how to kiss a girl

How to KISS a Girl – DO NOT Do These 5 THINGS!

The First Kiss! Knowing how to kiss a girl is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things a man has to understand in attraction.

There are 5 crucial things you should NEVER do before you kiss her for the first time and in this video, I’m going to reveal them all.

Plus, I’ll explain what to do instead so that your kiss is received well and leaves her wanting more.

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5 Things You Should NEVER Do

Women are different from us men when it comes to getting turned on or when feeling romantic. They are highly emotional which means you need to consider what she is feeling before you make your move.

This is not your typical dating advice. Our advice is based on science and psychology, and years of experience teaching men on the field how to kiss a girl, how to approach women, how to take things to the next level through NATURAL and HONEST attraction!

Even the best looking guys still haven’t mastered how to kiss a girl. When they say kissing is like riding a bike?

Half of that is true. Kissing women might be crucial, but how do you go for the kiss? When do you go for the kiss?

You can worry about how to kiss her only when YOU know its actually going to happen. You have to create the environment to kiss her, and you can’t kiss a girl right off the bat! Life isn’t a movie – movies aren’t accurate, so don’t treat it as a kissing tutorial. You have to experience kissing in order to learn how to kiss a woman.

If you still haven’t had your first kiss, that’s no problem. Don’t let that get you down. Kissing a girl shouldn’t be the end of the world if you got rejected – but it sure as heck will help if you’re first time kissing isn’t a rejection or a letdown.

Clearing our thoughts for the moment.. make sure you’re first make-out session isn’t sloppy. Emotions are through the roof when women want to kiss, so learn how to read the situation. Plus, when you kiss a girl just at the right moment, it will leave an amazing memory for her.

That way, she will be thinking of you even after your interaction!

Make sure you watch the entire video and take down notes on the do’s and don’ts when learning how to kiss a girl. Get that Escalation Cheat Sheet to remind you how to take things to the next level.


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