How To Pick Up Girls At The Gym WITHOUT Being Creepy

You are at the gym, and there is a beautiful girl in yoga pants doing squats… every guy is staring at her but no one has the balls to go talk to her.

So what do you do?

In this post, let’s break down how to pick up girls at the gym.

Use social value to your advantage.  Everywhere you go, you should be friendly and engaging with people, both guys and girls.  Women have an intuitive sense about guys.  They get a sense of who you are just by the way people interact with you.

Talk to the people at the front when you come in, make sure they know who you are.  Befriend the guys and girls that are regulars.  It is important to talk to ALL girls, not just the beautiful ones.  This works to your advantage for two reasons… 1. The girl you are not attracted to may have a very attractive friend. 2.  The women you do want, will see you talking to other girls and get a little jealous.

Play It Slow. If you and her both go to the gym regularly, then you can count on seeing her again.  Most guys will make the mistake of rushing it. That is fine if you don’t think you will ever see her again.  In that case, use the CQC Method to get her number right away.  For the most part, you can build more attraction and desire if you play it slow.  Let her see you be consistent at the gym. Let her see you pushing some weight.  And let her see you converse with everyone.  This will make her want you more.

The first time you see her, smile and say hi.  The next time you see her smile, introduce yourself, and have a short chat. Then each day you see her, flirt with her just a little bit to create romantic tension.  If you do this right, she will start giving you strong signals.  Signals that indicate she wants you to make a move.  Once you get those signals, strike while the iron is hot and it will be easy.  Ask her out stud!

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