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5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men (And how to FIX it!)

Hey guys! I know its hard getting rejected by girls. Especially by ones you really like.

The problem is that girls don’t tell you why they reject you. So in today’s video, Dating Coach Renee Slansky reveals the top reasons girls reject guys.

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5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men
(& How to FIX it!)

Rejection hurts because it makes us feel inadequate as a person and potential partner. It knocks about our self–esteem, confidence and basically, all around makes us feel like crap.

We are all going to experience some sort of rejection in life, ( so let’s be realistic ) but if we can minimize it, then chances are we will feel more successful.

So here are 5 reasons why most women reject men and I’m also going to give you a practical solution to each of those reasons so that you can actually break the pattern. And then at the end, I will give you a cool bonus.

So lets’ start!

1: You’re coming across too strong or not strong enough

There’s a fine line become coming across overbearing and confident, just like there is between being nice and being boring. Women want a decisive man who can take control but she also wants to know you will give her options and space for her to move.

Solution;  Her reaction will be your indication if you have gone too far or not far enough. Have a plan when you date or approach her so you can come across as a man with direction , but ask her opinion and give her some free range to add to the ‘plan’ so she feels valued.


2: You are friend zoning yourself 

Here’s the thing , even if she has already thought she can friend zone you , you can actually change her mind . Friend zoning usually happened when you are too available and too nice.  She feels safe around you and can trust you which is great , but you need to keep up the chase and add a little bit of danger and excitement by not always agreeing with what she says and does and by taking control a little more.

Solution – allow her to see you in positions where you can show your leadership skills and have other women respond to you. Don’t also be so available and every time things get a bit plutonic step back and get her to chase you a little more.


3:  Your lack of confidence is betraying you 

Not going to lie, women are ridiculously attracted to a confident man! Confidence is about projecting yourself in a certain way, even if you don’t feel it.  Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Solution – use body language and knowledge about what women want to your advantage to appear more confident. Dress to impress and always have a plan.


4: You aren’t putting in the effort to woo her

I did a poll recently and the number one reason women were being turned off by men was that they felt they weren’t putting in any effort. Effort doesn’t equate to spending lots of money on flowers and fancy dinners, it’s more about making us feel like a priority.

Solution –take note of how she responds to certain words and actions so you can keep putting energy into the ones that get her going. Remember the small details and doing little things daily to communicate you are thinking about her.


5:  You’re trying too hard 

Yes, we want you to put in an effort but if you don’t give us room to chase you a little (which is what women instinctively want to do), then we get turned off. We want a little bit of mystery and a challenge whilst also knowing that you aren’t playing games.  

Solution – initiate the chase and start to woo her , but don’t go all in at once , give her a little then step back so she wants more…then give her more , etc. and keep repeating. Tease her with who you are the potential you offer her.


Lastly I will say this, we aren’t always going to be everyone’s cup of tea, so think of it not as rejection but redirection onto someone better !  Don’t get stuck in that moment of defeat, instead take it on board , learn something from it and use it to your advantage for the next woman who comes along.


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That’s all for now, guys! See you next time!

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3 replies
  1. Avatar
    Paul says:

    For some of us it’s not worth approaching any woman in the first place. No woman has ever shown any interest in me, so it’s clear rejection would always be guaranteed. I’m obviously fundamentally unattractive to women, so I’ve never approached any woman in my life.

  2. Avatar
    Chris says:

    So what is the solution balance as a breast man I believe that women like men who are at peace with themselves. Not too masculine but not too feminine women want middleground confidence. I live in Long Beach I am in a relationship I have a girlfriend who is amazingly beautiful but she is still a woman and what I have learned as a 32-year-old man is the women dig silent confidence.

  3. Avatar
    Doug says:

    You say men need to be confident, but I’m a realist. Many sources say that women often (usually?) initiate contact with men by sending signals to guys they find attractive and would like to approach them. Conversely, women don’t send signals to men who are unattractive. Since I have never received an approach invitation from any woman, it’s clear that I’m unattractive to women. As such, I never approach any woman, no matter how attracted to her I am. With all the other guys she could choose from – and sends approach invitations to – there is zero chance she would want me.


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