How to get girls like Dan Bilzerian (without being rich)

Dan Bilzerian. Sure, he’s rich and he’s Instagram famous. He’s got a lot of haters and followers alike. But one thing’s for sure – he gets a lot, I mean a whole LOT of women… and he doesn’t have to work for them.  

Which makes you wonder, is there a way for ordinary guys to get girls effortlessly like Dan Bilzerian… without all the money?

I’ll reveal how in this video…

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How To Get Girls Like Dan Bilzerian

(Without the money!)

Dan Bilzerian has 97 (possibly more) guns in his house (he claims he’s preparing for the zombie apocalypse ), he’s got millions of dollars in his account, he has over 22 MILLION followers on Instagram, and has got dozens of women flocking to be with him… daily!

(We’re not exaggerating here, just check out his Instagram)

Now you may think he’s a douche, or you may not agree with his values, but we’re not here to judge. The fact is that he’s a master at getting girls effortlessly. He doesn’t have to work for them. Now let’s break this down.

1. Dan Bilzerian Has Attractive “Bad Boy” Traits

The fact is that just because a guy is good looking and has money, doesn’t mean he will effortlessly get girls.

I know because I’ve personally coached clients that have had money, good looks, and fame. One of my clients was even a famous rapper, but I can’t say his name of course.

He’s masculine.

He has huge muscles; he fights, he shoots guns, drives killer off-road vehicles, and has a beard fit for a king. His whole beingness oozes with masculinity and women love that. You see, in general, men are attracted to very feminine women, and women are attracted to very masculine men. So bring out the man inside of you.

He flat out does what he wants.

He lives an exciting lifestyle, and people naturally want to be a part of that. Women love a man that does what he wants unapologeticallySo what’s the real problem with nice guys? You see, the reason women aren’t attracted to “nice” guys, is because nice guys don’t do what they want. Nice guys do what they THINK SHE wants him to do.

That’s the difference. Nice guys are trying to please her. They’re not being truly authentic with who they are. This makes her distrust him and feel unsafe because he’s not being honest.  Let me repeat that… Women like bad boys because they are usually being real with who they are. They aren’t seeking approval. So don’t hold back when you move and speak, do what you want – pretending won’t get you the girl.  That’s real advice from the man himself.

His demeanor is grounded and relaxed.

Like he can handle anything that comes his way. Just look at the way he talks. You can see that he is very relaxed and grounded. He is not jumpy, nervous or skittish.

Being grounded is important because it makes women feel safe. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the most important thing that influences women is how safe she feels.

2. Dan Bilzerian Uses Psychological Principles To Attract Women

Let me show you the science behind the genius of Dan Bilzerian’s methods to have beautiful women attracted to him. He uses 2 psychological principles, the first is:


The Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality found that women prefer men that are high status. It’s because a high-status man typically has resources to provide her and her children a good life. With over 22 million Instagram followers, he’s pretty high status. Plus, he’s frequently hanging out with other famous people like Steve Aoki which further enhances his status.

Now one way to become high status is to become famous yourself. You can always hire a marketing team to help you get more followers on social media, which is not a bad idea. However, there’s an easier way that I’ll explain in just a second.The second principle is:


Preselection is a principle that means… if women see that other girls like you, they’ll like you too. You’ve essentially been “pre-screened.” He applies this to the max by posting pics on his Instagram with tons and tons of half-naked women.

It creates a sense that he has women fighting for him, and when other women see this, they naturally want to sleep with him and make him theirs. The simplest way to do this is to start going out with girls and posting pictures of you with girls.

Get Women Effortlessly Like Dan Bilzerian

Here’s the deal man… most guys are making this much more difficult than it has to be.

Most guys look for girls out at bars and clubs or online dating sites. What’s the problem with that? There is SO much competition that women have the upper hand. At bars, hot women are constantly getting hit on so she can be picky who she goes home with.

On apps like Tinder. OkCupid or Match, she’s getting bombarded with guys messaging her. I know a girl that after signing up for Match, she got 739 messages from guys in under 2 months. 739!! She could go on a date every day for 2 years without seeing the same guy.

Now I’m not saying to stop going to bars or dating online completely, but there is an easier way to attract beautiful women. So what does Dan Bilzerian do? He sets up his life so he doesn’t have to work for girls. 

Similar to what he does with poker, he makes use of numbers and psychology to have everything work in his favor. See, instead of going to clubs where men usually outnumber the women and are competing with each other, he throws his own party – where the woman to man ratio is more than 10:1.

And in a situation where there are more women than men, women will feel an instinctual urge to win over the guys. Since there’s a scarce number of guys, every guy there will appear more attractive and valuable. And that’s when women naturally start fighting over the guys. Imagine beautiful women fighting over you!

Now here are two questions you need to ask yourself to set up your life… and get the girls you want…

What type of girls are you looking for? What age range, what values does she have, what are her hobbies. Is she a party girl, does she play sports, is she in college, etc.

Where do these types of girls hang out? Clubs, gyms, yoga classes, cooking classes, happy hour, seminars etc.

Now that you know what type of girl you want and where they hang out, let’s set up your life to attract them naturally/effortlessly.

For example, my business partner loves girls that are healthy, active, and into well being. Therefore he goes to a lot of yoga events because the women there tend to share similar values. Plus, women typically outnumber men in yoga class. And to take it to the next level, what if you became one of the top yoga instructors or held some leadership position in the yoga world… then women would look up to you and because you’re the leader, she’ll be more attracted to you.

Another example… I like Asian women and so I bought a condo in the Philippines. Asian girls love white American men so I live like a king while I’m here and I get to be picky about which girl I want. Even in clubs.

3. Use Dan Bilzerian’s Social Circle Game To Get Girls

Its simple – instead of forcing women into your social circle, make use of your existing social circle to draw more women in.

All you have to do is start hosting parties. Have your friends invite girls and have those girls invite their girlfriends. If you do this consistently, you’ll become the go-to guy that everyone knows, and your parties will start getting bigger and bigger. Plus you’ll start getting invited to more parties yourself. And the great thing about being the host of the party is you’re usually the highest status person there.

Now, with everything in life you want to play to your strengths. If you’re very social and extroverted, start hosting parties regularly like Dan Bilzerian. But if you aren’t the party type or are a bit more introverted, then let me share what I do when I go to a new city. Again, it’s all about the setup.

I find a place in the part of town that is filled with beautiful women. That way, I’ll run into them when I’m at the gym, at the grocery store, walking down the street, at a restaurant, etc. And if you follow my system for meeting girls, you’ll know how to chat with her for  2-3 minutes and then get a date with her. I don’t focus a lot of my energy on clubs or online dating. And I really don’t go out of my way to meet women. I simply meet women that I run into in my daily life.

And when you go up to a hot girl walking down the street, she’ll be much more receptive. More than if you talked to the same girl at a club. Of course, not all of those girls become lovers. So I put them in my social circle and invite them all out anytime I throw a party or head to a club.

So there you have it. How to get girls without putting in tons of work.

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I’m out! Cheers!

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