How to french kiss a girl

How To French Kiss A Girl & Make Her Want More (Live Demo)

Want to be an expert french kisser? I’ll show you How To French Kiss A Girl And Make Her Want More!

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We’ve all been there before…

That awkward moment when you’re going for the kiss for the first time.

Maybe you’re a little bit nervous? But hopefully, you don’t make a fool of yourself.

Listen, it’s important the first kiss is amazing because most women equate being a good kisser with being good in bed. Show her what you can do with your tongue, and it’ll be a teaser for what you can do with her later! Learn how to french kiss a girl to start strong and escalate!

I still remember one of those first make-out experiences. I was in junior high, and I used to hail this group of girls, and we were in that experimental phase? One day we’re sitting in one of the girls’ houses, and all four of them starts to laugh and giggle, and I didn’t know why. Well, it turns out one of the girls had a huge crush on me, and the other three girls convinced her to kiss me. It was a complete disaster! I slobbered all over this poor girl’s face, and it was so bad she even called me out in front of her friends and told me I needed to swallow my saliva before, and while I was kissing her. You know what they say: “You live, you learn.”

So don’t make your french kiss an epic failure like my first one.

How To French Kiss A Girl

Start by making strong eye contact with her and swallow any excess saliva. I like to brush her hair out of her face and run my hand through her hair to the back of her head and keep it there.

Close the distance and lean in. Remember the 90/10 rule; you should move in 90%, and she should move in 10%, but if she doesn’t move in herself just go for the kiss. In learning how to french kiss a girl, you should remember that Men make the move and take control.

Start the kiss with your mouth and eyes closed. When your lips connect, that’s when open your mouth and use your tongue. Don’t go all out with your mouth wide open and tongue out to start. Remember, the idea isn’t to eat her face! Generally speaking, I think about it like a paintbrush and make a sweeping motion with my tongue against hers.

This is where calibration comes into play, and you can start making judgment calls based on how she likes to be kissed, or how you want to make her feel the kiss.

For instance, if the vibe calls for it you can either:

  • Make it feel more dominant by holding her tighter and kissing her harder if she loves it rough.
  • Soften it up and make it feel more passionate if you feel like she’s more of the gentle type,

How to french kiss a girl – PRO TIP: ALWAYS end the kiss first, and pull away with strong eye contact. 

There you have it! Now you can kiss like a champ! So get out there and get some practice!

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I’ll see you next time! I’m out! Cheers!

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