Approaching Girls with Their Moms! [INFIELD]

We’ve been out infield approaching girls and guess what? It’s almost always that we find women walking about WITH THEIR MOMS.. Did that stop us? Heck no! Check out our latest video where we compiled all the times we were approaching girls with their moms. Most of them have been quite successful, man! I’m sure […]

Do Girls Sleep with Guys on the First Date? [Girl Interviews]

Hey man! We hit the streets and asked girls how long it takes them to sleep with a guy. We had a whole assortment of answers, and even we were a bit surprised. Check out the video to see what they say: Click Below To Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel      – Download the […]

How To Plant The Idea In Her Mind That She’s Going Home With You

Wanna discover yet again how to be attractive to women? Do you know why bringing home a girl you just met is called getting lucky? It’s called that because most guys don’t know what they did differently to bring “this” girl home. When I first got started on this journey, I remember it was like walking on […]

Turn A Girl On: Don’t Forget To ISOLATE

In today’s tip, we’re going to build on last week’s email which was about how to turn a girl on, get physical and escalate. It’s not enough to know how to get physical. You also have to know WHEN to get physical and how to get there. That’s why today’s tip of the week is […]

3 Ways To Make A Girl Sexually Addicted To You

What I’m about to share are not your common “how-to-be-good-in-bed” techniques. How to make a girl sexually addicted to you is in-depth powerful stuff. In this video, I’ll reveal 3 ways to make her sexually addicted to you. Use these on girls you really like and they’ll be sure to feel massive sexual attraction towards […]