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(INFIELD Footage) Approaching Women w/ a Cheesy Pickup Line that Worked

We’ve got new infield footage of our head coach Matt and coach Kal approaching women with some of the cheesiest pick up lines you could imagine. This time, they’re using a modified opener from one of Matt’s friends that actually worked:

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Its been a while since our last infield footage video and we’ve got a fresh one now.

Today you’re in for some funny and exciting content from our Head coach Matt and Master Coach Kal.

You’ll see them try to ask for directions at first, then ACTUALLY flirt with and get girls numbers. Matt uses a line he picked up from his friend. Its not that effective – so he and Kal tweaked it up a bit.

Using unique lines isn’t really our number one go-to for approaching women. However, if you can have that delivery and direct honesty down, there’s no stopping you. You can spark attraction right from the beginning opener.

In this infield footage video. Matt and Kal demonstrate how a simple, cheessy opener can get the conversation started and flowing.

In today’s video, you’ll learn:

– how to talk to girls in the street
– how to talk to women in a natural, easy going way
– effective ways to use otherwise corny and cheesy pick up lines
– how to flirt with women during the daytime
– alpha male traits that make even the silliest of lines sound attractive
– how to deal with rejection the right way
– honest dating advice any man can use in everyday situations
– how to make a simple, cheesy opener into something that can spark attraction
– how to talk to girls in a way that makes them laugh or smile
– many more!


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