8 Ways To Attract Women in 2021

Our female expert coach Lynn is here once again to give you her 8 Ways to Attract Women in 2021! Its easier, simpler, and faster than you think!

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2021 is here! And what does that mean? It means a new you, a new year, new everything, thank goodness. 2020 is gone and done and we can be rid of that.

But I want to ask you guys a serious question. Were you one of those that was waiting for a vaccine, for COVID to to be over with? Were you waiting for something, for anything until you started living your life?

Are you still waiting for things to get better for you to start living your life? I want to talk about being single in 2021. And I also want to talk about resolutions and making changes. And I want you guys to be very careful not to have the mentality of waiting until tomorrow.

That’s kind of like saying “I’m going to wait till Monday to start my diet.

I mean, guys, let’s face it, Monday comes around and by the end of that day, we’re back to that chocolate cake.

Why? Because resolutions don’t work whenever we say to ourselves, “Hey, let’s wait until X in order to start Y.” That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Whenever you wait to do something, chances of working go way down. So stop waiting.

Now.. the first thing I want to ask you is, is your life ready to bring in that special someone right now? Are you equipped? And I’m talking about mentally, emotionally, financially, physically.

If not, then guess what? Silver lining of covid now is your opportunity to get everything in check, to be ready for that love, for the many loves of your life to come walking in. Because one thing that I always tell my students – water seeks its own level.


If you pour a tub of water into a container, it will flatten out. When understanding that concept, think – what does it have to do with what I’m telling you about getting your life together to attract women into your life this 2021?

Well, wherever you are in life, think of it as let’s give the generic scale of 1 to 10, wherever you are on that scale is what you’re going to be attracting. So if you want to be attracting nines and tens, you have to be a nine and 10. And I’m not talking about you having to be a physical 9 or 10, meaning looks wise. But your life has to be somewhere in the 9’s and 10s.

Let’s be real. You see men with lots of money that are not 9’s and 10’s physically that attract 9’s and 10’s women. Why is that?

Because they’re nines and tens in a different area in their life. They’re 9’s and 10’s financially and they’re attracting 9’s and 10’s physically. If we’re being honest, power and money is pretty attractive, and sexy. That’s nothing to to be superficial about.

It really comes down to our evolution. Women are attracted to men that can provide, that can show power, provide shelter. How does that trickle down to 2021? Well, that equals men that can afford a nice lifestyle. Men are attracted to younger women with beauty and youth.. because look back at evolution. If she looks young, she’s got great skin, healthy hair, she’s more likely to be fertile and give us healthy offspring.

Whenever you see someone judging a man or a woman because they’re with someone, they’re attracted to their looks, age or money? Think back about this evolutionary concept. It’s actually normal.

Now is the time to think about all areas of your life financially, physically, emotionally, mentally. Maybe it’s education, fitness, career choice. Those are just a few examples. Ask yourself – Where do you need to be in order to attract the same level of your preferred partner? And if you’re not there, what do you need to do?


Just because we are in a pandemic, quarantining, (depending on where you are in the country and in the world) it doesn’t mean that has to halt and stop everything around you.

A lot of us can’t go out to bars and can’t be social. But that doesn’t mean that your social life has to stop. If you’ve perhaps kind of lost or let fizzle out different elements of your social life, now is the perfect time to reignite it.

Reach out to people that make you feel good or that made you feel good. Maybe it’s even been five, ten years. Send them a message, pick up the phone, put the pawns in place in order to have a healthy social life once we are able to go out and be social.

And you can also have a social life now, even if it’s not face to face. My friends and I, we do a happy hour bi-weekly on Zoom.

Do that with the guys, have a little happy hour on first Thursdays of the month or whenever it’s convenient to you. Play online
chess or other games with each other. Whatever you need to do to reignite those social connections that you used to have, even if it’s been a few years. So that once covid is finally dwindling down, and we can go out. Your social life is up and running!


Let’s take a realistic look at how prepared are you in your life to introduce somebody new? So maybe you’re divorced, maybe you have custody of kids, maybe you don’t have a very healthy work-life balance right now.

What do you need to readjust or rearrange in order to have a healthier time management and healthier work-life balance in your life? So you’ll really have time to bring in somebody new?

Maybe you need to have a conversation with your baby mama?

Maybe you need to reassess your time at work? But you need to make sure that you can afford it time wise – when you let somebody new into your life.


Just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean we need to be boring. It doesn’t mean that we are just stuck in front of our computers and TVs.

Become well rounded, become interesting. If you’re going to go out on dates, and if you’re going to start conversing, if you’re going to start having connections and relationships, then you have to have something to talk about other than COVID, politics, and work.

In order to become a well rounded person, you need to increase your cultural intelligence. So start reading up on things that you perhaps didn’t know much about before or things that you were slightly interested in but never had the opportunity to get more acquainted with.

Get reading more books. Get familiar with that Kindle, start listening to more podcasts, start watching some some older movies. Some that are controversial or some that have been given a lot of awards or been great conversation starters.

You will want to become a well-rounded, culturally intelligent, interesting person that actually has an opinion. And that’s another thing that we’re going to have to discuss in another topic – have an opinion and don’t be afraid of it. If you disagree with something that she says, don’t disagree just for the sake of disagreeing, but disagree because you genuinely believe something else. Do so in an amicable, constructive, friendly, way where you’re just exchanging ideas.

Get an opinion and don’t be afraid of it and start getting more information. It has to extend beyond politics, because nobody wants to talk about politics for 24 hours a day. Please.



If you look good, you feel good. And you’ll also want to be a person that respects their body.

You can’t expect a girl to completely be all dolled up, have an amazing body, take care of herself, eat healthy, while you’re being a couch potato that’s slowly gaining the pounds. Yes, I know. We’ve all probably gained a few (or a lot) during COVID, but now the light is in the tunnel.

And now again, is there a silver lining to get everything in place where we want it to be.

This is our time to set up our lives for where we want to be when we do introduce and when we do meet somebody new. So start looking good and start eating well.

If this is something that’s completely new to you, do it slowly instead of completely changing your your food in one day, which, you know, has a very high likely chance of failing. Start changing one meal at a time. So if breakfasts used to be pancakes and bacon, just replace the breakfast into something a little bit hardier, and something a little bit more wholesome. Do so slowly, and after you’re comfortable with breakfast, then maybe in a couple of weeks now you’ve changed what you eat for breakfast as well as lunch, and so on and so forth.

The small little changes is what’s most sustaining. But you have to start now, and you have to start slow.

So start looking good. Start taking an extra walk. If you’re if you’re walking to the grocery store – instead of parking really close by the door, take the last parking spot all the way to the back of the parking lot. Those extra steps make a difference.

If you haven’t invested in some kind of workout machine. I personally am a new user of the peloton, the spinning bike, and I am in love. I really recommend it.

But you got to do what’s good for you and something that you know is you’re going to do in the long run, not something that you’re all going to start for a few months and drop it. Something that you love, something that you enjoy.


Its time we talk about your physical environment and not just your physical body, which is also equally as important. Have a look at your surroundings. Have a look at your settings. A good, hard, look at where you live.

If the love of your life came knocking on your door right now, would you feel comfortable? Would you feel proud showing her where you live? If you’re a clutter bug,
I want you to get that in check again. Now is the silver lining, because now is your opportunity to prepare for the kind of life that you want.

Get your house clutter free, get it clean, and beyond that, and we talk about this when I talk about online dating with my clients, make your house a little bit sexy, get some grand artwork, some big artwork pieces, get some modern furniture, get some beautiful lighting, uplighting, make sure you’re showcasing it.

Simply put – get your home in shape. What your place looks like says so much about you. And who doesn’t want to come home or wake up to an amazing, well put place?


When I say start connecting, I mean that in a multitude of ways.

One is start connecting with women now and that is if you can’t go and approach on the street or out there in the real world, then start connecting online.

And I’m aslo talking about you going out an about and start practicing, connecting, conversating, start getting better at having rapport skills. Get on those dating apps,
start talking to your female friends, start getting better at having natural conversations and banter goes a long way.

So if that’s something that you’re missing out on, make sure that you’re practicing that. As the old saying goes – practice makes perfect. And you can always practice that through texting.

You can also practice that by joining an improv group. A lot of the improv groups are now offering online improv groups. Also Toastmasters, join an online Toastmasters group, start connecting, because this will help you start getting really dialed in to feeling her emotions and going back and forth.


Whether it’s Toastmasters or improv or maybe even joining an online cooking class or an online book club, online wine appreciation, jazz appreciation, whatever it is, take courses where it’s perhaps on Zoom where you’re interacting and meeting other people.

Get hobbies, get an interesting life, because I’ll tell you the secret right now: what really attracts women is a remarkable man that’s on his mission, that has his own life, that’s got his stuff going on. All of the things I just told you are going to make you great for you.

They’re not going to make a great for her. They’re going to make you great for you. And if you’re great for you, she’s going to be attracted to that.

Always put yourself as number one. You were born here alone. The truth of it, you’re going to die alone.

No one’s going to take care of you and no one’s going to treat your body and your mental, your emotional, your physical space like you do. Put yourself first. Make yourself the best version that you can.

We’re talking about confidence. We’re talking about love life. We’re talking about financial. We’re talking about every element to give you the best life that you can.

But you’ve got to take action now. Now, if you don’t know how to do any of these or even one of this, don’t wait till tomorrow.

Let’s see where you are on your path.


We can’t do this alone. There is power in the collective. This is why we have experts. This is why we have guidance. This is why we have counselors. We can’t know what we don’t know. And we can’t get ourselves if we don’t know the path.

Take opportunity of this last little patch of COVID, and get yourself prepared to meet that special someone in your life. Stop settling because how much longerdo you want to stay stuck wishing for what you want, but instead you’re just settling for what you have? Don’t let another minute go by.

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