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What To Do When A Girl Looks At You

Do you know exactly what to do when a beautiful girl looks at you? Lots of guys blow it.

That FIRST GLANCE is crucial for setting the tone. You HAVE to know HOW to react to this situation!

​​Your only chance to seal the deal could SLIP AWAY in a heartbeat. 

So what should you do when a girl looks at you?

That’s exactly what I’ll show you in this video.

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What To Do When A Girl Looks At You

Before we go over what to do, I noticed a lot of pickup artists’ usually recommend you act all aloof and mysterious, like skulking at an area trying to act as if you’re waiting for women to come to you instead.

That doesn’t work very well. If anything, women will find you creepy, and probably stay away from you for good. Seriously, don’t give off a serial killer vibe.  

If she looks at you and you are taking your time, it can ruin the mood and can make it seem like you are scared to talk to her. And don’t do the infamous “This drink’s from that guy across the table” – If you’re going to buy her a drink then take it to her yourself!

Now, most of the time when a girl looks at you, that means she’s interested in you, so that’s a great start. All you have to do now is capitalize on the situation.

First: Make Sure to Look Back!

Women love a man of action. Alpha males are what attracts women the most! So take charge and control.

Women usually don’t make the first move, MEN do. She’s looking at you to make sure you get the message.

When you’ve caught her looking at you, look back without hesitation.

  • If she looks away before you get the chance, keep looking back for a few seconds to catch her attention.
  • It’s important that she knows you noticed her.

Looking back can already create romantic tension, and that’s even before any word come out of your mouth!

  • Maintain dominance when looking back. Don’t act all meek and stare at the floor – If she stares back, keep looking at her as if you’re enjoying each other, even before you get near.

Second: Smile

Now that you’ve caught her attention, make sure you smile at her! That’s one of the things that attracts a woman the most. You should check our other article out – it has all you need to know to learn how to attract a girl!

According to research, smiling activates the pleasure sensors in our body almost the same as eating chocolate. Simply looking at someone’s smile literally brightens up your day!

  • A chin up, confident smile is the way to go. It actually gives women comfort and shows that you’re going to be a fun guy to be with.
  • When you’re looking back at her, the moment she notices, give her the best smile you have – one that says “hey, let’s have some fun!”
  • You can also look away and smile for a moment, then look back at her. This draws a certain allure and mystery while at the same time acknowledging that you’re going to approach her and would love to know her better. 

Here are also some things you should not do:

  • Avoid a creepy nodding smile or cheesy smirk.
  • And please don’t frown thinking it’s cool to feel entitled. Women hate that.
  • Don’t try too much to force a smile either, just relax, make sure it comes naturally as if you appreciate her looking at you and you’re enjoying every moment.

A good way to know your perfect smile is to practice in front of the mirror every day – go ahead, it actually helps!

Third: Establish Powerful Eye Contact

Confidence dictates control. When you look at a woman, always try to maintain eye contact even before the conversation starts!

  • Check her reaction, the moment you’ve looked back, and she notices, lock eyes immediately.
  • Keep at it if she’s doing the same, it’s actually a very enjoyable stare-down especially after you’ve thrown the perfect smile at her.

If she looks away quickly, that means one of three things – she got creeped out, OR she’s the shy type, OR she’s playing hard to get. Yes, women do these all the time. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t give up.

  • If you think she’s the shy type, then give her enough time to adjust, turn it down a notch, but don’t wait too long to approach, or you’ll lose your chance!
  • If you think she’s playing hard to get, then, by all means, keep the confidence up and take control.

Remember to focus on her eyes; it can be a turn-off and unclassy to stare at her body rather than her face.

And Finally: Approach Her

Taking the previous tips into consideration, approaching her is the best part.

Remember guys, a woman looking at you is an invitation. Women don’t make the move, MEN do. Instinctively, women go for the aggressive and assertive man, because that’s exactly what they look for in males – security, and if you’re sloppy and slow, that looks like a weakness and a turn-off. When women throw out the signal, men who make the move are instantly more attractive.

Remember that

  • Body movements are important, walking tall, with a straight back and your head up.
  • No slouching or looking at the ground.
  • Keep the eye contact when established.

Open the conversation right

Now, you probably already have that girl all excited even before you started talking to her. And that’s great! When you approach her to make sure you keep that confidence up and start out strong! Here are a few great opening lines:

  • “Hey, I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m _____.”
  • “You can’t just look at me like that without at least saying hi.”
  • “Hi there, I’m ____ by the way.”

Wing Girl Wisdom: Be a gentleman and always introduce yourself first. And remember, women love compliments. That’s partly the reason we get dressed up and put all our effort into looking good in the first place. Aside from loving to feel pretty ourselves, it’s also to have men appreciate our beauty.


So remember, An attractive girl looking at you from afar can mean a lot of things. One thing’s for sure, though, be a MAN – give her a look back and make your move – she’ll appreciate that, and you’ll thank me later.


All of these openers buy you a few seconds of time. What’s really important is what comes after the opener.

I created this Free Conversation Cheat Sheet where I break down exactly what to say after “Hi” to make her want you.

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I’m out! Cheers!

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