Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality


Recently, a large number of celebrity nude photos were leaked on to the vast expanse we call the internet. These women were judged for their sexuality.  Such A-list names as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Jessica Brown Findlay, and many more high profile actresses and models have been permanently exposed for anyone who was left wondering what these women “might” look like naked or what they “really” do behind closed doors, to know the truth. There is not much left to the imagination anymore.

Much to my dismay, there has been a public outcry on various social media outlets and forums about how these women are idiotic for saving this type of content to the cloud or taking these pictures and videos at all. Even worse, they are being demonized as “sluts” by other detractors.

I want to address these issues and how they could be affecting you finding that sensually open woman of your dreams. Let’s use JLaw as our example.

Known to be an American sweet heart with a lighthearted personality, Jennifer is not only a 10 on the outside, but a perceived 10 on the inside, so how is it that this picturesque, upstanding citizen could be caught in lewd positions in front of the lens?

First, let’s rule out lack of better judgment. You see, humans, and even more so women, are emotional, sensual creatures. In the moment she took those images herself, or let someone else take them, she was thinking about the affection she had for the receiver. That person gave her the emotional feelings and trust necessary for her to be her truest, natural self, both sexual and vulnerable. Does that make her any more or less of a good human being that we, on the outside, seeing through the eyes of media, have perceived her to be? No, it does not.

Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality

In practice, the “slut” mindset is extremely detrimental to dating and society as a whole. Let’s be honest. We all want a partner(s) who allows us to voice our wildest propositions in an environment unchecked by judgment. When we slander a person’s character because of their activity in the bedroom, not only do we directly affect their future actions, we affect the future actions of all the people who are influenced by them. For instance, because Ms. Lawrence’s erotic selfies were published online and she was deemed a “slut,” now your partner won’t send you any more racy photos out of fear she may elicit the same outcome, long after your time together has come to a close.

The moral is this: it doesn’t matter how much money or status a person has, because we are all bound to the same laws of nature. We eat, we sleep, and we fornicate.

Some of us may like to use cameras to record our sexual exploits, some may enjoy overtly public displays of affection. Whatever the case may be, if we continue to judge each other for exploring our sexual freedom, then we will continue down a road of sexual repression. Either we all win, or we all lose.

Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality

2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality”

  1. good writing….

    To judge others is like looking at their shit with a magnifying glass…it doesn’t make the view pleasant nor useful…so lets better not do that.lets be realistic and start cleaning up our own shit before it dries up too hard…and for that one lifetime is too short…

    “everyone fights a battle of their kind”…..

    good luck…

  2. Our happiness is up to us, let’s make more of it with the ones we love. Isn’t that what we all seek, after all is said and done?


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