5 BEST Responses to “I Have a Boyfriend”

97% of Men freeze up when a girl says she has a boyfriend after they approach them. Here are the 5 Best Responses to the line “I Have a Boyfriend!”


It’s inevitable. You will encounter this at least once in your lifetime when you go out approaching and meeting gorgeous women – some of them will have boyfriends or partners. Some of them who don’t have any, TEST you and say they have one.

This video will help you know what to do or say whenever you get to this point – just make sure you don’t freeze in place!

You’ll learn:

  • the best response to her saying I have a boyfriend
  • how to talk to girls confidently when they have a boyfriend
  • what to say to her if she says I have a boyfriend and its not going to work
  • how to respond positively to rejection
  • how to react and what to say if she rejects you and says she’s taken
  • what to do if you like a girl but she already has a boyfriend
  • many more!


#5 – Agree and Overcome

Remember, it says NOTHING about you when she tells you that she has a boyfriend. She didn’t call you ugly, or unworthy, or anything else your mind might auto-assume because of a deeply rooted insecurity and neediness for her attention.

So what’s one of the best responses to I have a boyfriend? Agree and Overcome. Overcome the rejection, and never think for a second that you’re less of a person because of it. Keep it equal and don’t put yourself above or below her. Remain calm and overcome any possible negative feelings that come your way. Stay positive.

Think about it – its no big deal. Its not the end of the world and its not even a setback. Remaining unfazed is one of the best reactions to rejection, and it shows how grounded and secure you are as a man. So much so that if its a test, women will ACTUALLY get turned on by your confidence. Because believe me, women will test you..

And once they find out that the man that wanted to hit on her gets so flustered and angry by a simple rejection, then all your chances of attracting her are out the window.

You can use a response like “Of course you do, there would be something wrong with the world if you didn’t have one. I just wanted to get to know you.”

#4 Agree and “Absurdify”

Yes, that’s “Absurdify” a word that isn’t in the dictionary but it definitely makes sense to me. It means to “blow things out of proportion” or to “jokingly make things absurd.”

So, one of the best responses to I have a boyfriend is to Absurdify the situation. It shows you have a sense of humor, and like the #5, you’re still unaffected by the initial rejection.

You could laugh about it and well, jokes are sometimes half-meant. Use that to your advantage and you may be able to pick up signs that she may just be testing you and she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend yet.

OR – she has a boyfriend, but she’s on the edge of wanting to break up with him because he’s being toxic and she’s unhappy and she just needs to meet a guy like YOU to make her laugh, and to convince her its TIME to try to find happiness again.

Now that last part may sound like a hollywood script, but its happened before. BUT – don’t be a homewrecker or encourage her to cheat; remember that you’re “Absurdifying” this situation, not telling her outright to cheat on her boyfriend.

One of my my favorites are “Yeah, I had a feeling you had one..but its not like we’re gonna make out right here in front of everybody.”

#3 Playfully Object

I repeat, when you turn it into a joke it shows her that you’re not really affected by it. The key is to remain Playful. You can’t go all serious and broody right after she says “I have a boyfriend!”. That’s exactly what will destroy all the attraction you potentially could have built.

Its also a shock factor – women are not used to being rejected or have the script flipped right in front of them. Like I said, 97% of men immediately freeze or walk away after they hear the words “I have a boyfriend” from a woman’s mouth. Being playful in your objection is a fun way to “reject the rejection.” This takes a bit of confidence to pull off – just enough to have you not sound cocky or like an a-hole.

One line is “Oh, that’s not gonna work for me, you just have to break up with him then.” And say this AS A JOKE. If you say this with all the seriousness of a mass presider, then you’re gonna slapped for sure.

Another one is – “I have a math test.” and when she’s confused as to why you said that, say “I thought we were sharing what stuff we can cheat on.”

If there’s any hint of her getting disgusted by what you said then you’ve failed the being playful part. To make this come off as a joke, master your tonality and body language. It might be best to practice in front of a mirror before actually using #3. While you’re at it, it won’t hurt to practice dodging slaps too *just in case*.

#2 “Is He The One?”

This one is my all time favorite best repsonses to the I have a boyfriend line. Now, I can’t stress enough and at the risk of always repeating myself for you guys – you have to say this in a calm, playful, unaffected way. You can be all tough and serious saying “Oh, is he the one? Is he?” because that’s not going to work in your favor.

Instead, using your playful and confident tone – honestly ask her “Is he the one?”

Its near perfect. You can see whether or not she’s compatible with you in a respectful way. It shows her that you hear her saying she has a boyfriend, and you throw out a genuine question that shows both your interest in her and her feelings, and its probably something she’s never even heard before.

Best case scenario, she was testing you, and you passed.

Be genuinely happy for her. And, looking into her eyes with your look of desire (I discuss this in another video blog too!) say “That’s awesome! But I’m curious. Do you think he’s the one?”

If there’s any sign of doubt there’s a big chance that they’re going to break up in the near future.

#1 Ask for Referrals

If #2 didn’t work in your favor and she says something like “Yes he’s the man of my dreams and he’s the one.” Do not worry. All is not lost. Here’s what I want you to do:

After trying out my other 4 best responses to I have a boyfriend and they didn’t turn out so well. Ask for referrals. You already confidently approached her and showed her you’re a fun, cool, respectable and amazing guy. Only thing is, both of you are incompatible since she’s already taken – so of course she’s going to want to set you up with one of her single friends.

It may sound easy, but you have had nailed your initial approach. If women find you creepy or too cocky, then they won’t want you near any of her friends. If its the opposite and she see’s you as different and attractive, then she’s going to help you out.

I usually say “Do you have any cool friends that are cute, like you?”

But don’t ask her this right away. Make sure you had an attractive initial interaction.


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