How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure | Always Feel Like a Winner!

Its time you know HOW to STOP Feeling Like a Failure! Plenty of guys are holding themselves back for this specific reason. And you can only stop being a loser if you know HOW to stop feeling like one – here are 8 simple ways to finally get a hold of your success and motivation:

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How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure /
Always Feel Like a Winner!

8: Get a vision

If you feel like you are lost or falling behind, then one of the quickest ways to get back on track is to get a clear vision of where you want to be.

By having a point of reference, it means you have something to keep you accountable to and a point to work towards. Whether that’s getting married, buying a house or getting promoted at work.

Take a piece of paper and write down what it is you want to achieve and be in the next year and then break it down into smaller monthly goals.

Then take all of that and condense it into a one to two word sentence which will become your vision statement.

What this does is help you have an idea of the bigger picture but takes the overwhelm out of it because you are able to just focus on one step at a time.

But before I tell you the next 7 steps I will say this some of the men I have worked with have been big shot entrepreneurs, owning flashy cars and nice houses , but have still felt like they were failing because they couldn’t find the right woman .

Other men I have worked with have had the girl , but have felt unfilled in their purpose. You don’t have to have one or the other , I believe you can have both and that’s why I want to teach you how to do that right now.

7: Hang around the right people

They say that we become a product of our environment or “if you show me who your friends are then I’ll show you who you’ll become.”

Whether we want to or not, we are all easily influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. And right now, it’s time to do an audit of who you hang out with.

The best questions to ask yourself when it comes to your circle are:

– Do I want to become like one of them?

– Do I feel encouraged and energised by them?

– Do they push me to be a better version of myself?

– Am I growing when I am with them?

If you answer No to any one of these then it’s time to find yourself a new tribe. As men, you are going to be naturally competitive, so surround yourself with people who cause you to want to succeed, rather than settling for mediocrity.

6: Celebrate your accomplishments

When you become too focused on the future you often forget just how far you’ve come. It’s great to be hungry for more, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your peace or relationships.

If you are a high achiever then chances are you will always be pushing for the next, and one of the exercises I get my male clients to do is to make an accomplishment board to put next to their vision statement like what I suggested in point 10.

This board should have visual or written evidence of what you HAVE done, so that you can also remember that you are progressing and not failing.

5: Discipline your thoughts

Your thoughts have the power to destroy or build your world up. How? Simply because whatever we think we then speak and act out of, which produce our patterns which then form our lives.

If you want to start feeling like you are succeeding, whether you believe it or not, you have to start taking control of your thought process.

Science says it takes 21 days for a new habit to form in your brain, so all you need to do is monitor your thoughts for 3 weeks and correct them every time they start to go off course.

The best way is to keep a journal or have some good friends keep you accountable to your attitude.

4: Go to the gym

If you go to the gym already then, it’s time to push harder and set new goals to shock your muscles into new growth. If you don’t do exercise then it’s time to join a gym or fitness sport.

Not only does this increase your testosterone and endorphins which lifts your mood but it also gives you energy and puts you in an environment of people who are dedicated to getting results.

3: Get a make over

Sometimes feeling better about yourself and boosting your confidence can come down to just getting a make-over. If you have no idea about style then go and hire someone or watch some of our videos on how to dress and groom properly like : “15 things men wear that women love”

In the first 2 mins of meeting a woman she will be working out if she is attracted to you or not and that initial attraction will be based off how you look and hold yourself.

So, do yourself a favour and invest the time, energy and money into enhancing how you look so that you can feel more confident and get a better reaction

2: Set yourself a 30-day challenge

If you really want to shock your brain into thinking you are a thriving alpha male, then set yourself a 30-day challenge and focus on completing it. Whether this is saving a certain amount of money, lifting a certain amount of weight, running a race, quitting sugar or alcohol, choose something that interests but challenges you.

And when you think about it focusing on 1 month out of 12 is nothing but can make a huge difference to the rest of the year, so don’t delay and at the end of this video choose your challenge and put it in the comments below so we can all celebrate and cheer you on!

1:  Water your own grass

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and just focus on what you need to do. Comparison is a joy thief and the only time you should be looking at someone else is if they are a mentor to look up to or girl that you want to ask out.

The longer you pour energy into pulling yourself apart to compete with someone else, the longer you stay stagnant, because you cannot move forward while you are divided within yourself.

So, my advice is to find 3 mentors to look up to , this can be someone you know like a boss or confident and successful friend , someone you don’t know but can access their resources , maybe an actor or businessman or influencer and someone who can actually lead you like a coach who you do sessions with.

Secondly,  remove any other trigger that causes you to compare yourself to other negatively such as Instagram , fake friends or environments that pull you down.  One of the biggest ways to instantly boost your confidence and feel like you are on the path of success is simply to cut ties and shift your current circle of friends or environment.

Now if you want real accountability then I suggest joining one of our day boot camps , because that is the perfect way to set yourself up for gaining confidence in your love life and self . We do group workshops , set you up with practical skills and strategies and give you the support and guidance that sometimes you just need in order to feel like you can move forward.


Now don’t forget to post your 30 day challenge in the comments below, after you have subscribed and given us a thumbs up of course, and until next time, know that you aren’t failing , we believe in you and that you are awesome!


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