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BEST Dating Advice Coming from a 7 Year Old??

Best dating advice from a 7 year old that’s actually legit? While I was on the street a 7 year old boy approached my girl and tried to ask her out on a date.

Funny thing is – he actually was very good at it. If he were older, he’d definitely be a great man that can handle his way when interacting with women.

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And all I can say is. This kid knows his stuff! Watch as we show you how to approach women in the street, how to talk to women, and how to get a date as an introvert.

Looking at this 7 year old, he does seem like an introvert. But that did not let it stop him from approaching beautiful girls.

We were walking the streets working on a video about how to get a date when we ran into this guy. Imagine, a 7 year old that knows how to treat a woman right.. if he knows how to talk to girls, then you can, too!

You’re saying you can’t get a date?

Are you doing something about it?
Instead of ranting to your friends or family, or on social media, or on anywhere about life being unfair or that women aren’t worth it or that its all about the money or the looks.. Why don’t you actually go out there and learn how to do it right?

Oh, and stop searching the net looking for the best pick up line or the best line to say to a girl – because there’s no one line that works all the time! Also, stop looking for how to get a date online. Only use that after you’ve approached her – or use it to contact her to get on a date! Not this “online date” thing that happens without in-person interaction!


Its obvious that mastering how to treat a girl right involves a couple of things to take into consideration.
You have tonality, lifestyle, body language, knowing what kind of girl you like, knowing her interests, knowing if she’s a good match for you, if she’s not in it for the money..etc. etc..

Well, the best way to ask a girl out would be simply as this 7 year old says. And what our team says.. be direct! Be honest! Be confident!

How? You say? Well.. we have our videos to help you out. But what does really help is for you to give your constant effort into self improvement!
Our dating tips for shy guys will help, but shy guys will HAVE to get out of their comfort zone if they want a chance of becoming better at approaching women!

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