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How to Pick Up Girls at a Bar

Lots of girls in bars WANT to meet a guy!

The problem is that most guys just go to a bar “hoping to get lucky.” 

And even if they do get “lucky,” it’s probably not with the girl they REALLY want.

So in today’s video, Duke shares the TWO KEYS to picking up girls in bars and clubs. (Remember these two things next time you go out)

He also shares some specific ways to stop being boring with girls. (After all, girls are out to have fun)

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I’m out! Cheers!

Duke is obsessed with dating and communication. He has B.S. in Psychology, is Certified in Hypnosis, an NLP Practitioner, and has been teaching live pickup and dating workshops for 4 1/2 years.

Inspired by his own transformation from anti-social homeschool nerd to world traveling dating coach, Duke worked closely with Matt Artisan in the 2 Year Trainer program before becoming a coach.

His deep respect for intimacy and authentic communication sets his teaching apart from the typical pickup fray as he helps students get in touch with their inner integrity and foster honest heart-centered relationships
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