How To Last Longer In Bed (Proven Tips For Better Love Making)

Learn how to last longer in bed and have better love making sessions. Coach Matt Artisan talks with Jules Bia and special Guest Ruwan to discuss some great tips for men to last long in bed and be better partners to their girlfriends/wives!

Master how to last longer in bed by following the team and Ruwan’s tips for a deeper, powerful, exciting and definitely more enjoyable love making. Men usually THINK they already know how to be better in bed, but you won’t be here searching for some sex tips if every guy already knows, right?


Lets face it. Sex education really doesn’t tell you how to be good in bed or how to make love with a woman better. The lessons on how to make love with a woman aren’t taught in most schools, because sex advice and sex tips are usually taboo.

Guys end up searching how to have better sex in the internet… AND let me say this, watching p0rn isn’t going to help you – because thats a show. It’s fantasy, and it won’t show you what ACTUALLY happens in REAL LIFE.

Proven & Tested Tips for Better Love Making

Matt and team talk with Ruwan and discuss how to last longer, have better sex and have better foreplay. We also cover the most frequently asked questions when it comes to sex. Ruwan shares his advice on his arousal control techniques, so you’ll understand how to arouse women, master arousal control, and hopefully use that so you and your partner will have more satisfying love making sessions in bed:

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Dating Coaches React To 90 Day Fiance – Ed and Rose

We’ve got a special episode today.. our Dating Coaches React to 90 Day Fiance – Ed and Rose!

Lynn shows Kal 90 Day Fiance, Big Ed and Rose meeting in person for the first time. Watch his reaction and the team’s tips on why they agree/disagree with what Bid Ed and Rose are doing:

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90 Day Fiance – Ed and Rose

In The Attractive Man team, our coaches react to a variety of videos, and today we want to cover the ever so popular 90 Day Fiance. What better way to start our ‘coaches reacts to 90 day fiance videos’ than with Big Ed and Rose!

Well, big Ed is what he likes to call himself, but the internet has actually named him no neck Ed.. why is that, you ask? Check the video out an you’ll know right away.

This particular couple from TLC’s 90 day fiance, before the 90 days, is an American citizen – Edward Allen Brown, and his Filipina girlfriend Rosemarie Vega. 90 day fiance’s Ed and Rose shot up in popularity simply because of how viral their interactions were on the 90 day fiance tv show.

An American finally meeting with his Girlfriend from the Philippines? Add an age gap.. How would you think that would play out?

While Ed and Rosemarie could have been a happy power couple, when you look at what happened before the 90 days, Ed and Rose cleary had some huge problems to face. Whether it was Ed’s or Rose’s fault, that is up to you to decide – but our coaches and dating experts Lynn and Kal, will have to watch them and explain to you their thoughts on why this couple tandem won’t work!

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Can I Be Your Boyfriend? (Approach Challenge Part 1)

Josiah and I hit the streets of Venice Beach and approach girls using the opener, “Can I be your boyfriend?”

We decided to test this direct opener as a fun challenge. 

While you’re watching this, make sure you pay attention to our overall vibe and presence. We got mixed results, but the main thing I want you to learn is that your vibe is very important.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

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You get:

  • Our top conversation starters for any situation…
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