Tinder App and Tinder Tips for Men (How to Attract Women)

Tinder App – the hottest women you can find, just one swipe away.  But just like real life, no one actually likes you for real? So I guess you’ve gotta up your Tinder game…. right?

Nope. Not exactly. Tinder has a little known dark side that nobody talks about. And it’s messing up your dating life as we speak.

How to Attract Women
(How to Use the Tinder App the RIGHT WAY)

You see, the #1 obstacle in your sex life isn’t your lack of “likes.” or money. Not height nor your looks. These are the factors men think is essential to have when it comes to mastering the art on how to attract women. But no. The #1 problem for men: It’s neediness.

Neediness makes you more desperate, more insecure, it shits on your confidence, and more often than not, makes you come off creepy. And the Tinder App? It makes it worse.

Yeah. The Tinder App makes your neediness worse.

Neediness is NOT helping you Attract Women

Neediness is where you place HER opinion of you above your opinion of yourself. 

It’s where you think she’s king shit of the universe, and you’re not even worth her attention. Like a disney movie, where she’s the princess and you’re the farm boy, except instead of charming her into liking you, she ends up banging some other dude. 

Neediness makes you act the way you think she wants you to act, whether it’s super nice or as a “bad boy”. 

You say the things she wants you to say. You look the way she wants you to look. And you never, ever risk big old scary rejection. 

Your efforts to make her like you only make you come off as someone she’d never want to sleep with. So you’re exiled back to onlyfans through nothing but your own screwup.

Screw… that.

The only cure for neediness is to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Which means you allow yourself to be rejected. You act the way you want to act, even if she doesn’t like it. You say what you want to say, even if she doesn’t like it. And you risk rejection, even if that means you blow your chance with her forever.

You do not give a f**k and you act how you genuinely want to act.

This is what the guys who get laid a lot as teenagers figured out early.

The Paradox: Tinder App making things WORSE

You get rejected more, but you meet more girls that like you for who you are. And because they like you for who you are, you have a lot (and I mean a lot) more sex. 

Now have you spotted how this clashes with Tinder?

Because dating apps like Tinder are a visual dating marketplace – you are inherently judged on who you appear to be. Not who you actually are.

Big freakin’ difference.

This means to succeed at Tinder you have to put her opinion above your own, and make yourself look like the kind of guy she wants… Even if that’s not who you actually are. It actively makes your neediness worse and turns you into an advertiser who’s chasing likes from people he’s never met.

Is that really the kind of man you want to be?

When it comes down to it… Most guys approach Tinder like a virgin approaches girls. They don’t know how to succeed other than to look like the kind of guy she might want. They’re trapped in a teenage state of dating.

Instead of being a man and going after what you want and who you want to be… You’re being who you think she wants you to be. Ask yourself right now. Is this your approach to apps like Tinder?  Because if it is, I’ve got another reality check for you…

Swiping, the mechanism through which Tinder works doesn’t require any vulnerability from you. Not a drop of it.

You don’t have to approach her, have to risk her rejecting you in front of people. Or risk embarrassment. Worst case scenario is no match… or some girl you barely know and have never met not giving you her number.  Well, that sounds good, you think? That’s not scary so it must be better. Right?

Hell no.

This isn’t going to challenge you and help you manage your neediness. This isn’t going to make you grow as a person. It’s just going to keep you as the same needy guy you’ve always been. And probably don’t want to be.


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