how to tell a girl you like her

How To Tell a Girl You Like Her WITHOUT Getting FRIEND ZONED

We all know how hard it is to master how to tell a girl you like her WITHOUT Getting Friend Zoned. They say that the biggest fear in the world is public speaking, I reckon the SECOND biggest is revealing how you feel about someone.

It’s like jumping out of a plane, hoping that the parachute will open and that you won’t crash and burn in case she rejects you! 

So how can you guarantee that telling her you like her won’t have her running for the hills? Whilst I can’t give you a 100% guarantee she will feel the same , what I do want to do in this video is show you strategically how you can start to reveal your feelings for her without scaring her away!

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I’m Renee Slansky for the Attractive man and it’s my job as your coach to make you the most  confident and desirable man that you can be. 

 If you are currently dating a girl that you really like or maybe have been trying to get it across to that friend of yours that you keep hanging out with , that you really like her ….then you will want to watch this video.  

Women can get cold feet just like you guys , and sometimes we get scared about our feelings or the possibility of a relationship because of our past experiences . So here are my tips to help you communicate your feelings to her in a way to minimize rejection and increase your chances of having those feelings reciprocated . 

Start to test the waters a little by sending hints

The very first thing you need to do is gather as much information as you can about how she could possibly feel before you go all in. It’s like seeing how cold or deep the water is before diving into the pool!

Some basic ways to drop hints would be complimenting her in more specific detail eg : 

“I think your eyes look beautiful today” , as opposed to “you look hot!” or “ I think your really great at that , you can tell your creativity is a strength , it makes you glow.”

Remember the little things she has mentioned and then do something about it! Ifs she mentioned that she never has time to eat a proper meal because of a stressful deadline , then send an Uber Eats meal to her house as a surprise

Start asking her about her future plans and include her in yours subtly with phrases like “we “ and “us”

 After dropping hints , you want to  watch for her response. Does she pull away? Does she laugh compliments off or does she blush and return them? Does she change the subject when you start to talk more about the future ?

This will help give you an indication if she is on the same page or may need a little more time.  

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Show her first before you tell her

Actions will always speak louder than words and whilst women love to hear what you have to say , ultimately it’s what you do that will either win her over or not.  If you just up and tell her one day that you like or love her , but you don’t actually show it , chances are she will be doubtful , confused or just flat out reject you . 

Now the easiest way you can do this without having to spend lots of money , buy 10 puppies or build a disney castle , is to simply learn what her love language is. Guys is you haven’t read Dr Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages , then stop , collaborate and listen. You need to , it will literally change everything you need to know about love and women. 

Basically there are 5 ways in which we give and receive love , which are :

Acts of Service ( doing stuff for her )
Quality time ( spending time with her and being present and not on your phone )
Physical Touch ( affection , kissing and sex ) 
Gifts ( buying her things she appreciates ) 
Words Of Affirmation  ( telling her positive things , compliments etc) 

Now if you can work out which way she feels loved and then focus on fulfilling that love language , I guarantee that she is going to really start to becoming attached to you!

Choose the right medium for you – Text or Face to Face

The next step is deciding how you are going to do it ! Are you both someone who has big deep and meaningful conversations through text? Are emojis your thing? Or is it something that she would appreciate you saying face to face?

There is no right or wrong answer , although whilst telling here face to face is the scariest , it is usually the best way to do it . That way you can really see how she reacts and if it’s possible it means you can seal the deal with a kiss! 

Choose the right timing

Next you want to choose the right timing , this is a somewhat intimate thing to do and really is the turning point of whether it makes or breaks your new relationship. So don’t do it when you are both drunk , stressed , fighting or in a noisy place !

Be a little strategic about the timing but also be open to the right opportunity when it comes along , whether that be when you are laughing and walking in the park , after you have just been intimate or maybe when she is being a cutey and you just have to tell her there and then. 

When things aren’t too orchestrated it means you won’t be as stressed out , but at the same time at least be aware of when there might be a better time to tell her! If she is super stressed out or maybe in a bad mood then it’s probably not the right time to tell her. 

Say it loud and clear

Ok guys here is where you have to jump out of the plane . There is no turning back now! Truth is if you have done all the above steps first you should at least know if she is starting to feel the same and when the right time is to say it. 

Now that you are ready , do it boldly! This doesn’t mean yelling it at her , it means just owning your words and your feelings . Keep it simple , clear amd authentic and stay away from cheese and long speeches. 

Simple phrases like “ I think I’m falling for you “ or “ I really like you , in every way”  are complete heart melters and come across really romantic and genuine. For me when my man told me , we were literally having a conversation in a pub with his family and friends and I simply stated “ I’m in love with you, to which he responded “ I’m in love with you too .” It was simple , to the point and bold , but it was the absolute truth! 

Expect the best , but prepare for the worst

Probably not what you wanted to hear , but as I said I can’t make this entirely risk free . Truth is love will always involve some unknown and lack of control and that my friends is why we like it! It’s important to remain optimistic because whatever you focus on is what comes into fruition . 

And if you have started to test a few things before hand then you should have a pretty good indication if she is feeling the same way or not before you tell her.  But a little dose of reality helps to keep things realistic and not set ourselves up for unmet expectations . 

If she doesn’t feel the same way then at least you have your answer and you can decide whether or not it is worth to keep pursuing her. Rejection happens to all of us and if you haven’t already I suggest you watch our other video on tips to handle rejection which I will link in the bio. 

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It contains 18 proven ways to increase your confidence and become fearless , which is usually what we need when we are about to out our heart on the line!

These methods are based on science and psychology and will help ease your nerves under stressful situations like telling the girl you like her!.

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1: Start dropping some hints and watch for her response 

2:  Show her first before you tell her 

3: Choose the right way to say it , in person is usually best!

4: Choose the ideal timing 

5 Say it loud and clear 

6: Hope for the best but expect she may not feel the same way.  


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Until next time guys , good luck and see you soon!

how to get out of the friend zone

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Hate it when women want you to be “just friends“?! Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get out of the friend zone!

Getting out of the friend zone isn’t about a magic one-liner or single move. It’s a careful, gradual, step by step process. I will show you how to make it work.



How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With 3 Simple Steps

You’re friends with a beautiful girl that you’ve known for many years, and you finally want to make a move, or maybe there’s this one girl in your social circle that treats you like a friend – and you have no idea how to turn around that friendly vibe into something more romantic.

Let me break it to you: there’s hope! You can turn things around in certain social situations. But first keep in mind that it’s also great to have fun female friends that can also be your wing girls. If she just isn’t into you then she can just be your wing woman out in the club or introduce you to her single friends.

Another point before we go into the tactics: sometimes feeling that you’re stuck in the friend zone simply means that you are focusing too much on one particular woman, and the best advice for you is to just go out there and approach new women. It’s often a lot easier to meet new women and establish a flirty, sensual vibe from the start, than trying to turn a friendly vibe that you’ve had for months or years into a romantic vibe.

However, if you decide you DO want to turn that friend of yours into a lover…

Then I’m going to break it down to you step by step.

First, you need to understand what got you there in the first place.

Most guys get themselves in this situation by being too nice, too passive, and because they were afraid to show their desire for her. In other words, they’re not being a fucking man. 

Look, man, if we examine the type of men women instinctively want to sleep with, it’s the guys that own their masculinity. They aren’t ashamed to show their desire for a woman they like. Think about it, most men are attracted to very feminine women right, and in the same context, most women get turned on by very masculine men.

Guys that say and do what they want. Guys that don’t take shit from anyone. Guys that aren’t looking for her approval. And guys that don’t apologize for their romantic interest in a woman they desire.

So what do you need to do differently? The easy answer: you need to move from a friendship vibe to a lover vibe and stop being afraid to be a fucking man that shows his desire for women. However, that doesn’t mean, you should totally transform who you are and how you act around her, overnight. That’s weird.

If the next time you see her you’re being all touchy and flirty, and making all kinds of sensual innuendos, she will most likely be deeply disturbed and think you are creepy. It will feel very forced. You can’t change who you are that quickly. It has to feel natural.

However, if you want to make her feel more attraction towards you; You do need to make changes. But with small steps at a time, over an extended period of time.

Let me be upfront. This will take discipline. But if you’re serious about getting out of the Friend Zone, this is the way to do it:


Subtly, very casually make a comment about her appearance next time you see her. Something like: “You really look awesome in that dress” It doesn’t seem like much, but it can change how she sees you. Making simple statements like this can make her begin thinking differently about you. Just don’t blow it by confessing that you’ve been in love with her for 5 years. If you want to be really bold, which I do recommend, then when you are alone with her say something like, You know what? You are actually kinda sexy It should seem like this was a new realization for you. You don’t want her to think that you’ve always had a hard-on for her.


Start touching her more. Start slowly with casual touching and notice how she responds. If she seems to like it, then keep going. I made a video about how to touch, and the link is down in the description. Remember to take away the touch. Don’t let it linger. That’s just creepy. 


Start slowly adding some sensual tension to the mix. It doesn’t have to be obvious. Just casually turn the conversation to intimate topics, so she begins to see you as a romantic man.  You can ask if she has ever kissed another girl or tell her a crazy story about a girl you slept with. If you’ve already started to establish a flirtier vibethe barrier to make such comments will drop as she’s now used to your more flirty attitude.

Make your move

Casually showing your interest, increasing your touching, and creating sensual tension by talking about sex often can morph the tone of the relationship over time. And if you are getting good indicators that she likes your new flirty demeanor, it’s time to make your move.

I recommend going for a kiss when you are alone with her in a sexually charged environment like a bar, club or party.

The kiss should not just come out of nowhere. Make sure you are flirting with her, and she is being receptive. A great time to do it is while you are dancing.

So start being more flirty over time.  Don’t move too fast or it might scare her.

That’s very important to remember.

If that doesn’t work and she’s still not interested then just move on and start meeting more women. It’s her loss anyway.

Now if you just want to be better with women, we created a “Free Escalation Cheat Sheet” that lists out some of our best ways to spark sensual tension, turn a girl on, and escalate to the bedroom.

It’s filled with Advanced Escalation Techniques that will help you turn a platonic – friendly interaction, into a more romantic – “I want to rip your clothes off” vibe.

This is very useful when you’re talking to a girl but it’s going nowhere.

Download the Escalation Cheat Sheet for more on what to say to take things to the next level! 

And if you want us to show you how to meet women personally, click here to check out the live Bootcamp Schedule.

I’m out! Cheers!