10 Rules to Charm anyone like James Bond

how to be like james bond
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When you think of James Bond, a few things will spring to mind – a dapper appearance, relentless charisma, and raw sex appeal. It’s no surprise that millions of men want to emulate the world’s most famous spy. We’ve all looked enviously across the room to that guy with a beautiful woman on his arm, who oozes confidence and sophistication; just like 007.

So if you aspire to be an international man of mystery, here are ten rules of how to charm anyone like James Bond.

 1. Dress Impeccably

Dressing well is a gift to others. It shows self-respect; a mark of a man who cares enough about himself to make a concerted effort. It is also a talking point which sets you apart from the crowd. Imagine helping a woman carry her groceries. Now imagine the fun she’ll have sharing the story of how a sharply dressed man swooped her shopping from the ground, compared to some random guy, dressed casually, who just picked up her cereal in the car park.


2. Hold your Space and Relax

Don’t fidget and shuffle aimlessly when you’re faced with a negative situation. For example, if your joke falls flat or people are rude, the best reaction is no reaction. Maintain your space to show you’re in control, relax and sustain your Bond-like response.


3. Master your Status

There are two types of status – high and low. High status people keep their head up and blaze a trail. Low status people make friends but don’t lead. James Bond types are able to be high status when they get people to do things, and low status when they get people to open up. Your ability to change relies on body language signals. When you’re in high status, sit up and straighten up. When you’re in low status smile, and lower your head & shoulders.

(Danjaq LLC/Sony/MGM)
(Danjaq LLC/Sony/MGM)


4. Practice Good Manners – Not Politeness

Politeness conforms to social rules like asking how someone is without actually caring. Good manners, however, is being present and fully focused on someone. James Bond makes a woman drop to their knees simply because he is attentive – making her feel like she is the only girl in the world. Holding open a door, commenting on a small detail, remembering something she’s said – these are all signs of good manners. Remember where attentions goes, energy flows.


5. Deliver Compliments Correctly

Surface-level compliments fall flat because women are bombarded with superficial commentary all the time. Acknowledging character is so much better. To set you apart, compliment what people are doing or feeling. Say why you complimented them and add a question to extend conversation.

You really have a playful edge. I don’t see that often – have you always been like that?


6. Take Responsibility for the Situation

People want to follow someone who has a purpose and who knows what they’re doing. Someone who takes responsibility makes decisions. So if you see a lady struggling with her bags, make it your responsibility to help and decide to pick them up for her.


7. Edge towards the Naughty

Innuendo is one of Bond’s most powerful tools in seduction. If the innuendo is sophisticated, women will flirt back and even if it is cheesy, they will still laugh. Little phrases like “…if you know what I mean” can add a little spark to a conversation. Misinterpreting comments in a sexual way can be fun. Imagine responding to “that’s a hard one” with a sly smile, or when she says she was up all night replying with “I bet you were, you saucy minx!” Add a twinkle in your eye for added titillation.


(Danjaq LLC/Sony/MGM)
(Danjaq LLC/Sony/MGM)

8. Surprise them and take Risks

Create a ripple in someone’s day by doing the unexpected – hold your umbrella up over a woman, give a passer-by a flower. Random acts of kindness brighten everyone’s day (yours included!) and create magic moments that are memorable.


9. Don’t seek Approval

Maintain delight in what you’re doing because you enjoy it, otherwise you act for the benefit of others and their whims. Remember that the act is in the deed and not the result. So, if you want to compliment her, just do it without an ulterior motive.


10. Finally…Be Adventurous and be in Control

There are two ways to achieve both these things. Saying “Yes” leads to adventures and opportunities. Saying “No” leads to purpose because it keeps you focused on your current task. Men often say yes when they mean no – agreeing to go shopping for hours, or they say no when they mean yes – turning down a party. Find the balance between saying yes and no.

Being an international man of mystery isn’t easy, but these ten rules will break down all you need to align yourself with 007. Try practicing one rule at a time until you’re consistent with it – soon it will be second nature and you will be going out there and living the life of James Bond!

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