How to Date Alpha Women (Here’s What It Takes)

If you are someone who is drawn to the magnetic strength and sexiness of a strong woman, and you want to learn exactly how to date Alpha Women… then you will know that these type of girls won’t respond to run of the mill dating protocol.  

Again.. I’m talking about how to date an Alpha Woman, and in this video, I’m going to reveal how to win her over and handle her strength so that you still come out as the hero she is looking for!

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As an alpha woman myself, I can testify that what I am about to tell you in this video are vital inside secrets on how to win us over and still be the strong male that she wants.  And to clarify what I believe an Alpha woman is , it s a woman who has both strength and femininity and is able to lead and love at the same time. 

So, if you are ready to learn about how to date strong Alpha women who keeps you on your toes, then make sure you stay right to the end, because the last point is the most important! 

Alright let’s do this!

1: Initiate and communicate – we don’t waste time on trivial conversation 

The first thing you should know about Alpha women is that we don’t have time to waste. The majority of us are building careers, leading companies, pursuing our passions and filling our life with meaningful actions and achievements .

We want a man in our lives, but only if he is on the same page and is ready to add value to us.   Meaning he is ready to head in the same direction of building a strong , loving relationship and he can communicate that through the way he treats us and make us an even better version of ourselves.

So when it comes to talking with us , we want to build some rapport but then we want you to cut to the chase and just ask us out. 

If you have started a conversation online, then don’t wait weeks till you finally ask her out. She will get bored, assume you aren’t interested and basically swipe you away. 

Be assertive and confident by asking her out after a few conversational messages back and forth. 

A strong woman will also initiate conversation and dates, but she appreciates a man who does the same and isn’t afraid to just be a grown up and communicate. 

Which brings me to the second part in this first point. Clear communication is vital with an Alpha woman. She isn’t into games and she likes certainty and transparency. 

I had a client who was a millionaire and gorgeous woman and she had this man in her life who earn less than her and lived with his grandmother . Now this guy was actually an awesome guy the only issues was , was that he keeps being indecisive and was always hot and cold. I told my client to let this guy go and thankfully when she did that he stepped up , got his act together and was able to bring all his value to her. 

The reason I’m telling you this is I don’t want you to delay or lose a good woman like this guy almost did just because you think you have to have the same status as her or need to try and play hot and cold to keep her on her toes. 

So, if you want to date an Alpha woman make sure you are open and honest with her all the way.  

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2:  Always be leading – even when we try to take over 

So typically, Alpha women have leadership qualities and therefore will have the default behaviour to want to take control and lead. For example, she might open the door instead of letting you, or try and organise the date or just take the initiation herself. 

At times an Alpha woman can be seen as too assertive, almost bossy  because she has a strong conviction about herself and is assertive by nature. But this is where you need to take the reins back!

If she goes to grab the door, step in front and say gently “I think that’s my job” and then open the door or pull out the chair etc. 

If she starts to step too much into the masculine role, take over by gently placing your hand over hers and then saying “here I’ll do it” or “Let me do that” it’s that gentle assertiveness that will make her feel like you are someone who can take control and be there to lead her. That’s something to keep in mind when knowing how to date alpha women. 


3: Tell her no- don’t be a doormat 

An alpha woman will most likely have an opinion and a strong energy, so the last thing she wants is a man who she can walk all over. We aren’t looking for a puppy dog, we are looking for a man who can equal us in strength whilst also making us feel weak at the knees. 

Don’t be afraid to disagree with her or tell her that you have something else in mind if she suggests something different. Show her that you also have standards and strengths and one of the easiest ways to do this is to not become a YES man or someone who just passively agrees with whatever she wants 

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4: Add some romance in – we crave to feel feminine 

Just because we are strong women, does not mean that we don’t appreciate being made to feel girly or giggly. Truth is we love being made to feel special and feminine. 

Now wanting to be romanced doesn’t mean we want you to do ridiculous gestures like buying one of those giant teddy bears and a heart necklace saying “you complete me “, but rather we appreciate thought that goes into gestures or dates.

 Like remembering her favorite wine, or organizing a sunset picnic.

You see being romanced offers us a rare opportunity to switch off from being the strong woman all the time and just indulge in being vulnerable, so If you can create that for her, you will win her over!


5: Be organised with your dates – we have higher standards  

Ok let me just say higher standards doesn’t mean we are high maintenance, we just don’t put up with no or little effort.

We want to know that we are a priority not just an option because we will not settle for second best

So, don’t leave things to the last minute, plan in advance and dress to impress, because an Alpha woman will always bring her A Game and so she expects the same. 

6: She wants you to be her hero – even if she pretends she doesn’t  

How to date alpha women right off the bat with probably most important lesson – we may look like we don’t need saving, but secretly we want a man to go to at the end of the day to hold us and tell us everything will be ok. 

We will put on the brave face and are used to doing a lot of things in our own strength, but every strong woman wants a man who makes her feel like she is special and that she can rely on him to be her strength at times. 

Now the best way to communicate that you can be this man for her is by asking her “do you need help with that? “or being an active listener when she wants to talk and if she says “sorry I shouldn’t be talking so much or saying all this “smile and softly encourage to keep talking. Make her feel like it’s ok to be human and that you are there for her. 

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