4 Secret Ingredients That Get Beautiful Women to Choose You

While other men are busy learning tactics and tricks, the high value man attracts the most beautiful and amazing women—with this secret sauce.

Do gorgeous high quality women only choose the wealthiest and best looking guys? No.

So what is it that women crave and how can you possess it?

I dissected this after studying men that seemed just “average” in the looks and money department, but were dating super-hot women.  I noticed there were certain things all High Value Men do that naturally draws women to them.  It is like autopilot attraction. They have a secret sauce.

You see, there are two types of attraction… conscious and unconscious. Conscious attraction is about money, good looks, and being a “nice guy.”  But, subconscious attraction is what drives her inner emotions wild and makes her want certain guys over others.  Unconscious attraction is a thousand times more powerful and there are 4 primary attributes that will trigger her attraction towards you on an unconscious level:

#1 The King

Women want a man to not just lead, but be the king of his domain.  How do King’s act?  Like they are entitled for greatness, like they deserve the best, and like they have nothing to prove. King’s do not entertain or impress people, people entertain the king.  King’s do not act with hesitation or doubt, they move confidently in the direction of their beliefs and values. They speak with a power and conviction that resonates through the land.

Pretend you have a crown on your head and own your domain. Have dignity.  Be the leader of your domain both in your social life and in your career. Be the guy people seek out either for fun or for business.

The easiest way to become the leader of a group is to start your own.  It is as simple as inviting two people out and then leading the way.  At a party or social gathering, be the hub where people are hanging out, joking, and telling stories.

The King in 3 words: Confident, Leader, Dignity

#2 Man On A Mission

Most men have no purpose for their lives… Every morning they go to a job they don’t like, then they come home and watch T.V. to escape their reality, and then repeat it again the next day.  If you were to do that, what memories and what accomplishments would you have at the end your life? How about a lot of living in someone else’s story.

A man on a mission is the guy that is working towards a higher purpose.  Maybe he has a passion for music and his purpose is to be the best guitarist in the world and share his talents with as many people as possible.  Perhaps he wants to end hunger in third world countries.  Or maybe he wants to create a thriving business that serves people by the millions. Men are genetically wired with an inner drive to achieve and create, but most guys don’t unleash it. They get sucked into what society tells them they should do.

This drive and passion from a man on a mission is what women crave and are naturally drawn towards.  So find something that calls you and go for it.

Note:  Men make the mistake of making their women, their mission.  They make her the center of their universe, but this is the quickest way to repel a woman.  Your woman DOES NOT want to be your number 1 priority (even though she will say so) but instead wants to help you achieve your purpose.

Man On A Mission in 3 words: Driven, Purposeful, Relentless

#3 Seducer & Lover

When guys first meet a girl they are attracted to, they quickly become very friendly and try to get her to like them. They try to hide their feelings and so the initial interaction is very boring.  Then later when they try to go for the date or make a move, it doesn’t work out.  The reason is because she saw the initial interaction as a “friendly” conversation, not a romantically charged, “I want to rip off your clothes” conversation.

Men that are naturally good with women, express their romantic desire right away.  As men we are on this planet to be with women and we do not need excuse to talk to them.  Furthermore, women yearn to be desired by a man. They love it when a man “wants” them.  They get energized by it.

So how do you do it?  It is not what you say, but more importantly, the way you look at her and how you talk to her. When you see a woman you are attracted to, you naturally get feelings of desire.  Amp up those feelings through your body and express them in a way that says, “I appreciate your femininity and beauty.” When I approach a girl I am attracted to, I look at her as if I am thinking, “If you are so lucky, I will ROCK YOUR WORLD in bed.”

This is very powerful and when you do it right, you can see the girl melt right in front of you. This confidence carries all the way into the relationship.  Women want a man that will seduce them and show them a passionate adventure.

Seducer & Lover in 3 words: Passionate, Authentic, Sexual

#4 Protector

Women are instinctually programmed to choose men that make them feel safe.  For centuries, women were dependent on men to protect them from hostile tribes and wild animals, especially during the 9 months of pregnancy. That need to feel safe and protected is still prominent in women today.

This is why women are generally attracted to bigger and stronger men.  But, it is more than just physical strength. A huge muscular man can be terrified at the sight of a spider and that is not what attracts women.  She wants a man that is nonreactive and is mentally solid as a rock. If there is a threat or emergency, he can take care of the situation and she will be protected.  Inner strength is more important than physical strength.

Furthermore, a woman wants a man that is mentally stronger than her.  She wants a man that will stand up to her and call her out on her shit when she is out of place.

Make her feel safe.  While walking down the sidewalk with her, walk closest to the traffic.  When crossing the street, put your hand on her lower back and guide her across.  When she is having an emotional break down, hold her tight in your arms. These little acts allow her to feel safe and will make her fall for you.

Protector in 3 words: Caring, Calm, Grounded

So there you have it!  These are the 4 secret sauce ingredients that will naturally draw women to you.

Not even the richest guy with chiseled abs can trump a High Value Man with these 4 roles.

He is rare – and she knows it.

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  1. Great article these is also that trait of the mature male archetype describe by Robert Moor in his book King Warrior Magician and lover

  2. Sexual interest on the first sight can be a challenge to so many ladies but the truth is that, sex is the intimacy by which all lasting relationship is based!

  3. Awesome information to take out in the world. The only thing….when it is Go- time, I need to get out of my own head and execute!


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