(INFIELD Footage) Approaching Women w/ a Cheesy Pickup Line that Worked

We’ve got new infield footage of our head coach Matt and coach Kal approaching women with some of the cheesiest pick up lines you could imagine. This time, they’re using a modified opener from one of Matt’s friends that actually worked: GET YOUR FREE TRAINING (How To Approach Women In Any Situation, Spark Attraction, And […]

6 EASY Ways to NEVER Run Out of Things to Say

In today’s video blog, I share my 6 easy ways to keep the conversation going and never run out of things to say. I’ll show you the things to talk about with a woman to keep her interested and engaged. Stuff that can even turn her on while you talk to her! Plus of course, […]

How to talk to a woman – 5 Things you should NEVER say

Quit saying this to women, its a big turn off. When understanding how to talk to a woman, you don’t memorize and say everything. Instead, you keep it short, powerful, memorable. Less talk, less mistakes – and these are 5 things you should NEVER say to a woman. HOW TO TALK TO A WOMAN5 Things […]

What’s the BEST/WORST Pick Up Line?

What’s the best pick up line? What’s the worst? Josiah hit the streets of Las Vegas asking girls for the best/worst pick up line they’ve heard. You’ll get a kick out of what these girls say about pickup lines. Some were just plain horrible, some weird, and some worked! See for yourself: Click Below To […]

Do Cheesy Pick Up Lines Work? Using Cheesy Pick Up Lines on Girls

Do cheesy pick up lines work? Well, while Josiah and I were out in NYC we decided to put that to the test! So we did a google search for funny pick up lines and headed to Washington Square Park to talk to some ladies. Watch the video to see how it plays out. Click […]