How To Turn Her On and Create Desire (Ethically)

In this post, Matt Artisan reveals how to turn on a girl and create attraction and desire – you’ll learn 5 essential things a girl needs in order to be intimite with you, and one thing you must NEVER forget to do. Here’s how to make her want to be intimite with you.

First of all let’s make one thing clear, it’s not about GETTING her to have sex with you. It’s about creating an environment and opportunity for her to want to be more intimate with you. It’s not about getting anything from her; it’s about her wanting it.

And there are 5 prerequisites to her wanting to be intimite with you. The first 4 are pretty obvious.

  1. She needs to be attracted to you. This doesn’t have to be based on looks but she needs to feel a sense of desire towards you.  
  2. She needs to feel safe. And it certainly helps if you’ve built a connection with her.
  3. You need to escalate the relationship – i mean you have to touch her at some point. Touching releases the bonding hormone oxytocin that is also released during orgasm. So make sure to touch her in a way that is comfortable and makes her feel safe.
  4. And of course you need to be in a place intimacy can actually happen

Now we have other videos that explain each of these in details.

But there’s a 5th step that is really crucial and most guys totally miss it.  

You see a woman won’t be intimate with a guy even if she really likes him and wants to sleep with him because she’s afraid of being judged.  

But who would judge her?

Well she might be afraid of her friends judging her, you judging her and she might even be afraid of judging herself.

I know, as guys this seems crazy, I mean we want to tell our friends and we are usually proud of ourselves, but these are real issues girls actually worry about.

So #1: Let’s talk about dealing with her friends.

  • Make sure to manage your logistics so the friends don’t have to know that she’s going home with you. For example you could tell her friends that you are walking her to her car. And then they won’t know their friend is going home with you.  
  • What if you have a lot of mutual friends and she’s afraid that you might tell them? Well then use a story to illustrate how you don’t like to “kiss and tell.” Example: “Yeah this girl I dated ended up telling everyone we hooked up and I was so mad.” But make sure it’s a true story.
  • But what if her friends aren’t there?…… then who cares! Move on. .

#2. Next, she might be afraid that YOU are going to judge her if she is intimate  with you. So don’t do that! Never judge a girl for being intimate! That’s just lame. Remember that women are sexual creatures too!

  • So explain to her that you really like strong liberated women and how it’s not fair how our society judges confident women who go for what they want. I like to use a story about how my ex-gf and I became intimate rather quickly and how we just had so much passion in our relationship.
  • Or you can talk about how you don’t think it’s fair how a guy can be intimate with a lot of women and he’s therefore considered a sexual superstar but if a girl does that then she’s considered slutty. Women shouldn’t be judged. They should be equal to men! 

#3. Dealing with her judgements

  • Explain to her that women are sexual and that you think it’s totally fine and that they are just as sexual than men
  • Think about it…they can have more orgasms than a man, have different types of orgasms (4 types and men can only have 1) and they have twice as many nerves in their fun parts than a men.  So women are just as, if not more sexual than men.  

So there you have it, just throw in these remarks in the middle of your conversation somewhere in a casual manner.

You can thank me later.

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make a girl sexually addicted to you

3 Ways To Make A Girl Sexually Addicted To You

What I’m about to share are not your common “how-to-be-good-in-bed” techniques. How to make a girl sexually addicted to you is in-depth powerful stuff.

In this video, I’ll reveal 3 ways to make her sexually addicted to you. Use these on girls you really like and they’ll be sure to feel massive sexual attraction towards you.

Imagine you had the power to please any woman to the point that she wanted to have sex with you all the time.  That’d be awesome right?! Well, there’s good news, because orgasms are highly addictive. In fact, brain scans of women during orgasm look very similar to that of someone shooting heroin. Because of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change form and function, repeated orgasms create the same path of addiction as a drug, producing changes to the dopamine pleasure circuit in the brain.

So all you have to do is give her a bunch of orgasms, right? Well yeah, but most women don’t even have one orgasm the first time they sleep with a new partner.

But you are going to be the exception. In fact you are going to give her multiple orgasms, and, as the source of her hits of dopamine, she will become sexually addicted to you.

Tip # 1:

Give her an orgasm before you have sex with her. Trust me, most guys don’t this. They just rush to the finish line. So make it a rule to make her cum before sex.

Feel free to do it however you like, use your fingers, use your tongue, you can even use a toy. Just make sure she cums at least once before you start having sex with her.

Tip # 2:

Make her squirt. Statistics show that only 12% of women between the age of 18 and 25 have ever squirted. So if you can give her a sexual experience that she’s never had before then she’ll be craving you even when you are not with her.

To make her squirt you have to stimulate the g-spot which is about 2 inches on the roof of the vagina. So instead of moving your fingers in and out you are going to want to make a come hither motion. Then as she’s getting really lubricated you want to start going harder and faster. Whatever you do, don’t stop even as she is squirting.  Keep going and you’ll probably make her squirt several times. Now she might feel like she is about to pee. But that’ normal. That’s just the feeling a girl has right before she squirts. And well if she does pee all over your bed well that’s my bad, sorry. I guess I owe you a new mattress.

To learn how to make her squirt check out this article on How to Make Her Squirt Easily.

Tip # 3:

Become a multi-orgasmic man. Because a lot of women only focus on the man’s pleasure the first time they have sex with a new partner so it’s very difficult for her to have an orgasm.

So if you could last 2 or 3 times she’d be now concentrating more on herself and would be more likely to climax. But how do you last 2 or 3 times?  As a man, this might sound ridiculous or even impossible.

Well, it’s simple, after you’ve had your first orgasm just switch to other forms of stimulation like oral sex. Go down on her for a while until your mojo comes back and then go for a round.

It’s also important to not to waste all your mojo on your hand or favorite sock. Save it for the real thing.

Another option is to learn tantric sex. Some tantric practices teach men how to get off multiple times in a single session without ejaculation and with no recovery period AND they can ever have prolonged orgasms that last for over one minute.  

I just blew your mind! And it’s better to blow your mind than blow your load. 

And here’s the deal,  if you can have 2 or 3 orgasms during one session she will think you are a sex ninja and probably tell all of her friends about you.

And here’s the best news of all, even if you just do 1 of these tips that I just gave you, you will probably be the best lover she’s ever had. And that’s not a bad thing. Just be warned that she might start calling you and show up at your house unexpected, so be ready to perform.   

Now some of you might be wondering how to even get a girl into your bed.

Sign off:

Now, we have a free training video where I break down hidden camera footage of me going from an approach to an instant date in under 3 minutes. Yup, I show you exactly what I say to create a sexual vibe from the beginning and escalate to a date quickly.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Shows YOU How To Seduce A Girl In Under 2-Minutes

Romantic tension is the key to seduction.

Knowing how to properly utilize romantic tension is like harnessing a super power that will drive a woman crazy with overwhelming desire and makes her obsess over you. That’s why it is crucial that you use this power only for good.

The key to creating romantic tension is in the following 3 elements:

The Look: A strong seductive gaze that subcommunicates “I will give you the utmost satisfaction…if you play your cards right,” will instantly turn her on.

Tonality: Talking in a slow, low tone can put someone into a hypnotic state. Amp up the romantic tension even more by using…..wait for it…..long drawn out pauses.

Showing Your Desire: Most “nice guys” are afraid to convey their desire for a woman. But, women instinctually crave to be desired by a powerful, confident man. Demonstrating your desire towards her in a non-needy manner is key.

Watch as Leonardo DiCaprio uses these 3 core components of romantic tension to meet the cigarette girl in this scene from the movie The Aviator:

Could you feel the romantic tension?

Now, I understand that is a movie, however, what he just did right there works. He is conveying strong confidence. A guy that is timid or nervous around women would not have been able to do that.

Practice these elements of romantic tension. We will revisit this topic at another time. Now go out and seduce some beautiful women. They want it anyways…


Holiday Sex Secrets

You would probably assume that summer is the time for steamy hot sex. And, well, you are partially right.

People are more in the mood to hit the sheets during the warm season because hot weather typically puts people in higher spirits, and moreover, the exposed skin tantalizes the minds of men (and women) causing their naughty imaginations to run rampant.

But don’t despair. I am here to help you get more sex this holiday season than a nympho at a sex convention.

Tip 1: Get Cozy

Cold weather is the perfect excuse to text a girl and invite her over to your place for some hot cocoa bundled together in front of the fireplace under a warm blanket. If you don’t have a fire place, and assuming the girl you invite has a sense of humor, just go on Ebay or Amazon and buy a cheap dvd of a fireplace. This can make for a great laugh. Then invite her over to get warm in front of your “fireplace” and underneath the blanket your hands and imaginations can start to wander. And, let the fun begin.

Start off by sending this text, “hey its freezing outside….hot cocoa in front of the fireplace wrapped in a warm blanket would be amazing :)”. If she responds favorably, which she will, then invite her over!

Tip 2: Spike the Hot Cocoa

Why not make things fun by adding a little alcohol to that hot beverage? Hot egg-nog with some brandy is one of my personal favorites. I’m not necessarily encouraging you to get her drunk, however, a little alcohol will help her open up to you. Open up her playful side by talking about childhood christmas memories and before you know it, you will be acting like kids under the blanket.

Tip 3: Naughty or Nice?

If you don’t have a girl you can get over tonight for some cuddle action in front of your fake TV fireplace for some spiked hot chocolate and under-the-blanket frisking, then it’s time to get off your ass and get out into the cold to find yourself a prospective candidate. One of my favorite holiday bar openers is, “Naughty or nice?” (You can use this as a fun text message as well.) This opener immediately starts the conversation off on a sexual note and you can proceed from there to flirtatiously saying, “I have a feeling you ended up on Santa’s naughty list this year.”

After some more sexual banter simply invite her over to your place for, well you know the drill, cocoa fire and adult-fun!

Tip 4: Capitalize at Holiday Parties

Beautiful women are everywhere, especially holiday parties.  There is something about the cold that makes a woman want to be with a man during the winter.  As you are socializing during your company party, friends gathering, or new years party, remember to work the room.  If you talk with everyone and be the life of the party, the girls will not only notice you, but want to be with you.

Furthermore,  there is something special for a girl about being their “first kiss” for the new year.  So when the clock strikes twelve, go back to that girl you have been flirting with all night and make it happen captain.

Be Safe and Happy Holidays and Merry XXX-Mas from everyone at The Attractive Man Team!

how to kiss a girl

How To Kiss A Girl Quickly

A student just asked me, “How do I kiss a girl I just met?”

Here is what I told him… How to kiss a girl quick, in a way that she enjoys and makes her feel comfortable:

Note:  Not all women will let you kiss them quickly  and you may not want to if you are seeking a relationship.  However, if you create so much romantic tension, it will be hard for her to resist. You can also use this at any time.

If you want to kiss a girl as soon as possible, it’s really just all about creating Romantic Attraction from the start. Here is how you do that…

1.  Express your confidence (frame control)

What turns women on?  Confidence.  When you walk up to her, let her feel your power, your masculinity, and your sensuality.

Let her know you see her as a beautiful desirable women… not by telling her, but with your eyes.  This is what we call “The Look of Desire”.  This is much better explained in video or in person and if you have taken our advanced training, you have probably heard us talking about this.

Basically,  communicate with your eyes that you want her.  Have a slight smile that says, “You don’t even know how much pleasure I can give you.”  It is almost as if you hiding a dirty secret from her.  Do this one thing and it will get women to vibe romantically with you.

2.  Make Her feel comfortable

Make her feel comfortable in your conversation and in the way you touch her.

See, what most guys don’t realize is that some women WANT you to physically escalate and they want to be kissed quickly. They just want you to do it in a way that is comfortable for them.

Think about it, if she’s not comfortable holding hands with you then she’s not going to be comfortable kissing you.

So you need to gradually increase the touching in a way that makes her feel comfortable and safe.  For example, touch her arm lightly as you tease her, then grab her hands and comment on her rings, whisper into her ear and get really close so she feels your breathe. Then when you feel her heating up, do what feels natural. If she stops you, no worries, just be cool and start escalating again in a few minutes.

An indirect way to start touching is to start tickling her.  Say, “I bet you’re ticklish.” Then tickle the side of her stomach or if you are sitting next to her, squeeze her thigh in a slow playful way. Make sure she always feels comfortable and never do anything she’s not comfortable with. Veer on the side of safety at all times and don’t try to push the limits, especially if she doesn’t want it.

3. Make Your Move Stud

Women like a guy that takes action and makes moves on her. It makes them feel wanted and desired.

If you have set the romantic frame from the beginning and made her comfortable, then she will most likely be open to a kiss.  Here are some steps to make your move

1.  Stare at her lips, slowly and then back at her eyes. This will make her think of kissing you.

2.  Once there is romantic tension, say,  “If you keep staring at me like that, I am going to have to kiss you.”

3.  If she stays in that romantic vibe, then go for it.  She may turn away because it is “too soon.”  No worries, she will be so turned on by the fact that you did go for it.

Let’s do another example of how to kiss  a girl quickly, shall we?

Start off by making eye contact with a girl in a bar. Open with, “you can’t just look at me like that without at least saying ‘Hi’.” This sets the frame that SHE is chasing YOU.

Then say “ok, since you like to stare we’re going to have a staring contest right now”. (a fun game).

Then, as you are staring at her, keep moving your head towards her as if you are going to kiss her. At this point, you will either kiss her or she’ll move her head and lose the contest.

This shows her you have balls to kiss her, warms her up for a kiss and sets the frame that she owes you something.

Have some small talk (ie qualify her and comfort questions) for about a 2 minutes and then start flirting with her.  Then say the line in number 2 and enjoy.

Let me know how this works for you.