How To Meet Girls During The Day

We have all been there… You see a BEAUTIFUL girl nearby that completely catches you off guard. You didn’t know what to say to her or how to approach her so you probably just walked away. You don’t know how to meet girls during the day.

It sucks.  I know because I’ve been there.

Well, let me show you, step-by-step, how it is done. Approaching women during the day is my favorite time to meet girls because it is SO MUCH EASIER to get dates with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.

While approaching women during the day, use this simple 3-step system.

I call it the “2-Minute Chase Me Method” because when done right, she will become so attracted she will start chasing you.

How To Pick Up Girls During The Day

1. Compliment
2. Qualify
3. Close

Now let’s break it down…

1. Compliment

I know what you are thinking… “I thought I was never supposed to compliment a girl!!!”  Most guys don’t know what they are talking about.  Most guys will tell you to never buy girls drinks either.

Here is the deal.  If you can demonstrate yourself as the a Strong And Confident Man, then you can do whatever you want as most rules won’t apply to you.  When you boldly go up to her and give her a compliment, you demonstrate your confidence.

The purpose of the interaction is to give value, which will build attraction.  You see, high value men don’t need to prove their value so they give value away.

Let’s Talk About the Opening: 

The best way to open is to go up and give her a GENUINE Compliment.  Tell her something that caught your eye.  Why would you want to talk to her… Does she have cool shoes, an awesome tattoo, nice skin, etc.  If you think she’s cute… tell her she’s cute.

Example: “This is random but you are absolutely (pause) stunning. I had to come say hi. My name is….

She’ll immediately see that you are an honest guy who has a lot of confidence and goes for what ever he wants in life. You’re not beating around the bush like most lame guys.

Be honest, authentic, and confident.  Look her in the eye as you say it.  Speak slowly and articulate.

When you do this she will see you as an honest guy with balls.  She probably has never had anyone do this to her.

2. Qualify

Confident and Attractive men don’t date every girl because they think she is beautiful.  They qualify them.  So the next step is to have her qualify herself to you.  Ask her something that you would like to know about her.  Be genuine in your screening process.

Example: “So who are you? Tell me something about yourself?”

Have the attitude that she needs to win you over.

If your opening is done right, she will want to qualify herself to you. Once you get her talking, chit-chat with her for a couple minutes.  Play around with her and tease her.

3.  Close

After you have decided that YOU do like this girl, then go for her number.  Do this after you have talked with her and qualified her. Getting a number is easy.  The purpose of getting the number is only because you expect to see her again.  Therefore say something like this…

“Listen, you are pretty cool. We should hang out sometime. Here put your number in my phone.(Hand her your phone)”

Do not ask her for her number.  You are the alpha man and therefore you should expect that she wants to hang out with you.

So now that you have her number, set up a date.  More on that later.

2 thoughts on “How To Meet Girls During The Day”

  1. That was good but could you give some examples is really creative and tasteful compliment one can use as a opener

    • Sure…..

      Artisan: “Hey real quick….this is totally random….and don’t take this the wrong way…..but you are absolutely adorable……I had to at least say hi”
      Girl: “Oh wow thanks!”
      Artisan: “I’m Artisan”
      Girl: “I’m Heather nice to meet you”
      Artisan: “So listen, I got to go but I don’t know anything about you so besides your looks tell me one cool thing about you….then I have to go”
      Girl: “Well I’m a dancer”
      Artisan: [Relate]
      Artisan: “Well you seem like you actually have a good head on your shoulders so here, put your number in my phone and if you’re cool on the phone maybe we’ll hang out”
      Girl: “Okay sounds good”
      [Then Set Up Date For That Night OR Go On Instant Date]


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