How To Last Longer In Bed (Proven Tips For Better Love Making)

Learn how to last longer in bed and have better love making sessions. Coach Matt Artisan talks with Jules Bia and special Guest Ruwan to discuss some great tips for men to last long in bed and be better partners to their girlfriends/wives! Master how to last longer in bed by following the team and […]

Dating Coaches React To 90 Day Fiance – Ed and Rose

We’ve got a special episode today.. our Dating Coaches React to 90 Day Fiance – Ed and Rose! Lynn shows Kal 90 Day Fiance, Big Ed and Rose meeting in person for the first time. Watch his reaction and the team’s tips on why they agree/disagree with what Bid Ed and Rose are doing: Like […]

Can I Be Your Boyfriend? (Approach Challenge Part 1)

Josiah and I hit the streets of Venice Beach and approach girls using the opener, “Can I be your boyfriend?”We decided to test this direct opener as a fun challenge. While you’re watching this, make sure you pay attention to our overall vibe and presence. We got mixed results, but the main thing I want you to learn is that […]