[Infield Video] How To Date A Girl Without Speaking The Same Language

You should have seen her face when I showed her this video!

Her reaction was priceless. Of course, I told her what I do on our first “real” date – well as best I could given the language barrier – however, she had no idea the entire approach was filmed until our 3rd date when I came clean and showed her the video.

We both had a good laugh.

And she agreed that I could share it with you so you could see….

  • That you do NOT need to speak the same language to make a lasting impression and intimate connection
  • How crucial it is to appear unaffected by her rejections
  • How to escalate and go for the kiss within minutes of meeting her
  • How to go for an instant date right there on the spot
  • How to use TOUCHING and body language to overcome the language barrier

Watch the full approach:

Could you see how persistent I was in going for the kiss? And even though she denied me TWICE I didn’t let it affect me.

Women appreciate a man who goes for what he wants and is persistent, as long as he is NOT needy about it.

So I hope that motivates you to go for girls even if they don’t speak your language.

Remember, escalate sooner rather than later.


Matt Artisan

2 thoughts on “[Infield Video] How To Date A Girl Without Speaking The Same Language”

  1. U r right Matt i also went for the kiss 6-7 times got it the 8th time even though i was told that she didnt do it with strangers 🙂


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