how to deal with stress

How to Deal with Stress During Isolation

Do you know how to deal with Stress? Especially now? Maybe you’re sitting at home in isolation or on lockdown. You haven’t been out recently. You haven’t seen your friends or family.

Or maybe you even lost your job or business or investments.. Its very easy to get stressed especially with whats going on today. It seems like the whole world is focusing on fear. The future looks uncertain.

People are panicking. So how do you deal with stress at a time like this? I’ll show you how to deal with stress and other unwanted emotions. So you can feel calm, happy, and even confident despite whatever life will throw at you.

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Since the lockdown started, the company, The Attractive Man, has lost nearly ninety percent of all our savings and incomes. It was a hard time, and of course a very stressful event. Felt really down having to do cuts and put things on hold.

Imagine having to think of the worst case scenario of shutting down and letting go of the company. Our main thing was bootcamps and teaching guys in person, and because of what happened it was nearly impossible to keep it going.

But hey, I said to myself, why focus on the worst case scenario? Sure we can think of that – but why not use all my energy into something else? Why not think of new, amazing things we can do and all the new opportunities that opened for us to still help all the guys out there? How can we serve people while they are stuck at home?

That’s exactly what we did. We focused on NEW programs. Which you can see in our website and where we also feature on our YouTube videos and Social media.

But enough about that.. I made this video so I can show you how to make the best out of a stressful situation. There are steps you can do to deal with stress. I highly recommend everyone to understand and create action steps to handle stressful situations especially during this pandemic.

It was alarming to find out that reports of people getting stressed and violent at home were increasing. Who could blame them – it truly is a stressful time and people will get stressed out because of the virus.

There are tons of harmful effects of stress. To name a few:
– Being stressed can make you more forgetful
– Stress can be harmful mentally and physically
– Being stressed depletes confidence and motivation
– Stress can make you more susceptible to addictive and harmful behavior
– Stress makes you more fearful and anxious over time

It affects not just you, but everyone around you, man. So make sure you watch this video all about stress busting, man. I’m sure it will definitely help you even a little in dealing with stress and surviving this stressful situation we’re all in.

Remember, its all about stepping up and making the most out of a stressful situation.


how to call a girl

How to Call a Girl this 2020 | Calling and Messaging Advice

Do you know how to call a girl this 2020? Or maybe the big question from you is should you call girls on the phone nowadays when it seems like all anyone wants to do it text?

What about video calls and voice messages? Well You probably feel like you don’t know what to say on the phone so why not just stick to texting?

Well calling can give you a huge advantage over all the other guys texting her and believe me if she’s an attractive woman then she has a lot of guys texting her. And if you call her you can be the one who she wants to see again IF you do it the right way, and I’m going to show you exactly how to make her eager for your call and actually pick up the phone when you call and get a date with her in under 5 minutes:

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Messaging and Call Advice

So you have a girl’s number. Or you have her social media. You’re going to try to message her on FaceBook or Instagram, or Twitter, or whatever platform.

Or maybe just plain old texting a girl. What do you do next? You might be thinking and asking yourself tons of questions after that. When do I send the first text? What’s a good first text to send? How often should I text her? WHAT should I text a girl? How soon should I ask her out?

Or what if these kinds of questions popped out instead.. Should I call her? Should I call or text her? Should you call or text women during these times? Will a call help? Will she answer my call?

Don’t worry, The Attractive Man team is here to help out. He’ll show you the answer to whether or not you should text her or call her. He’ll also show you how to call a girl, how to text a girl, in order to NOT creep her out and spark attraction.

You see, the key is to remain calm, be masculine, assertive, and NOT needy or questionable. We’ll show you how to remain grounded in your texts and how to show you are alpha in your replies.

We’ll also show you how to master your manly voice, the alpha tone, during calls and how to establish your masculinity and confidence through calling. How to talk to a girl, in a way that will turn her on. How to keep a conversation going, how to never run out of things to say. And most importantly, how to set up a date. Sometimes men rely too much on messaging and texting when what they should do is establish a way to meet up and talk to each other face to face.

Now that may be different during the pandemic and during times of quarantine. Matt makes sure to address that as well. This is also important – So what if she doesn’t respond? What if she won’t answer the call? Keep cool and analyze the situation.

It’s not the end of the world man! Don’t send another text, don’t make that call. Not UNTIL you see this.

Sending the wrong texts can remove your chances at ever seeing her again. I don’t want you missing out on what should already be yours.

Calling her at the wrong time or the wrong way does the same thing. Having a great start to a texting conversation is crucial to building trust.

Knowing how to text her the right way, especially in how to send the first text, will make or break your date night. The same is true and is even more effective when you call a girl. Know more on how to text a girl to get a date in our other videos! Make sure to stay tuned for more tips on how to text a girl, how to get her number, and how to get a date on The Attractive Man channel!


what to do during quarantine

What to Do During Quarantine | 5 Things You Should DO!

Do you know what to do during quarantine? Do you sit around doing nothing? Or will you finally start working on becoming the best version of yourself? Here are 5 things YOU should DO to make sure you come out of this an amazing man!

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does height matter

Does Height Matter? Dating Advice for Short Guys

Does height matter? Not to Ike and Bryan. They’ve had to deal with the fact that they were shorter than most men, but that didn’t stop them from dating tall, beautiful women. Whether or not you’re a short guy, this video is a MUST WATCH for you:

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Dating Advice for Short Guys

Ike and Bryan reveal the Secrets to how short guys get to date tall, beautiful women!

You see, Ike, being five foot one and three quarters, and Bryan, being five foot six, still get regular dates with hot girls despite them being labeled as the “short guy” or the “shortest guy in the room.”

Yes, we know how it goes. Short guys have it hard for them. Height seems to be a deciding factor for women.

But what does Ike and Bryan have that you don’t? How come they get to date tall, gorgeous women? Don’t all women say NO to short guys?

That’s where most guys get it wrong.

Ike explains how he makes his weakness his strength, while Bryan explains how being short never changed his mental toughness.

Watch as Ike and Bryan discuss all the important principles to attracting women if you’re short. As well as demonstrating what they do in order for them, short guys, to get dates with beautiful women. Ike also gives us some short guy fashion and short guy dressing tips. And Bryan gives you some key exercises to help you become a mental giant.

If you get intimidated by tall women, you have to do these exercises! Stay tuned for more videos, and don’t forget to like and subscribe! We’ve got weekly content coming out, and if you liked this video, you’re going to love our upcoming ones!


does size matter

Does Size Matter?! What Pornstars Say About Penis Size, Getting Approached, & More

Does size matter? Coach Josiah Prise visits the AVN Awards and asks Pornstars all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask!–yoIb1QU

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What Pornstars Say About Penis Size, Getting Approached, & More

Pornstars actually like nerds!

Or at least, that’s one answer we were shocked to hear when we interviewed pornstars while on the 2019 AVN awards!

Master of day game, coach Josiah Prise from The Attractive Man, along with wing girl Yulia interviews the hottest porn-stars to ask questions we never had the chance to ask.. And our lovely Adult film actresses were more than happy to share their answers! In part 1 of our interview with porn stars video, Josiah asks about what kind of guys attracts women the most..

Imagine our shock when they told us they weren’t into the kind of guys we mostly think. And one more thing…they absolutely HATE pick up lines! They tell us exactly why that is on our video!

Of course, no self respecting man would ever pass up the chance to talk to pornstars about the size of your member..and if it really does matter.

And you know what? We also debunked tons of misconceptions about size and bedroom skills!

We’ve got more answers to come so make sure to hit that subscribe button (Part 2 is coming out soon!) Let us know in the comments if you want more of these kind of interviews with women..or let us know what you’d want us to cover in our future videos. For now, enjoy while these lovely pornstars answer all our questions about attraction, size, and sex advice!

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