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Success Stories

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This was Shahid’s first boot camp ever. Before this, he hadn’t kissed a girl for 14 years. But after one night of coaching with us, he finally kissed one and was out meeting more beautiful girls.


Damian was paralyzed by the fear of talking to girls and had a lot of negative monkey chatter in his brain. And almost instantly, he was able to overcome that and start meeting the kind of women he always liked.


Arlus was tired of all the deceptive, lying, and manipulative dating advice he kept coming across. And that’s why he decided to join us, because we taught him the honest, ethical, and genuine way to meet the beautiful women he actually likes.


When Brian first came in, he had terrible approach anxiety. But after working directly with Matt Artisan and learning his simple system for meeting women, he felt a lot more confident and didn’t even think twice about talking to a girl he found attractive.


Joshua was willing to approach girls and get outside his comfort zone, but he needed someone to hold him accountable in an honest way. This is exactly what we did for him at our boot camp and he was able to finally talk to and approach the kind of girls he likes.


Mickey takes a lot of personal development courses like Tony Robbins and The Landmark Forum. He likes working with us because we didn’t just teach him how to be more comfortable approaching women, we taught him how to become the best version of himself in a way that draws women in naturally.


Before us, Gavin had never approached a girl during the daytime because he finds it intimidating. After learning the powerful inner confidence techniques we teach at our boot camp, he had a massive breakthrough and was able to meet cute girls and get their phone numbers almost effortlessly.


Travis was struggling to talk to the women he really wanted. He wouldn’t even dare talk to them. And after taking a boot camp with us, he’s now meeting some of the coolest women he has had the pleasure of knowing.

More Student Wins

“I just finished the DayGame BootCamp.

Always I heard that being honest and sincere will not get you the girl.

You have to lie, hide and fake things. This is totally not true with Matt’s code! I am really surprised that how simple is it to get great results. Matt helped me a lot in inner game and gave me a huge feedback infield. With his speech, demos in field and infield coaching I have now a new horizon to look for.

Definitely worth it for anyone wants high quality women!”

~ Manny, San Francisco

“I was a little skeptical to sign up since I already had taken 2 boot camps with other well known companies and didn’t get much out of them.

But, I was blown away by everything Artisan taught.

He really knows his shit and teaches it in such an easy to follow way that I immediately caught on and was approaching in the field…..something that used to be impossible for me.

Thanks Matt!”

~ Troy, Austin TX

“I’ve always had a problem approaching girls and really just an all around lack of self confidence coupled with a mild case of OCD.

So needless to say it was pretty rough growing up and I could pretty much count my hook ups on two hands…

I’m 30 now and for the first time in my life, I’m a beast!

I’m so confident now in my approach…I’m talking to women everywhere! And its not just THAT, my confidence has gotten boosted in other aspects of my life as well. I feel like a new man…

Seriously. So keep up the good work!”

~ Chris Keith, Delaware

“In that weekend i was pushed way out my comfort zone but it definitely paid off!

Number closed three smoking hot strippers, Number closed multiple women, Opened a 9 set and survived lol…

If you’re looking to step up your game to the next level and on top of that really understand the female psyche and how they perceive sub communication.

Then I strongly recommend a weekend boot camp with Matt Artisan. You will truly be amazed on what he can make you accomplish!”

~ Andre, Orange County

“The service that Matt Artisan provided me with was like none I had ever received before.

In only five day’s Artisan inspired a profound change with in my personality that has not faded since day one.

Thanks to Artisan’s effective coaching style; today the way I think, feel, and act around people is completely different. In the past when I would approach or begin to start a conversation, I would often psych myself out and find my elf stuck within a self created prison that existed between my own two ears.

Since my work with Matt Artisan I rarely experience the fear and anxiety that kept me from developing valuable relationships for so long.

I look forward to meeting new people today and try to view each encounter as opportunity to connect with another human being free of fear, anxiety, and judgment.

Thank you Matt for the service you provide! You are a man of integrity!”

~ M. D., Personal Trainer, Phoenix AZ

“Hey Artisan, things are going good. One thing that really stuck with me was the concept of seeing everything in a positive light.

I always try to see the good in any situation and it has helped immensely. I’ve opened a few people, but the places I hang around don’t have many people so it’s kind of hard finding the opportunity to put the techniques I learned to use.

However, I’m still doing the things you taught like looking for things on people to comment on, and getting rid of my rating system and asking myself what’s interesting about people.

I still have social anxiety I think and need to go out to places, but it’s hard when I’m by myself. Thanks for everything.”

~ Paul, Las Vegas, NV

“I appreciate you taking Todd out and teaching him last weekend.

Todd wrote back saying he had a great time learning with you which is great to hear!

Thanks for that! I like your professional approach. Keep up the good work.”

~ Alex Nova, Australia’s Leading Dating Coach

“Matt Artisan is the real deal what more needs to be said….

A lot actually! He took my game to a whole new level in a short period of time. He was able to help me to showcase my best attributes in an attractive way.

I was in Iraq for over a year in the army and Matt helped me out work off the “rust” so to speak when it came to social interactions with women.”

~ Blake A., U.S. Army, Newport Beach, CA

“Matt Artisan helped me phenomenally. After taking coaching from him I was able to do things I was never able to do. I just didn’t ‘get it’ until he helped me.”

~ Bryan, Professional Poker Player, Las Vegas, NV

My life was changed for the better and I owe it all to this program!”

~ P. C., Computer Engineer, Henderson, NV

“This was by far one of the best investments I could have ever made.

I was worried so much about looks that I didn’t feel confident enough to even talk to a girl.

Matt taught me that attraction isn’t about looks, its confidence. Our first night I got two phone numbers. He helped me with the anxiety I had with the thought of even approaching a girl from a job I was doing.

I approached her the last day and it went so well I got a date that same night!!! He broke things down and made it easy to understand.

He didn’t make me do anything I didn’t feel comfortable doing but gave me that extra push I needed. Thanks bro.”

~ Rick, Las Vegas NV

All the confidence I lacked, Matt Artisan really brought it out.

I mean he really expanded my horizons so that I could go up to anybody even the most gorgeous gal and create a bunch of sexual tension.

He taught me that it’s not about what you say but how you say it and the way you approach that counts. Follow Matt Artisan guidelines and you will get a good response.

I’ve actually gotten hit on back since learning this stuff. I advice anyone who has problems with confidence, problems with women, and having trouble getting a date in this town which is not the easiest place, I advise you to come and learn from The Attractive Man and he’ll show you how every ordinary guy can do it.

He’ll give you the workings and teach you the ropes and give you the material to study and you will get results as I have!”

~ Vinod, Patent Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“Artisan found my inner game and brought it to the surface. I had low self-esteem and didn’t think I could pull it off with a hot girl.

With overcoming some obstacles I realized I could give any girl a shot. You forget about rejection and think about the WINS. Thanks “Artisan” for finding my life skills!”

~ Matt King, Texas

I used to be shy when it got to talking to girls, and I used to not know how to start and end such conversations with girls until Matt helped me to build up the skills step by step!”

~ Ryan, Student, Irvine CA

“I have to give this coach an A+ for his services.

Attending attraction camp was a great experience for me during my sessions with Matt I told him the challenges I was having with my game, during the camp he helped me overcome my challenges and taught me a lot more.

I learned a lot from attending attraction camp that helped with my awareness ,confidence, and escalating my interactions when socializing with women.

The most important thing once you leave Attraction Camp is to continue to work and set goals for yourself based of what you have learned in order to master the success you want with women.”

~ Rob J., Detroit Michigan

Again Matt i must compliment you on the content of your emails.

This is another simple and practical example. No bull shit. Straight to the point.

Your not trying to shove your products down people’s throats.

The most genuine PUA i’ve seen so far!

Keep up the good work and thanks for the useful tips.

Best Wishes.”

~ Brian

“Hey Matt,

Just a line to say thanks and grazie mille for what you have changed in me yesterday just by going for a short walk and talking to the crazy girl with the headphones and the group in the cafe.

Your street game is damn tight and you made my day.

Because of you, Yesterday night, I was in such a cool state I got almost every lady I wanted and the whole night was absolutely crazy.

Ever back in frankfurt or Berlin? If you have a problem here with anything mail me, ok?

All the best,”

~ Saluki, Frankfurt Germany

After coaching with Matt Artisan, I can easily go out during the day or night and start a conversation with a woman I am attracted to, tease her, have fun, and oftentimes get a number.

The key to coaching is getting a teacher that understands what stage you are at and then teaching you what’s necessary to progress.

Matt Artisan does this phenomenally well and really understands where you are at. He works with you to pinpoint what you really need help with to get your game to the next level.”

~ Kumar, Computer Scientist, Huntington Beach, CA

“I had a one night stand with a woman and laid her on street in her driveway… thanks to our previous phone consultation! I just think you are super cool and know your shit!

~ Sandy, Miami FL

“I appreciate the way you have changed my manhood dignity and you have applied confidence in my dating time with my sweetheart. Thanks I am now growing up!”

~ Jake, Tennessee

“Matt Artisan is truly one in a million. His tactics are priceless!

I can say, with conviction, that this study has affected everything in my life including work, school, friends, and even family.

Jay-Z said it best when he recorded the words, ‘I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.’ SOCIAL FREEDOM – hit me!”

~ Jaye K., Casanova Crew, Los Angeles PUA Lair, Pomona CA

A lot of the guys he’s helped lacked self confidence and had massive approach anxiety and I’ve noticed that even after Matt Artisan worked with them even just a few hours, a lot of their issues started disappearing and they got drastic improvements.”

~ Amanda, Female Dating Coach, Orange County, CA

“Thanks Matt u got some great advice.. Im well advanced and it is my dream to be a master pua I will be the best.

I learn from all the gurus and keep an open mind to all angles.. I never stop learning thanks for ur knowledge…”

~ James Knoles