Stockholm, Sweden. One of the best places to meet gorgeous women.

Don’t know how to get a date? Our Stockholm dating coaches are on the line ready for you.

The dating scene in Stockholm is highly popular for its nightlife, and we can help you learn the skills and gain the self confidence you need to approach women in bars and clubs, as well as other dating places during the night AND during DAY TIME… We love approaching during the day – you meet more beautiful, high value women that way.

BUT, we’re not your sleazy, manipulative and dishonest “pick up artist” type.

In fact, we SPECIALIZE in Natural, Honest, Authentic and Effective attraction techniques. The ones that come from deep within you – the ones that when applied, allows attraction to naturally flow from your system. Hence, women will date you for WHO YOU ARE, and not WHAT YOU HAVE.

Our Stockholm dating coaches have taught hundreds of men and have had years of experience mentoring on the field – we’ve got more than the usual pickup lines or routines, we don’t use those stuff anymore – we’ll teach you the principles of natural attraction so you DON’T NEED any of those to attract women in Stockholm!

That’s what our 1 on 1 coaching in Stockholm is all about.

Our Head Coach, Matt Artisan, believes that men have the power to control their mentality and with a few tweaks to the system, have them exhibit pure attraction towards the other sex almost effortlessly.

Most of our student’s started with no clue when approaching and attracting women..

Others have had horrible experiences of rejection and heartbreak..

Some even claimed that almost all their relationships were shallow and unsatisfying..

We helped them become Total Ten Men, we stood by their side and challenged them, gave accountability, diagnosed their problems, taught them infield.. All the things that they didn’t know they were doing wrong, and all the things they never knew they needed to learn.

All of them claimed they found our WING GIRL MODEL coaching one of the best experiences they had:

Our daygame model training puts you in front of beautiful women with our coaches giving you live feedback on your approach before you go out and do the actual thing.

Our students have had amazing near-instant results when they were given an environment to practice their interactions with beautiful women. As one of our proven paths to break that first time jitters, that anxiety, that fear of talking and approaching women… This helps men gain the ultimate confidence they need – to approach women they want and date the women they are most compatible with!

Now, it’s been an amazing journey teaching all these men. And watching them become more confident, become the best version of themselves, brings us joy and contentment, knowing there are more high quality men coming into the world.

Under the guidance and watchful eye of a Stockholm Dating Coach, you’ll be approaching women with confidence and ease by:

  • Using your voice & body language. Mastering your tone to show masculinity and self confidence. Making women crave for more of your interactions!
  • Commanding her attention in a subtle (but sexy) way that makes every other guy in the room invisible.
  • Closing the interaction by planting yourself in her memory after she gives you her number.. She’ll be thinking of you all the time even after you’ve parted ways.

Our dating coaches provide mentorship training that instills within men the confidence they need to approach women.. The RIGHT WAY.

After your initial coaching, we’ll show you the best places to meet women in Stockholm. You’ll experience how to approach women in the street, to shopping areas so you will learn how to approach women in the mall, we’ll cover how to approach women in coffee shops, bars, clubs, and more.

Our Stockholm dating coaches will take you to the best dating places in Stockholm!

Understand how this will help you; these lessons and training don’t only apply to dating in Stockholm. Our successful clients have claimed that the program not only changed their dating life, but improved their overall way of living for the better, too.

Look, what I’m trying to say…

In New York, there’s something for everyone.

And our Dating Coaches will show you the parts of the city that suit your goals.

But be warned.

We REFUSE To Work With Guys who:

 Want to hurt women.

 Want to lie to women.

 Want to manipulate women.

 Want to sleep with other guys’ girlfriends and wives.

We believe women are amazing and fascinating, and deserving of courtesy and respect.

And we conduct all of our coaching from this starting point.

So we expect you to conduct your behaviour in the same manner.

Another important point I want to bring up… This is NOT for the faint of heart.

We’re dedicated to real, everlasting, and life changing results.

So excuses, bad attitudes, and “I can’t do it” will simply NOT fly.

Don’t expect to show up and learn a bunch of theory then do nothing with it.

No, our coaches will tell you everything you need to get started…

Then they’ll put you out there in front of real women…

In real places…

With real results.

We expect full participation.

Just ask our previous students what
happens when you listen to us…

  • “I got very intimate with a woman thanks to our previous phone consultation! I just think you are super cool and know your stuff!”~ Sandy
  • “I used to be shy when it got to talking to girls, and I used to not know how to start and end such conversations with girls until Matt helped me to build up the skills step by step!”~ Ryan,
  • “After coaching with Matt Artisan, I can easily go out during the day or night and start a conversation with a woman I am attracted to, tease her, have fun, and oftentimes get a number. The key to coaching is getting a teacher that understands what stage you are at and then teaching you what’s necessary to progress. Matt Artisan does this phenomenally well and really understands where you are at. He works with you to pinpoint what you really need help with to get your game to the next level.” ~ Kumar,

Note: These guys were NOT rockstars, male models, A-List Actors or top athletes. There were average looking guys who finally said “enough is enough”, took action and stayed committed.

So now you know just how diverse and exciting the New York Dating scene is…

Let’s talk about what a New York Dating Coach can do for you.

Things like:

  • Getting rid of fear and anxiety when you’re with a woman
  • How to be a woman’s modern day prince charming
  • The right way to spark attraction and chemistry with women
  • The honest way to establish a long term relationship
  • How to fearlessly get her phone number – this one is shockingly easy
  • How to text message a girl and ask her out
  • The surefire way to end the date in your apartment, house, or hotel room… which guarantees a second date
  • How to make your caring girlfriend loyal to nobody else but YOU
  • YOUR way to be her best lover

And the best part…

Not only will our Coach show you this stuff…

You’ll see it in action with your own eyes as you go out and meet women at the beaches, shopping malls, bars, coffee shops.

Oh, and before I forget…

When you’re out on the town meeting women:

  • You’ll receive instant infield feedback of all of your approaches
  • You will know the wrong and right things you’re doing because all your interactions will be recorded
  • Your dating coach would listen every time you approach girls because you will be wearing a mic
  • Your dating coach would demo for you so you could see precisely how to do it the right way
  • You would go to the environments where YOU wish to meet girls

… and of course we’re not going to leave you hanging after the coaching…

So there’ll be weekly phone coaching and lots of follow-up support to make sure you stay on track.

Check Out These Videos
From Our Previous Students…

“I feel like I can get a date whenever I want now”

He used to look at women and not do anything. Then he approached more women than he ever did in his whole life.

“Women are ‘selling themselves’ to me now.”

“I beat my anxiety on the first night and now I talk to girls whenever I want”

From a shy guy who couldn’t hold conversations, to bringing home a beautiful woman in just 7 days.

He brought THREE girls home in 9 days of training.

“I threw my approach anxiety out the window.”

“I made her eyes light up”

He couldn’t talk to Asian women… now it’s a buffet!

Made out with a gorgeous Swedish woman.

Two different women, two different nights, both in his bed.

“I averaged 5 solid phone numbers a day.”

He couldn’t approach girls at all. Then he got an instant date with a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

“I can date women easier than ever before.”

Not only can he meet gorgeous women now, but INTERESTING women as well.

Women CHASE him now.

He hadn’t kissed a girl in 14 years. After a few days with us, he ended his dry spell.

He’s a new man.

Now, he can turn women on with EASE.

UPDATE: He’s married.

His whole ENTIRE social life skyrocketed.

Women chase him after 2-3 texts.

No pickup lines. Just an easy-to-use system to meet great women that he can use IMMEDIATELY.

“I got physical with women in less than TWO days.”

In the city of New York, the lives of countless men have been transformed because of our coaches and their 10+ years of experience helping men date women they like.

Our methods are tried and tested and are backed by science.

Men are transformed from the inside out thanks to our approach.

It will be a good transformation because you will be a different person ready and willing to face new possibilities.

So if you want to start dating your dream girl…

The girl you always thought was ‘out of your league’ (but really isn’t)…

Stop wasting time and get live training NOW