How To Turn A Girl On #2

This is how to turn a girl on…BUT, If you’ve been following me for a while…

Then you know I don’t believe in a “magic pill” or secret pickup line that makes women fall straight into your bed…

… but if there was one “trick,” then today’s video would be it.

In this video, I’ll reveal how to  turn a girl on – simply by harnessing the power of YOUR emotions in ways women can’t resist…

The key to making a woman feel deeply turned on is a principle called: “Emotional Contagion”. This is the phenomenon of one person’s emotions directly triggering similar emotions in other people.

For example, have you ever yawned immediately after you saw someone else yawn? That’s emotional contagion – also called “the law of state transference.”

So if you feel very excited about something – she’ll feel very excited.

If you feel very nervous, it will rub off on her and she too will feel nervous. 

And here’s where it get’s interesting…

If you feel sexual and turned on then she will feel sexually turned on as well.

I know this may sound hard to believe but try it out for yourself.

Here’s how to apply this with a woman while you’re talking to her:

  • First get present and grounded.
  • Then look at her and appreciate her beauty.
  • Let the romantic feelings build up inside you to the point you want to ravish her.
  • Embrace this desire for her and continue talking to her. Your facial expression will translate what you’re thinking.
  1. Slow down you voice and have very stable eye contact.

Here’s a great example from the movie The Aviator.

When you get it right, you’ll notice that she’ll reciprocate those feelings, sometimes instantly. You may see her eyes sparkly or her cheeks blush.

That my friend, is how you initiate romantic tension.

Then just escalate the relationship from there.

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