12 Fast Ways To Boost Your Confidence With Girls

Bottom Line: All confidence is acquired and developed. No one is born with confidence.

The lack of confidence stems from fear.

Fear stops men from approaching beautiful women. Fear stops men from going for the kiss. Fear stops men from taking charge when they know they should.

Want to explode your confidence with women? Below are 12 great ways.

Note: Here’s a 10 Day Plan to increase confidence while conquering fear.

12. Get good at sex

Imagine you had the ability to satisfy any girl in bed. You’d hardly fear approaching women because you know you’d rock her world in bed.
Most guys have NO IDEA what they’re doing in the bedroom… And so most women end up having a mediocre sex-life.

But what they really want is a guy that knows exactly how to please women in bed.  So arm yourself with techniques for amazing sex.

11. Lift Heavy Weights

This will boost your confidence two-fold.

First of all, testosterone is released when you lift heavy weights. And with more testosterone flowing through your system, you’ll have more drive to push through fear.

Secondly, the stronger you are – the more confident you’ll feel. As men we tend to correlate strength with status. Our brains our constantly comparing and sizing up the other men around.

Start lifting heavy.

10. Learn how to fight

Here’s the deal: Women don’t sleep with cowards. Women sleep with men that make them feel safe.

Their unconscious sex drive revolves around safety and they prefer the man best able to protect them from danger. If a woman knows you can fight, she’ll naturally feel much more attracted to you.

Plus, knowing you can defend yourself will skyrocket your confidence because people will no longer intimidate you.

9. Dress like a Winner

Don’t you feel like a stud every time you put on well fitted suit?

That’s because whenever you step into a high-class outfit, you get a shot of Seratonin which is a happy chemical associated with status.

In other words, you can trick your body into feeling high status just by looking the part. So dress like you are super successful and you’ll feel much more powerful.

8. Stop listening to sabotaging music

If you are constantly listening to songs that put girls on a pedestal, then you too will put girls “above” you.

Your unconscious mind is powerful. You are influenced by the ideas you expose yourself to.

So pay attention to what music you listen to. Are the lyrics talking about “girls cheating”, “not having money”, or “women being out of your league”? Change it.

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7. Master the Victory Pose

Science has proven that your posture affects the way you feel and your level of confidence.

Studies show that by posing your body in a way that emulates power, your testosterone increases and your stress hormones will decrease.

For example, stand up tall with your head up and your shoulders back, and notice how you feel. After a couple minutes of being in this pose, you’ll feel more confident.

It is important you master powerful body language.

People that are timid tend to make themselves smaller. They hunch over, cross their arms, look down, and keep their feet together. Don’t do this.

Confident and powerful people have an open body, head up, eyes straight ahead, and a straight back.

*Set a reminder in your phone to check your posture every day.*

6. Have Selective Memory

Guys that lack confidence tend to dwell on past failures. They hardly ever dwell on their past successes.

What do you dwell on?

From this point on, forget your failures and focus on all of your successes.

5. Conquer your insecurities.

What is stopping you from having “10” level confidence? What are you ashamed of?

Is it a lack of sexual experience? Is it a lack of money? Is it the way you look? Is it your height?

Whatever it is, conquer it.

If you feel your height is preventing you from getting the girl, find evidence of short men dating beautiful women.

If you are ashamed of the way you look – get in shape, buy better clothes, groom yourself and most importantly, realize that looks are only a small fraction of attraction.

If the girl of your dreams is a “10” but you see yourself as a “7”, then it won’t work between you two. You have to see yourself as a “10”, starting today.

4. Visualize success

Word Champion Athletes visualize success. Do you?

This is a secret weapon for sports psychologists because sometimes you have to see it inside your mind before you can do it in real life.

Studies show that the same neurons are activated in the brain when one visualizes an activity as opposed to actually doing the activity.

Are you afraid of approaching beautiful women? Take a few minutes every day to see yourself CONFIDENTLY approaching and flirting with women.

3. Get Centered

Whenever you feel rattled, take a second to get grounded and centered. Here’s what you do.

Breathe. Take a few deep and long breaths. Make sure you have a long exhale because the exhalation is when your body relaxes. Your exhale should be for at least 5 seconds.

Bring your thoughts back to the moment. Stop worrying about what she will say. Stop worrying if she has a boyfriend. Stop worrying if she will like you. Focus your thoughts on what is happening in the present moment.

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2. Develop Jedi-like MENTAL STRENGTH

With a strong mind, you can actually TURN OFF FEAR.

Yes, recent scientific studies show that certain mindfulness exercises help control our fear center of the brain (amygdala).

Have you noticed how Buddhists monks are always so calm and carefree? That’s because they have the mental strength to not let anything faze them.

Here’s an example of how to strengthen your mind:
Sit back, relax, and close your eyes. Focus only on your breathing and count to 100 breaths. Every time you lose track or another thought enters your mind, start over. Doing this as a daily meditation will give you supreme mental strength.

We give you supreme mental toughness inside “Balls of Steel.”

1. Destroy Fear through Action

At some point, YOU HAVE TO JUST DO IT!  Real transformation happens when you push out of your comfort zone.

Every time you approach a beautiful woman when you are scared, you cultivate courage and confidence.

Every time you do something that scares you, your comfort zone expands and what once was difficult, becomes easy.

Start doing easy approaches like asking for directions. Then build up to bolder approaches. This is called progressive desensitization and our Academy program will walk you through this process.

In the academy, we’ll get your approach anxiety handled for good. Plus, you’ll have the ability to spark sexual attraction within seconds of talking to her. Check out The Academy here.

There you have it… the truth about confidence.

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12 replies
  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    At 70 years old I don’t have a burning desire to get a lady into the sack. But your stuff applies so well to simply meeting people and enjoying life !! Thank you.

  2. kevin moosai
    kevin moosai says:

    Hey matt bro ur absolutely correct about these 12ways man i always knew these tings ur saying is true cause its dealing with d psycological side of d man s mind and as how it affects our physical disposition n expressions i m exactly a model of the guy with no confidence n always in my mind I saw these 12 tings n more to be d remedy to d problem but i saw dem in a little different contrast but i was to indicipline to keep dem in practice bro but ur really helping d bros.man keep it up uve just confirmed things for me thanks alot

      • marie
        marie says:

        woman here, if he is from jamaica or islands.. something like that. sounds like he is from jamaica. they will talk like that and sometimes write how they speak. dont be so harsh on him. i know what he is saying. geez🙄💀

  3. Eric
    Eric says:

    Thank mitt, I think your method is perfect, I have being listing to other guys but your techniques makes, I haven’t picking up girl but my confident chating with girls has increased dramatically,

  4. Honest guy
    Honest guy says:

    Men confidence is all in the inside. Lifting weights and getting good at sex wont help anything. Confidence is all about inside

  5. Hamza
    Hamza says:

    for all the 12 ways i read. its a matter of being real ( be who you are and not pretend to be someone else) its hard walking in someone elses shoes so why try it in the first place,right?. thus 12 ways has helped me gained some inner instincts and i am very much thankful for that. God bless you.

  6. JustMe
    JustMe says:

    My selfesteem is very low. I am overwhelmed by all the failures that I’ve suffered. I met a woman last Christmas and we dated for three months. We found each other on an online app. Then I got a std from her and the little selfesteem that I had built crumbled next to nothing. I Broke up with her and I didn’t want to see her anymore. Now I’m depressed and trying to build confidence, but it seems nearly impossible. I’m also suffering from aproach anxiety and I feel very intimitated if a woman looks at me smiling. I’ve always been affraid seeing women showing intrest in me face to face. There are exceptions, not every women are frightning me, but most are. I hope I can find ways to boost my confidence from Your progress and I know I must be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight.

  7. Peter
    Peter says:

    Indeed that ws so brilliant,, sometimes I fail and find it so difficult to approach beautiful ladies becoz of lacking these 12 boosters of confidence.
    But later after his I hav realized I can still do my best ouf from what u hav shared out with me here,itx so interesting… Stay slash and active for all tymz as am ready to hear from u.well done for your teachings transforms someone.


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