What To Say If She Has A Boyfriend [INFIELD Videos]

Do you know what to say if she has a boyfriend? Here’s a little truth about us dating coaches you don’t see much on YouTube…

Not EVERY approach we do is a smashing success.

In fact, we get the same typical rejections and excuses every other guy receives… no matter HOW good we think we are.

The difference is in how we HANDLE her objections.

One of the biggest objections that keep men from approaching gorgeous women is “But what if she has a boyfriend? What do I say then?!” – believe me, I’ve had this happen MANY times…

… but it never stops me, and you’re about to learn exactly why.

Because in today’s video, I’ll teach you What To Say If She Has A Boyfriend (or worse, tells you “I’m married”) – so you can come out of the situation smoothly, more confidently, and POSSIBLY with her phone number.

Whatever happens, she’ll definitely be leaving the interaction with a smile on her face – and you’ll be one step closer to realizing there’s nothing to fear when approaching beautiful women.


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