Want to be UNSTOPPABLE with women? Here’s how to gain courage to approach women in difficult situations. It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Here’s how to approach girls during uncomfortable situations and get the best results out of it! Coach David is here to help you gain the confidence to approach a girl […]

How to Approach a Girl without Anxiety

Hey man! We’ve got a new Trainer ready to talk to you about how to approach a girl without anxiety! Level up your Approach with David’s tips on how to approach women. He’s in San Diego beach approaching women during the day. He will help you CRUSH that approach anxiety you have! Don’t forget to […]

How to Meet Girls in the Day [Cancun INFIELD VLOG]

Let’s face it… men RARELY APPROACH girls during the day! It’s usually about bars, clubs, or dating apps. That’s EXACTLY why you should start meeting girls in the daytime – because there’s so little competition! I’ll show you why and how we approach women during the day while on our boot camp in Cancun, Mexico. […]

What’s the BEST/WORST Pick Up Line?

What’s the best pick up line? What’s the worst? Josiah hit the streets of Las Vegas asking girls for the best/worst pick up line they’ve heard. You’ll get a kick out of what these girls say about pickup lines. Some were just plain horrible, some weird, and some worked! See for yourself: Click Below To […]

How To Talk To Women: How to turn “No” into a “Yes”

Here’s another tip to master how to talk to women! Now, I’m dancing with this beautiful girl, and things start to get heated… So I invite her to grab a bite to eat with me and she says: “I can’t leave my friends” Has something like this ever happened to you? What went wrong? Usually, […]