How to Touch a Woman | 10 Ways

With the rise of the hashtag – Me too – are there changes to the “rules” on how to touch a woman? Here are our 10 Ways to touch a woman to build trust faster, create attraction better, and hopefully not get slapped in the process:

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There are literally thousands of ways to touch a woman. But only a handful of them are the right way. For all we know, you’ve been doing it your whole life – natural touch can come across as attractive if you’re confident and grounded. However, for most men, touching doesn’t come natural to them.

All those awkward handshakes. All those flaccid high fives. All those hovering hands over the shoulder – you know what I’m talking about. As I’ve always said, when you touch her – don’t be a “limp fish”.

Handshakes need to be firm. Hugs tight. Touch her like a man.

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