How to Kiss a Girl Tutorial (THIS Turns Her On!)

Admittedly, school never taught you how to kiss a girl. Save that awkward question “how to kiss her?” from your friends or family – Im going to teach you my personal techniques that have gotten women to say “You are an amazing kisser!” in a video tutorial below.

AND theres one extra tip I want to give you that blows all of these things out of the water! So make sure you watch till the end of the video:

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How to Kiss a Girl Tutorial (THIS Turns Her On!)

If you want to take your kissing to the next level…

Then you need to understand that kissing isn’t about techniques. It’s not just about HOW to kiss her, HOW to kiss a girl for the first time, WHEN to kiss her, or WHAT you do with your lips or tongue. All that stuff is super simple (as I will show you) but it’s not what makes a kiss great.

What makes a kiss great is how it FEELS, especially for her. The more she FEELS it the better it is. And the two dominant feelings in a kiss are sexual tension and arousal. You build sexual tension before you kiss, and you build arousal during your kiss.

Make sense? (Also, if you want to know how to create the perfect situation for the kiss, read this Article HERE first!)

Alright. So here’s what you want to do:


Have you ever seen your parents kiss? They lean in, peck each other on the lips, and move on with their day. Kinda like they’re shaking hands. They’re so used to kissing one another, that all the excitement, nervousness, and passion isn’t there. Which is good news for you, because who wants to see their parents making out like horny teenagers?


The reason first kisses are exciting is they’re new territory. Neither of you has been this physically close to one another. You might have touched, you might have hugged… But you’ve never been within millimeters of one another.

This is unknown, and it’s scary and exciting. It’s also packed with sexual tension, which is a good thing.

Sexual tension is the KEY to turning women on and CRUICIAL when mastering how to kiss a girl the right way. There is nothing more effective, or more powerful than it. That’s why we spend so much time teaching guys how to spark sexual tension from the very second you meet her… So that she’s thinking about kissing you long before you even try.

What you’ll notice is that when you want to kiss someone, you’ll feel nervous and excited at the same time. And if she wants to kiss you, she’ll feel the exact same thing.  This nervousness and excitement gets stronger the closer you get physically. This means the closer you get to kissing, the more your nerves are going to be flying all over the place.

It’s called sexual tension. And from here on out it is your new best friend.

When it comes to turning women on and having great kisses… You have no better friend in the world than sexual tension. He is the God of wingmen, and he’s here to take you from zero to hero. Before you lock lips, you want to start building sexual tension with her. This is done in two ways:

The first is by slowly decreasing the distance between you, and enjoying the excitement and nervousness that comes with it. Don’t start rabbiting out words, don’t start making jokes, just be chill, and sit in the moment. The more you do this, the more the tension will build until she will be desperate for you to break it and kiss her. All the tension has to go somewhere after all.

The second is to use your eyes. The closer you get the more you want you to be looking at her eyes. Don’t stare her down like you’re the Predator challenging her to a deathmatch..

Just meet her eyes for longer than you normally would. THEN when you’re really close, look from one eye to the next, then down to her lips, then repeat. This is called the triangle technique. This will signal to her that you’re interested in kissing her, which will build more tension and excitement and give her a heads up on what’s about to happen.

Look at her right eye, then her left, then focus on her lips.. repeat.

This is also a good way to give her a chance to lean away if she isn’t interested in kissing you. But to be honest, getting closer does this as well. And if she does lean away, that’s fine. She’s just not interested. Move on and find a woman who is. 

A good way to test if a woman wants to kiss you is to say “I want to kiss you” while maintaining eye contact. This gives her a chance to say “I don’t”, and, if she DOES want to kiss you, it’s a pretty confident move. You recognize the tension is there and you’re not afraid to call it out.


Now you want to kiss her. Exactly why you’re learning how to kiss a girl, right? To do that, don’t overcomplicate it.

Do THIS: Lean in, close your eyes, and press your lips to hers. Don’t press too hard, and don’t press too light. Don’t keep your eyes open or you will look insane. As your lips are pressed to hers, pull her body in towards yours. Don’t be too forceful, just gently move her body towards yours. 

These are the basics of how to kiss a girl, and for a perfect kiss, you want to get these right. Don’t worry about biting her lip, or alternating lips, or anything else (YET). You can experiment with that in your own time, for now, focus on nailing the basics on how to kiss a girl.

Lean in, close your eyes, press your lips to hers. Then bring her body towards yours.

Now comes the good bit…

Once you’ve done the basics for about 5 to 10 seconds seconds, pull away, so that your lips and face are close to hers but you’re not kissing. Then move forward like you’re about to kiss her again. 99% of the time she will breathe in and move her lips to kiss you. When she does, pull half a centimeter back so your lips don’t connect.

Like you’re making her lean further in to kiss yours. THEN, when she does, kiss her again.

This makes her WANT your kiss and puts you in the position where you’re leading it. This is very powerful and amplifies the natural arousal that happens when you both kiss.



When a woman tells her friend about how good a kiss was, she’ll always point out the things you did that were different from any other guy. That is if you did anything unique. You’ll know that its not going to be all about HOW to kiss a girl. You’re going to have to make it MEMORABLE.

This is because when you do something that is unique to you, it stands out to her, and tells her things about your personality. For example, from simple actions, she can think things like:

  • Gently pull her hair? You’re dominant.
  • Hold her by the side of the face? You’re romantic.
  • Bite her lip? You’re a bad boy.
  • Alternate your kissing from side to side? You know what you’re doing and therefore you’re probably good in bed.

These are just examples. But the core idea is that once you’ve locked down the basics of kissing her, throw in something that YOU want to do. 

Maybe it’s gently biting her lower lip or hold her by the back of the neck – nothing that hurts her, but just something that adds another element to the kiss, and adds more emotional variety to her experience.

Obviously, every woman is different, and some aren’t going to like certain things. So if she reacts like she clearly doesn’t like it, go back to the basics, then try something else.


Now, all three of these techniques are essential, but they’re nothing without the 1 overarching principle that brings it all together.

Earlier in the video, I said a great kiss relies on how she feels, and that the more sexual tension and arousal she feels, the better this kiss is. This is because kissing, like everything in dating and relationships, is emotional at its core. You like her, she likes you, it feels nice when you both kiss.

So here’s the biggest thing you need to take away from this:

The overarching principle that ties all kissing techniques together is that amazing kisses are built on a strong emotional context.

Now, what do I mean by strong emotional context?

I mean that you both feel strong emotions towards one another, whether that’s excitement, anticipation, the beginnings of love, anything. 

Yes, this is a lesbian kiss. The woman in this scene, despite acting, was absolutely turned on. How? Emotion.

It’s for this reason that kissing some random woman when you’re drunk will never be as good as kissing a woman you’re really into. The action of kissing might be the same, but it isn’t amplified by the emotions that surround it. So what does this mean you should do?

It means that if you want to be a great kisser, you need to find women who you really like and really like you. Don’t waste your time chasing womans who are so-so about you. Find the ones who really want to kiss you back. In other words, find a woman who feels something towards you. 

It also means that once you’ve found a woman who’s into you, you should always look to amplify the emotions of any interaction you’re in when you want to kiss her.

This is very powerful, even if you’re on a date with a woman you barely know. For example, surprise is a great emotion that can make kisses exciting. If you’ve been on a date with her at a restaurant, and you’ve had a good time and there’s good sexual tension when you get outside and she’s talking say “stop” and go in for the kiss.

She’ll be flooded with surprise and the kiss will be all the better for it. All you did was add some extra emotional context. 

I’ve done this so many times, and it’s always worked. I’ve said everything from “wait a sec” to “hold up” even just said, “shut up.” Then went in for the kiss. It’s brash, but it’s not about what I’m saying, it’s about the emotion it generates in her and the fact I’ve picked a woman who’s already into me. Good kisses take two people, after all.

So that’s everything you want to know about kissing. Remember: the actual technique of kissing is super simple. A great kiss is born out of the emotions around it.

Now go and practice in the mirror.


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