How to make Her Kiss YOU | 5 Ways

Ever wondered how to make her kiss you on the date? Or maybe you’re already in a relationship BUT haven’t even kissed yet? Well this is the video for you.

Matt shows 5 different ways to make a girl want to kiss you. If you’ve had trouble getting her to kiss you, these ways might just be what you need to get things started:

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The first kiss is often one of the many “make or break” situations in a relationship. Oftentimes guys (especially first timers) hate thinking about it because they WILL freeze in fear. Why? The fear of rejection clouds their judgment. Will I mess it up? Am I going to do it wrong? Am I going too fast? Or slow?

What should have been a natural flow will become rigid, monotonous, and flat. A kiss should be a romantic, exciting, even fun experience for BOTH of you. That’s why these 5 ways should be used with CONFIDENCE and GROUNDEDNESS. If not, it will NEVER work, man!

It’s no debate that kissing is a must know for guys. But you don’t learn that in school. Experience is the best teacher – so why not experience how to date and attract women with us?
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