How To Approach A Girl & Make An Amazing First Impression

I’m currently re-reading “The Way Of The Superior Man” and it’s a MUST read for ALL you guys. It has everything you need to know about the best way to approach a girl… And to start things off:

The BEST FIRST IMPRESSION is made by a man who is Masculine.

One of the biggest takeaways from the book is the idea of male and female polarity. In the book, David Deida says, for there to be romantic attraction, you need the polarity between the feminine and masculine energy.

It’s like magnets. What happens if you try to push two positive sides together? They repel. What happens when you bring opposite sides together? They naturally attract. Let me repeat that in case you missed it.

Opposites (Masculine and Feminine) NATURALLY ATTRACT.

I hope you get how profound that line is because it’s the foundation of all attraction. If you portray masculine qualities, the girl will naturally be attracted.

If a woman is naturally attracted to a masculine presence, then the best way to approach a girl and make a solid first impression is by expressing your masculinity. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be an aggressive alpha male. This just means, when you approach, the woman should feel your masculine presence. This could be the way you look deeply into her eyes, the tonality in your voice, or your positive body language.

Not too long ago, I was helping out one of the students in the Philly boot camp and every time he made an approach; I noticed there was no oomph behind it. He was half-assing the approach. He was approaching with the intention of not losing rather than WINNING. And this wasn’t working.

One of the biggest mistakes I see guys make on boot camps is approaching half ass.

They’re afraid of rejection, and so they don’t fully commit to the approach. Ironically, this makes it even more likely that they’ll get rejected.

And what do you think the girl thinks? She’s thinking, “Here’s a guy that assumes I’m going to reject him so I probably should. If he doesn’t think I’ll be interested then why should I?

This is where most guys mess up the approach. They lose before the game even started.

After I had this discussion with the student from Philly, this idea became the focus of his next approach. And guess what? He got WAY better results.

Girls were not only stopping but intrigued to hear what he was saying. After all, what type of guy would have the balls to come over and give her a direct and genuine compliment? Right off the bat, she knows this guy is different than most guys.

And the reason why is because he demonstrated one of the most masculine qualities a man can exude. He showed her he’s the type of guy to go after what he wants when a girl sees that from you, she can’t help but be attracted.

Next time you approach a beautiful girl, you must fully commit to the approach. The best way to approach a girl is to be the type of man that goes for what he wants. Don’t worry about what could go wrong, that’s called pre-analysis when you try to determine the outcome before you take action.

It’s much better to just dive into the interaction, expect things will go well, and then adjust accordingly.

One thing that helps limit these mental gymnastics: “The 3 Second Rule.”

This rule means you approach the girl you want within 3 seconds of seeing her. The reason is that the sooner you take action, the less time you have to overthink it. If you take action right away, the fear of “what if” doesn’t have time to take root.

Your Weekend Mission (If you choose to accept)

Beginners: The best way to approach a girl beginners mission. Use the 3-second rule to approach 3 beautiful girls that you see. These will only count if you approach right away (within 3 seconds of seeing her). Approaching right away actually makes it easier. If you’re not sure what to say, use one of the openers from last week’s email.

  • Warm up opener: “Where is Starbucks?
  • Once warm, go direct: “Hey, real quick, this is completely random, but I had to come over and say you look really cute. My name is…”

Advanced: The best way to approach a girl advanced mission. Use the 3-second rule to approach 10 beautiful girls that you see. These will only count if you approach right away (within 3 seconds of seeing her). On top of that, emphasize the fact that you’re approaching because you WANT her. That feeling of desire will be demonstrated through your body language, eye contact, and tonality. carry through on your approach. Approach with the idea, “I want to say hello to this beautiful girl” not, “Hopefully she doesn’t reject me.”

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