18 Rules To Raise Your Status So Women Are Compelled To You

Women pay close attention to your position of status.

There is a status ranking system that humans unconsciously run through their minds whenever they encounter anyone new in their life.  They try to figure out where they personally fit on the social ladder in relation to the other person in any given situation.

For instance, if Brad Pitt walked into the room, people would see him as having a higher social status.  People would gather around him, ask for his autograph, and pay attention to whatever he says.  At the same time, all the women would instantly start falling for him, and not just for his looks.

Women are instinctually attracted to men with high status.  You see, a high status man is better able to secure a good future for her and her offspring.  She is naturally attracted to him even if he hasn’t talked to her yet.

So how can you elevate your status without being rich or famous?  Here’s the rulebook. When applied, this will make you deadly attractive and very influential.

The Rules of Status

Warning: This is not about trying to out-alpha other guys.  Be respectful.  If other men don’t respect you then you have actually lost all status.

1. Have social intuition. If you act weird or awkward during social situations, you will automatically demote yourself from a high status position. It is very important not to get flustered or nervous during interactions. You must know how to talk to people. Before you can lead, you must learn how to finesse your way through social situations. The cool thing is you don’t need to be naturally funny, witty or clever. You just need to be comfortable in social settings. Don’t be the insecure guy standing against the wall watching everyone else have a good time. Just take a deep breath, get grounded and join in on the fun.

2. Lead your group. If others see you leading a group, they will automatically see you as a leader and place you in a position of status. If you are not the leader of your current social circle then start leading. You can also create a new group by simply finding a few friends and inviting them all out together. Make decisions quickly and take charge. And remember this, a good leader is always a leader of “self” first.

3. Be non-reactive. Men that have status are non-reactive. They don’t freak out when something disturbs the peace. The leader is supposed to protect the group so if you freak out, it shows you are not suited for the position. Stay calm, be present, and handle the situation. Women will test you in this quality. She will poke you and press your hot buttons to see if you can stay grounded and keep your cool.

4. Become the leader of leaders. When socializing, befriend the other men that are the leaders of the group. This will cause the females of that group to see you as a leader as well, and thus be more attracted to you. If you go out and there is a large mixed group, determine who is the leader and befriend him. You can tell who is the leader because people are usually circled around him and they all stop to listen when he speaks.

5. Win friends. When you can walk into a party and everyone stops to talk to you, that’s when women will really take notice. When people are fighting for your attention, she will want it too. You can easily win friends by giving value to other’s through empathetic
listening, remembering and using people’s names and showing genuine interest.

6. Work the room. If you don’t know anyone, the best way to raise your status is to start meeting people. Socialize with BOTH men and women. To the observer it will look like you know everyone.

7. Command attention. Want to shoot your status to the top? Quiet everyone in the room and give a toast. A man that can get people to listen to him demonstrates status. Note: Make your toast outstanding, after all, you have center stage, stud.

8. Don’t suck up to people. Does a king suck up to people? Definitely not. He may compliment someone but the intention is not to seek approval. Speak your mind and DO NOT be apologetic (although you should apologize if you do something really wrong).

9. Dress well. Studies have shown that people in a suit are automatically perceived as an authority versus a person who is wearing normal clothes. Now, I do not mean wear a suit wherever you go, however, dress sharp. If you look like a powerful leader you will not only feel like one, but people will see you as one.

10. Speak with conviction. If you hesitate or stumble when you speak, people will not deem you as a worthy leader. A high status man is decisive and speaks like he is sure of himself. Your voice should be loud, slow, controlled and project so that all can hear.

11. Powerful body language. Walk tall, take up space and have open body language. Don’t let people push you around. Walk like you own the place. Most people have mediocre body language, so when you stand erect, with your shoulders back, chest out, and head high, people notice. Bad body language will also demote you of leadership status.  Don’t fidget or move excessively.  Move your body slow and with purpose.

12. Be the first to act, always. When you are with your circle, always be the first to move. For example, when at the end of eating dinner at a restaurant, be the one to say, “alright, let’s get of out here.” When you do this, you are unconsciously framing in their minds that you are the leader and when you say let’s go, everyone goes.

13. Be in the know. When people are sitting around wondering what to do, say something. Don’t say, “what do you guys want to do?” Instead, say, “Hey how about we go do X because it…” Be the guy that has ideas and knows what to do. This is especially important with a girl because she expects you to take the lead and take her places.

14. Bring her into your world. When you are hanging out with a girl or even your friends, make sure you draw them into your world. Take them to all of your favorite places instead of going to places they have already been. When they follow you into your world, where you are already king, they will see you as the king.

15. Strong eye contact. If you are unable to hold eye contact with people, you will be demoted from the high status position. Strong eye contact is a sign of power. Take it further by blinking less.  A man that doesn’t blink while talking conveys power. Some guys get into “eye staring contests” to see who looks away first. This is child’s play.  It demonstrates you have something to prove.

16. Don’t let people interrupt you. While conversing with a group, sometimes people will unintentionally start speaking right after you have begun. If you spoke first, maintain eye contact with the listener and keep speaking. The other person will stop when you are speaking.

17. Give. High status men give value, they don’t take value. They have so much greatness in their life, they want to share with everyone. They don’t make people feel bad about themselves. They make people feel inspired, proud, and beautiful.  Give and ye shall receive.

18. Have high standards. A high status man has high standards for himself and everyone in his life. Be picky about the people you let into your life, including the girls you date. A king is not going make any girl his queen. He is going to CHOOSE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. That is why it is important to QUALIFY every girl and when you do this she will automatically see you as high status. Qualify men as well before you bring them into your inner circle. High status men have high standards.

19. Have fun. Okay so there is one more… When you and your group of friends are having fun everyone wants to be a part of it. This is why it is also important to find friends that you can have fun with.  Share stories, tell jokes, play pranks on each other, be self amusing and have a blast.

Tell me in the comments down below, what you do to raise your social status.

15 thoughts on “18 Rules To Raise Your Status So Women Are Compelled To You”

  1. I crack jokes, mingle with beautiful ladies mostly my female friends, I bring strangers into our conversation, and basically just have fun …

  2. Always have your financial house in order, even if your broke show that your working hard to change that. I like to carry at min. $100 on my at all times preferably $500 in $100 bills. It shows others you aren’t afraid of wealth (most people are even if they don’t know it) If you have to go on a date when your broke…own it. Tell her straight up that tonight we are keeping costs low and meeting friends at the beach with some inexpensive but creative food and drink! Great post brotha!

  3. I walk straight talk straight a bit pompus bt very funny craking jokes and pranks and always making the first move and giving advices

  4. Sit comfortably, take space. Don’t be afraid to do gestures with your arms. Hold your opinions, don’t change them if she or they don’t agree. Don’t be stupid. Like getting shitfaced on a first date. About been no reactive, it depends. Sometimes you loose all respect if you don’t react.

    • All very true. And being reactive; you will definitely have a response you just don’t want to be affected (in most situations). If the girl can affect your emotional state then she has power over you and women are not attracted to men they can easily overpower.

  5. Hey matt

    Am from india. I like a girl and I started talking to her mostly via gmail or whats app.
    She rarely uses whats aap. I asked her for a coffee but she refused by saying that she don’t feel good in getting open with every one……
    I want her in my life. Help me brother..!!

    • Sounds like you just need to get to know her better. Use some of the “Trust” texts from Turn Her On Through Text. And make sure to keep meeting more girls. India is good for day game. Btw we will be doing boot camps in India in October and March.


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