything from her; it’s about her wanting it.

And there are 5 prerequisites to her wanting to be intimite with you. The first 4 are pretty obvious.

  1. She needs to be attracted to you. This doesn’t have to be based on looks but she needs to feel a sense of desire towards you.  
  2. She needs to feel safe. And it certainly helps if you’ve built a connection with her.
  3. You need to escalate the relationship – i mean you have to touch her at some point. Touching releases the bonding hormone oxytocin that is also released during orgasm. So make sure to touch her in a way that is comfortable and makes her feel safe.
  4. And of course you need to be in a place intimacy can actually happen

Now we have other videos that explain each of these in details.

But there’s a 5th step that is really crucial and most guys totally miss it.  

You see a woman won’t be intimate with a guy even if she really likes him and wants to sleep with him because she’s afraid of being judged.  

But who would judge her?

Well she might be afraid of her friends judging her, you judging her and she might even be afraid of judging herself.

I know, as guys this seems crazy, I mean we want to tell our friends and we are usually proud of ourselves, but these are real issues girls actually worry about.

So #1: Let’s talk about dealing with her friends.

  • Make sure to manage your logistics so the friends don’t have to know that she’s going home with you. For example you could tell her friends that you are walking her to her car. And then they won’t know their friend is going home with you.  
  • What if you have a lot of mutual friends and she’s afraid that you might tell them? Well then use a story to illustrate how you don’t like to “kiss and tell.” Example: “Yeah this girl I dated ended up telling everyone we hooked up and I was so mad.” But make sure it’s a true story.
  • But what if her friends aren’t there?…… then who cares! Move on. .

#2. Next, she might be afraid that YOU are going to judge her if she is intimate  with you. So don’t do that! Never judge a girl for being intimate! That’s just lame. Remember that women are sexual creatures too!

  • So explain to her that you really like strong liberated women and how it’s not fair how our society judges confident women who go for what they want. I like to use a story about how my ex-gf and I became intimate rather quickly and how we just had so much passion in our relationship.
  • Or you can talk about how you don’t think it’s fair how a guy can be intimate with a lot of women and he’s therefore considered a sexual superstar but if a girl does that then she’s considered slutty. Women shouldn’t be judged. They should be equal to men! 

#3. Dealing with her judgements

  • Explain to her that women are sexual and that you think it’s totally fine and that they are just as sexual than men
  • Think about it…they can have more orgasms than a man, have different types of orgasms (4 types and men can only have 1) and they have twice as many nerves in their fun parts than a men.  So women are just as, if not more sexual than men.  

So there you have it, just throw in these remarks in the middle of your conversation somewhere in a casual manner.

You can thank me later.

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How to Spark Sexual Tension Within Seconds of Meeting Her…

Look man, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Want to avoid the friend zone? Spark sexual tension.

Want to make her obsessed with you? Spark sexual tension.

Want to get her in bed fast? Spark sexual tension.

But did you know that you can trigger sexual tension the very first moment you meet her? You don’t have to wait until the end of the first date.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Shows YOU How To Seduce A Girl In Under 2-Minutes

Romantic tension is the key to seduction.

Knowing how to properly utilize romantic tension is like harnessing a super power that will drive a woman crazy with overwhelming desire and makes her obsess over you. That’s why it is crucial that you use this power only for good.

The key to creating romantic tension is in the following 3 elements:

The Look: A strong seductive gaze that subcommunicates “I will give you the utmost satisfaction…if you play your cards right,” will instantly turn her on.

Tonality: Talking in a slow, low tone can put someone into a hypnotic state. Amp up the romantic tension even more by using…..wait for it…..long drawn out pauses.

Showing Your Desire: Most “nice guys” are afraid to convey their desire for a woman. But, women instinctually crave to be desired by a powerful, confident man. Demonstrating your desire towards her in a non-needy manner is key.

Watch as Leonardo DiCaprio uses these 3 core components of romantic tension to meet the cigarette girl in this scene from the movie The Aviator:

Could you feel the romantic tension?

Now, I understand that is a movie, however, what he just did right there works. He is conveying strong confidence. A guy that is timid or nervous around women would not have been able to do that.

Practice these elements of romantic tension. We will revisit this topic at another time. Now go out and seduce some beautiful women. They want it anyways…


Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality


Recently, a large number of celebrity nude photos were leaked on to the vast expanse we call the internet. These women were judged for their sexuality.  Such A-list names as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Jessica Brown Findlay, and many more high profile actresses and models have been permanently exposed for anyone who was left wondering what these women “might” look like naked or what they “really” do behind closed doors, to know the truth. There is not much left to the imagination anymore.

Much to my dismay, there has been a public outcry on various social media outlets and forums about how these women are idiotic for saving this type of content to the cloud or taking these pictures and videos at all. Even worse, they are being demonized as “sluts” by other detractors.

I want to address these issues and how they could be affecting you finding that sensually open woman of your dreams. Let’s use JLaw as our example.

Known to be an American sweet heart with a lighthearted personality, Jennifer is not only a 10 on the outside, but a perceived 10 on the inside, so how is it that this picturesque, upstanding citizen could be caught in lewd positions in front of the lens?

First, let’s rule out lack of better judgment. You see, humans, and even more so women, are emotional, sensual creatures. In the moment she took those images herself, or let someone else take them, she was thinking about the affection she had for the receiver. That person gave her the emotional feelings and trust necessary for her to be her truest, natural self, both sexual and vulnerable. Does that make her any more or less of a good human being that we, on the outside, seeing through the eyes of media, have perceived her to be? No, it does not.

Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality

In practice, the “slut” mindset is extremely detrimental to dating and society as a whole. Let’s be honest. We all want a partner(s) who allows us to voice our wildest propositions in an environment unchecked by judgment. When we slander a person’s character because of their activity in the bedroom, not only do we directly affect their future actions, we affect the future actions of all the people who are influenced by them. For instance, because Ms. Lawrence’s erotic selfies were published online and she was deemed a “slut,” now your partner won’t send you any more racy photos out of fear she may elicit the same outcome, long after your time together has come to a close.

The moral is this: it doesn’t matter how much money or status a person has, because we are all bound to the same laws of nature. We eat, we sleep, and we fornicate.

Some of us may like to use cameras to record our sexual exploits, some may enjoy overtly public displays of affection. Whatever the case may be, if we continue to judge each other for exploring our sexual freedom, then we will continue down a road of sexual repression. Either we all win, or we all lose.

Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality

How To Seduce A Girl

How To Attract the Hottest Girl

Here’s how to Attract the Hottest Girl and specifically – the one every guy wants.

Okay so look, this article is for guys that have high standards but if you apply these principles, you’ll be able to attract nearly any girl you have your eye on.

Do you remember that one super hot girl in your high school that every guy wanted?

All the guys were dying to get into her pants but she wouldn’t let them. She didn’t date just anybody and she didn’t sleep with many guys. Her boyfriend was most likely the highest status guy in the entire school. Or she may have not even dated guys in her school but older men instead. I am also going to bet she didn’t talk to you much either.

If you want to attract the most beautiful and sought-after girl, you need to do what the super hottie from high school did.

How To Attract Any Woman? Be the guy every girl wants, but can’t get.  

When you do this, your status will leap tenfold. Most guys will screw this up because they will want to sleep with as many girls as possible, but if you want the best girl, then you need to be very selective.

You see, women have status too. And if she is the alpha female, she only wants to be with the Alpha Male.  And if you start sleeping with women that are below her, she will perceive you as having lower status than her.

how to seduce any woman

So here is what you need to do to attract the hottest woman around.

First, exercise SOCIAL PROOF. Social proof is the principle that people tend to follow the tribe.  If the tribe approves of you, then he or she will approve of you also.

So, if a girl notices other women like you, she will almost automatically want you too.  This trigger is the fastest way to short-cut attraction and get women wanting you. Demonstrate that you have lots of women to choose from and she will want you to choose her.

Next you need to exercise EXCLUSIVITY. Flirt with all women but only date and sleep with the BEST.

As we already talked about, High Status Men have high standards with women. They qualify women. Be very selective about whom you sleep with, how you spend your time, and how you spend your money.  High Status Men are very selective about who gets to be in their “Inner Circle.”

Be a challenge for women and don’t sleep with just any girl. People want what they can’t have. And if all the girls can’t get you, they will literally fight over you.  Once she see’s that women are fighting over you, she’ll want to be the “one” who gets you.

When you apply the concepts of Social Proof and Exclusivity, you literally will have women magnetized to you and they will fight for you.

Application: Specific ways to attract a woman…

This strategy applies whenever you enter any social environment or social circle e.g. the gym, work, sports league, school, club etc… Specifically a place where there are lots of women to choose from… e.g. Yoga Class 😉

Be friendly AND flirtatious will all the girls, but don’t date or sleep with any of them right away.  Sometimes it is better to take your time and choose the right one.

After you know which girl you want, then it is time to light some fires.  The key is to not give all of your attention to her right away.  This is the law of supply and demand of Attention.  The more attention you give someone, the less they want it.  On the contrary, the less attention you give someone, the more they want it. (Exclusivity)

So, flirt with all the other women but don’t make any advances.  You job is to get them to want you and talk about you behind your back.  As days and weeks go by, they will start to wonder if you are going to choose any of them and it will literally drive them crazy. (Be careful, you may break some hearts in the process)

Girls love to gossip and talk about guys, so you better believe the girl you want knows that all these girls want you.  She will naturally join in the race to win you over and you will know because she will start making advances on you.  Yes, the most desired woman will start attracting you.

At this point, play it cool and let her come to you stud.

ways to seduce a woman

This way works best when all the girls know each other so they can talk about you, but with skill it can be applied to the bar scene too. If you already have a social circle filled with beautiful women then all you need to do is take them out with you.

But, most guys don’t have a social circle full of women yet so here’s another way.  When you are out, chat up all the girls in the club but don’t make any moves right away.  Then introduce the girls to each other (merge groups) and create your own “instant social circle” full of girls, with you as the hub.  When girls surround you you immediately attract the attention of every girl in the room, including the one you really have your eye on.  Then all you do is get her attention and signal her to come to you. This works so well, it is almost cheating.

Remember, flirt and have fun with ALL girls, however, only sleep with the quality ones.

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