How To Flirt To Make Her Want You

Alright, I am going to give you a rundown on how to flirt.

Many guys make the mistake of thinking flirting is all about making her laugh.  Laughter is great, however, do it the wrong way and you will be sent straight to the friend zone.

The Rules

Here are the basic rules and then I will give you some examples later down.

1. Have FUN For Yourself – When you are with a girl, you should be flirting because it is fun FOR YOU.  You don’t flirt because you want to please her.  You flirt because you enjoy it… as a result, she will have a good time and she will want you more.

2. No Self Deprecating Humor – This can be funny and you see comedians doing it all the time, but it is not attractive when someone makes fun of themselves. This is one of the Biggest Mistakes guys make.  They make her laugh but at the expense of their own attractiveness and value.

3. Be slightly Cocky – Highly Attractive Flirting is done through the right combination of being Cocky and Funny.  Too much “funny” and she won’t take you seriously.  Plus, she will start to see you as a clown.  Too much “cocky” and you will look like an arrogant asshole.

4. No Value TAKING – In other words, don’t make fun of her just so you will make yourself look better.  Many “guru’s” teach this but it often doesn’t work and it is not a respectable behavior.

5. Flip The Script – In general, your flirting should be in the frame of, “She is trying to seduce YOU”  (You’ll see some examples later)

6. No Approval Seeking – When you say something flirtatious or intimate, don’t wait for her reaction to see if “she liked it.” Just keep doing what you were doing, knowing that she loved it.

7. How You Say It Is Everything – It really doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is how you say it! When flirting, have a slight smile (like you have a secret) when you speak.  This shows her you are having fun and that look is very sexy to women.

8. Body Language –  Women love guys that are fun, dominant and confident. And these attributes are all sub communicated through your body language…..not your words. To help perfect your body language, take one of our advanced training courses.

Examples on How To Flirt

Here are some fun “games” or “frames” to use when flirting. Some of them may seem out there, but just think about in what situation you can use it.

– If you can take me anywhere on a date where would it be?

– What’s up punk, do you want to fight?  I’d so take you.  I’d tickle you until you pee your pants.

– On our first date, make sure there is ice cream involved.  Cookies and cream preferably.

– Will you do me a favor?  Follow me around and when girls start trying to pick me up, jump in like a cute cat ninja and shoo them away.

– You look like you’re trouble.

– Did you save this seat for me?

– Stop trying to undress me with your eyes.

– I’m not that kind of guy, okay? Geez

– Where’s your off button? Because I really want to push it right now.

– That’s it, we are getting a divorce. You can take the kids and I will take the lake house with the private helicopter.  I will call you later for some break up sex.

There you go… Have fun.

Want us to show you exactly how to do this?  Take a bootcamp or get a private coach.

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14 thoughts on “How To Flirt To Make Her Want You”

  1. Cool stuff. Your second example ‘Shut your pretty lips’ might not be for average guys who don’t have much understanding s about dating women.

    Also, using that line needs courage. Anyway, you have very cool stuffs.

  2. Actually we don’t meet everyday, but when we meet she puts her hands on me and she keeps touching me all the time which makes me feel high. What does she actually mean? Do she have any feelings on me? And yeah sometimes she says she’s my sister and sometimes my bestie. Please help me out on this. All I want to know is what kind of a feeling is she having on me?

    • Ryan always assume that anything she does is a sign that she wants you. That’s the best attitude to have and that attitude will help you the most. So yeah, she totally wants you. And if you are too far in the friend zone that okay too. It’s great to have female friends. Just go out and meet more women. Good luck my friend 🙂

  3. Thanks Matt but still my mind goes on her movements with me. Now we don’t talk much we are not close as we were before. I want her to be like before. So we don’t meet much I want to make her fall for me by texting. That too I want it by your tips. Help me out please.

    • Great question Kim and thanks for reading! A lot of the same tips apply. However, focus more on “push-pull” I.E. showing interest and then taking it away. That drives a man crazy (in a good way). For example, at a bar you could touch him and say “I love your shirt” and then walk away. Or text him out of the blue and then not text him for a few days. Or on a date give him strong eye contact and smile and then turn away when he tries to kiss you. Show interest but also be a challenge. Guys are going to hate that I’m giving this advice haha but it works. If you show too much interest the other person loses interest. If you are too much of a challenge the other person could lose interest. Balance is key.

  4. Hi Matt I’m a big fan of you and the way you explain things i actually bought one of your programs and it works wonder thanks man but, I just have a little question for you…. There is a girl I’m kind of dating right now and she seems to really like me and I like her too, but I just wanna give her a bit challenge without scaring her away and keep her interested until I feel that is the right time to reveal my feeling and close the deal…. I hope you can help thanks in advance

  5. I don’t know if all of these will work online. I’m chatting with a woman online I’m really interested and I barely know her. All we chat about is religion. Nothing else, I don’t know what to do anymore.


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