How to get women's attention

How to Get Women’s Attention Like Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Head dating coach Matt breaks down Ryan Goslings “look of desire” on Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love, and shows how you too, can do it in real life..with some tweaks, of course. Learn how to get women’s attention by watching our video below:

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Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy Stupid Love stars Ryan Gosling with Emma Stone as his love interest. In this scene where Matt breaks down, Ryan uses his wits and charm to try and win Emma over.

We know most of it is movie magic, and that this will never pass in real life. Or does it? Most of Ryan Goslings’ actions, lines, body language, tonality and mentality actually can get a girls attention in real life.

With a few explanations, Matt demonstrates how some actions in these scenes are highly effective when flirting with women in an actual setting. You don’t have to memorize lines or fake routines to get her attention. Most of it is inner game, or inner confidence.

When you are grounded and confident in yourself and in your actions and when you let go of your insecurities.. You will notice a natural flow of charm and attraction within you.

Matt, through his movie scene breakdown of Ryan Goslings’ Crazy Stupid Love, shows you:
– How to get a girls attention
– How to not be needy
– How to impress a girl right from the start
– The proper way to deal with rejection
– How to react when she says “no!”
– How to flirt like a boss
– How to make her notice you
– How to be fun
– How not to be boring

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how to be a leader

How to BE a Leader | Why Leadership is Attractive to Women

What if I told there was just one thing you needed to focus on to improve your overall life and relationships? You have to learn how to be a leader!

It’s something that Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King all have in common and it’s basically the 80/20 of attraction..

That ONE Thing is what I’ll explain in the video below:

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Why Leadership is Attractive to Women

There’s this one thing to focus on that will give you the most bang for your buck. Basically the closest thing to a magic pill and I call it the King Complex, named after Martin Luther King.

Because you probably don’t want to go up to a woman, like a social robot giving her some backhanded insult about her nails… Or “memorize” ridiculous pickup lines or wear outlandish pea-cocking outfits.

Many guys run around in circles doing ridiculous things to attract women, believe me I’ve been there too, until they come to us and we set them straight and teach them how to embody the King Complex that I’m about to share with you, to attract, date and even marry the women of their dreams.

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Back in 2010, a story known as the ‘Chilean Mining Accident’ blew up news stations around the globe. 

After it was over, and the aftermath was broadcasted to the world, I was reminded of a very powerful lesson about becoming the kind of man that women can’t ignore. 

So get this…

On August 5th, 2010, a group of Chilean miners experienced their worst nightmare. The cave collapsed without warning and they were trapped 700 meters underground.

(That’s the same length as 6 football fields straight down.)

The workers had 700,000 tons of rock standing between them and the entrance. Add to that, their supplies and oxygen were running out.

Everyone was certain that all of those men would not make it out alive.

But the thirty-three trapped miners had one glimmer of hope down there. His name was Luis Urzua.

Described as a born leader, the fifty-four-year-old was the shift commander at the time of the collapse. 

Using all of his wits, resourcefulness, and leadership, Luiz was able to secure all of the men in a secure “refuge” beneath all the debris. 

He then organized their resources like food, water, and medical supplies. What was only meant to be a forty-eight hour supply was stretched out to two weeks. They drank tiny sips of milk and took little bites of tuna. 

Under his direction, his men also used a bulldozer to open a natural water deposit for drinking 

But he did more…

He took three men with him to scout the tunnels. From there, he was able to make a detailed map of the area. This helped him coordinate with the rescue effort above ground.

Throughout this whole situation, Luis instilled in his men to accept their fate and situation so they could do what was necessary to survive. 

When the rescuers finally arrived, Luis volunteered to be the last man to be hoisted in the rescue pods. He reached the surface 11 minutes after the first man. 

His leadership kept all of his men positive, organized, and ALIVE. 

I love this story. Not only for the inspiration but for the lessons it gives us.

Luis Urzua demonstrated status.

The Journal of Psychology of Sexuality found that women prefer men with status.

This is based on evolutionary psychology where a high-status man can provide a better future for her and her offspring.

One of the biggest indicators of status is leadership.

The leader of a group of primates tends to have the highest status.

So how do you be a leader? And what if you have no one to lead?

There are 9 ways to be a leader that women will love even if you have no friends and no social status what so ever.  So watch the video I provided to know how to apply each one of them in your life.

The last of the 9 is all about what to do specifically when you are with a beautiful woman so make sure to watch until the end because if you don’t do what I’m going to tell you then I can almost guarantee she will lose interest and attraction in you.

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awkward approach

Awkward Approach – LEARN From It!

If you’re nervous about the awkward approach with women or you fail to approach because you’re too “in your head” then this video is for you.

Watch as International Dating Coach, David Vibe, approaches a model in the middle of a photo-shoot and ask yourself this question the next time you see a girl you want to talk to at the gym, on the phone, or with her friends: what’s your excuse?

Discover how to overcome your fear of approaching during even the most awkward situations and start taking action to get this area of your life handled! Learn the secret of ‘The Awkward Approach’ and it will change your dating life forever!

Watch the video now to see how what happened!

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How to Learn From It

It can feel awkward to talk to women when the moment isn’t just right. How many times have you seen a woman you wanted to talk to but you don’t approach her? Probably because you had a sad/busy/tiring day?

Well, I was in that exact situation just the other day when I saw this model in the middle of a photo shoots surrounded by photographers. In this video, I want to show you that exact approach and break down the key mindset tips that you can use to motivate yourself to walk up and talk to any girl in any situation, even if it seems very awkward.

In this video, you’re going to learn the art of the awkward approach. Is there a secret method to master how to get rid of shyness? Realize that things are never perfect. You’re not always going to be in the mood and as you have seen, it doesn’t happen only to you.

It happens to me too. Despite my experience, despite having been in those situations many times and knowing exactly what I should do, it’s totally fine because you cannot know how things are going to go.

What you know for sure is.. by not doing anything you always lose. When you do something, even if it’s not as you wished, you still have a slight chance of success because you might discover strength that you didn’t even think you would have.

You guarantee that you are going to grow because you will have a new learning experience. These are things that will help with social awkwardness. The first step to answering how to stop being awkward.