Top 10 Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

If you’ve ever wondered what are the best signs she wants to sleep with you, then you need to see this so you won’t let the oppurtunity slip away (like what happened to me). These are my top 10 signs she wants to sleep with you.

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Back in the day I used to miss all the signals. Maybe you can relate. In fact one time a girl told me she wasn’t wearing any underwear and I still didn’t make the move. But that’s not even so bad compared to a friend of mine who actually had a girl say “fuck me, fuck me” and he thought she was just talking dirty. 

Now those are some obvious signs but what about the less obvious signs that a woman wants to go home with you?

Well my name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and these are 10 signs that she wants to go home with you. 

The following signals apply whether you are on a date, met her at a bar or even met her during the day walking down the street, at a park or at a cafe, which by the way is my favorite way to meet women. 

#10 – She is receptive to your touch. 

Start small and work your way up. 

If she’s receptive to your small touches here and there, say, holding her back, then her shoulder, her arm. Then her waist. If she’s comfortable with that, try working your way up and you’ll eventually get the hint she wants you to touch her all the time!

Of course, get the hint if she’s shying away or reacting negatively. Like I said, there are always limits to your touch, especially when she’s not receptive to you.

#9 Touching you

Examples for touching? Check it out and see if it hapened to you! Of course, just these things happening doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you right away. Its a combination of these things that are subtle signs of her wanting to sleep with you:

  • Long handshake
  • Girl spills drink on my crotch and wipes it with a napkin (This literally happend to me)
  • Standing closer than normal to you – don’t freak out just hold the tension and eye contact. 
  • Sitting, standing walking very close to you
  • Holding hands across the street and then doesn’t let go when getting to the other side. 
  • Dancing sexual (reach around)
  • Kissing you first is a great sign – but only happened once to me in Brazil

#8 – She leaves her friends to hang out with you

The further away, means the better for you. This means she trusts you enough to be alone with you. And she’s interested to spend some alone (and possibly sexy) time with YOU.

Most women never leave their friends for a guy. Especially when they just met you. Building trust is hard. But if she leaves her friends to hang out with you ALONE..

Then that’s definitely an amazing sign that she’s into you.

#7 – She seems excited when you say something sexual

Keep these in mind when you talk to her, do some friendly banter, and eventually get a bit “steamy” with hot topics. If you know what I mean.

  • She says something more sexual in return – she’s on the same wavelength of thinking. She loves to respond to your sexual tension with her own creation of sexual tension. Now its going to only go hotter from there, so make sure you don’t give in and break the tension. Enjoy the talk..because its a good sign.
  • How comfortable are you with sexual subjects? If she feels comfortable sharing some sexual topics and preferences with you. Then its a sign she’s opening the door a bit for you. Of course it doesn’t mean she’ll go all out right away and let you have your way with her, but its a big sign that she’s comfortable. If she’s comfortable talking about sex with you, then the thought of you two together definitely crossed her mind, too. Even a tiny glimpse.

      #6..   She gives you the look of desire. 

Bedroom eyes – You know what I mean. That sly, “You wanna fukk” face women make when they stare at you.

Keeps looking when you stop talking, holds gaze slightly longer – Reciprocating gazes, looking at each other and not breaking it. Most of the time, guys break the tension because of shyness and anxiety. Which would make you lose the potential attraction. Because you didn’t take the lead and read her sign!

Looks at your lips – When she looks at your lips. Its simple, man. She WANTS to kiss you. Its either that, or you have something on your mouth.

      #5.    Asks you to go somewhere with her alone

Get a drink/buys you a drink – Women rarely ever do this. When she does, there’s something that you did right for her, and she’s showing you a go-to signal to come an enjoy her company. Some more signs are:

She moves to you for a dance alone –  Dancing is one of the most intimate activities you can do on a date. You’re both touching each other, and its a time you can enjoy without feeling like you’re in a group. Its actually also her wanting to spend this time with just you.

Sits down on the couch alone – Similar to when she leaves her friends to be with you, or when she dances with you alone away from a group, sometimes a subtle sign is her wanting to relax on the couch alone with YOU. She might even get ready to leave the noisy place with you, and say something like:

“Lets get some fresh air” – a lot of guys misinterpret this phrase. But most of the time, and especially in most western clubs, this translates into “lets go someplace where we can be alone”

Her friends leave the venue and she stays alone with you – this is a better sign. Because if her friends willingly want her to be alone with you, you’ve got the approval of not just her, but her group. But be careful, make sure she’s comfortable and deosn’t feel forced by her group.

      #4.   Brings up sexual topics

Talking about the weather: “omg one time I had sex in the rain it was amazing”

Give her an opportunity to bring up sex: Questions Game, “I have another video that explains this game in details” tell rules quickly and if she asks a sexual question right away then it’s a good sign.

We talked about taking the topic sexual not just here but in our other topics, too.

      #3. She Tests You

If she is interested in hooking up, she needs a way to find out quickly if you are a real man. That’s why there are these tests women want to do to “make sure” you’re being authentic and not just putting up a show.

If and when she tests you, make sure you don’t get emotionally reactive easily, because an emotionally reactive man is more likely to hurt a woman when she makes him mad. Going home with a guy like that is a scary thing.

This shows her that if she changes her mind at any point, even back at your place, you won’t freak out, get mad or hurt her. Remember – Don’t be phased!

Examples of these tests would be when she seems interested, and right out of the blue says: “I won’t go home with you!” and weirdly one time I got “I don’t like your shoes!”

Sometimes they turn away from a kiss, or doesn’t allow you to hold her. We’ll work on having a totally different list dedicated to sh*t tests women do.

     #2.     She screens for your logistics

Usually its us guys who screens for logistics. (Side note, don’t fall prey to asking too many questions! Its a date/fun interaction, not an interview). When women start to screen for YOUR logistics, then its a good sign she wants to or is thinking of sleeping with you.

Questions like:

  • Who are you here with?
  • So where do you live?
  • Who do you live with?
  • How did you get here?

       #1.     She overtly tells you her availability

Lastly, and this is probably one of the most obvious signs – She’s alone or tells you her friends are leaving soon, and you hear something like:

“I have no plans until tomorrow morning”

If she tells you something like that, then she’s definitely expecting to set something up with you. Whether it be a first or second date, make sure you don’t let go of the oppurtunity set in front of you.

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